Monday, September 21, 2009


Sabah will never be short of disillusioned politicians out to parade their unscrupulous parroting and exalting their political masters just to stay in power, at any cost.

While the state is being plagued with massive unresolved issues such as issuance of MyKads to 'controversial and dubious individuals', the constant robbing of native lands, the unwarranted silence over historical facts relating to the formation of Malaysia and the prolonged hardship of the people of Sabah on the rising cost of essential goods,yet Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman seems to be floating on dream clouds calling Sabahans to subscribe to the 1Malaysia concept.

What 1Malaysia is he talking about? How can there be a 1Malaysia when serious issues remain unresolved and swept under the carpet?

In his Hari Raya message recently,Musa advised certain quarters "stirring religious and racial sentiments to take a step back and stop actions that could cause unrest". He further added that "it cannot be denied that there had been some issues cropping up in the country in recent months".

I'm stunned that Musa has kept himself in a chicken coop, as it's no secret that the serious issues that are taking place in the country all boil down to the mismanagement and abuse of powers of the government.

Musa's advise appears to be stoking racial sentiments, which is never an issue among peace loving Sabahans. I strongly urge the Chief Minister to be cautious when making such statements.

May I remind Musa that Sabahans are culturally, religiously and racially matured and do not fancy the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu" as demonstrated by UMNO.

The only "Sabahans" who may subscribe to this outdated racist call are the "New Malays" - people of all races and anything but Malay - such as from neighboring countries, The Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India & the Arab and -stan countries. These people are willing to re brand themselves as "Malays", just to enjoy the special privileges and in the process deprive true ethnic Sabahans of much needed government assistance.

What more that the natives who depend on their lands for survival are losing it to corporations and the "New Malays" (bumiputras).

Are the people in power devoid of grey matters that would enable them to distinguish a true native from a migrant who has obtained a Mykad whether legally or through special projects?

As sure as the sun rises from the east, the current PKFZ scandle revelation which the government has yet to deny, other then swinging into action to investigate who leaked the document, one now wonders if there are such practices in Sabah.

The adamant stand and swiftness of the entire State Cabinet in pursuing the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) Project should be probed further. Are there worms waiting to be uncanned? Will 'SDC' end up as an acronym for 'Sabah Door for Corruption'?

I urge Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah to close ranks and prove to the people that you are truly championing the rights of all Malaysians in Sabah.


  1. First of all I tend to agree with Musa that there are people who are trying to stir up race and religious issues for political mileage which is not good for Sabah, because Sabah has always been a "Muhibbah" state in comparison to the West Malaysian states.
    PKR will never be able to rule Sabah as long as BN exists in the Peninsular because all those KL leaders have learned their lesson from the PBS era.
    Secondly the leaders in PKR Sabah are the same old crooks who are no better than the present crooks anyway!

    As for the PTIs and the MyKad problems, there will be no solution until kingdom come as long as Manila never officially drop the Sabah claim and set up a couselor office in Sabah.
    The PTI fiasco have been going on since Sabah joined Malaysia, there have never been any concrete effort to solve the problem by any of the past state governments despite all the promises by all the past CMs until today that the problem of PTI would be solved, but the problem still exists so much so that I think there is something cynical behind that prevented the solution to this PTI menace.
    The only CM who had done a little bit more to take care of the problem was Chong Kah Kiat, but alas he failed to continue the purging of the PTIs from Sabah. I wonder why!
    Say what ever you like, Sabah is a gone case.

  2. well said Ronnie,regardless of origin, the pure Sabahan are deprived opportunity by the UMNO and the BN ball licker's components.Sabahan should be UNITED to tendang this UMNO out of Sabah.

  3. I'm quite agree with Musa... For those people who tend to stir up race & religious issues... plz stop it!!! It is not good for us and our state.

  4. Well, it is not easy to resolve the PTIs and the MyKad problems...
    But I do hope all the relevant parties can do something to settle this problem:)

  5. Gotta agreed with anonymous (sept 21, 2009 3.45PM) :)
    hmmm... even if we change the leadership... there's no guarantee that the PTIs, MyKad & other problem can be resolved...
    The best way is the Sabahan should be united and help ourselves...

  6. This is UMNO's cheap way of gaining sympathy by stoking unnecessary religious and racial sentiments.UMNO is bankrupt and have NO INTENTIONS to resolve the overdue long existing problems faced by Sabahans.

    What guarantees are you commenter's talking about?Sabah has gain 46 years independence yet we are still seeing the problems escalating instead of the end of the problem.

    We now have a choice and we should be glad that there is some glimmer of hope for the problem to be completely resolve.Sabah is currently the poorest in Malaysia,isn't this enough to tell you that change is inevitable?

    Capt(R)Zulkarnian Harun.

  7. Amino,

    If you're looking for guarantees,look no further,take a walk along Kota Kinabalu,Sandakan,Lahad Datu,Semporna and Tawau just to name a few and see if you're outnumbered.

    Concerned Sabahan.

  8. To anonymous no.1,
    The PTI issue is not about the Sulu claim. Unless you've been on the Moon the past 25 years, you'd know that the problem of illegal immigrants stems from the desire to decrease the KDM majority in the state. The PTIs are not just illegal immigrants without proper documents but illegal immigrants who have been issued genuine documents. For those who wonder why Pairin did not do anything while he was CM, be assured that he was the only CM who never had the chance to be in charge of the state security council. And now that he is back in the BN, he would not dare say anything about the Project IC. All the BN components dare not stand up to UMNO. They only dare to accuse each other, but would never say a word against UMNO! As for PKR leaders being crooks, tell me who are not crooks? UPKO, PBS, PBRS, LDP, SAPP, UMNO? The only way I believe that UMNO can be brought down is if PBS or UPKO leave BN and contest all 60 state seats. But again, this is only probable if they also have the support of the Muslim electorate!

    Read the

  9. The problem with Sabah politics is too many political parties existed that splits native communities. BN had created such situation as to make Umno strong and fall under its control, this is neo-colonial. The current political scenario in Malaysia must awake Sabahan leaders to stand united by merging among themselves. Umno BN had deny yours sovereign right to rule own territory by 'importing' illegal immigrants as rightful citizens. The rightful state economic interest was robbed by elites with political link resulted in poor state financial condition. The power corrupt betrayed peoples right. Remember a corrupted former chief minister from Umno known as addicted gambler in London? These corrupted act must stop. Sabahan leaders must not blind with opportunistic federal money when Umno BN grip on power weaken. Time has come for big change for Sabah and all Malaysians.

  10. Sabah population growth rate unbelievable. Raja Petra has disclosed how Umno's controlled Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara issued ICs to imported immigrants under Project M, M stand for Mahathir. Umno has splits Sabahan and deny them their rightful political power. How these immigrant imported from Kalimantan and Mindanao? Umno well planned it. Even terrorist Abu Sayef group has link to importing these illegal immigrants, Umno arranged the deal. Umno just too dirty to the extend not honoured full payment to Abu Sayef group. Umno is rotten to the core!

  11. Anything connected with the ruling UMNO is politically above the law.This is an undisputed fact...even Donald duck will stop quaking and agree to this.

    If you haven come to terms with this,then please continue sleeping.Kudos to Ronnie,you have certainly made my Raya more meaningful.

    Adun Umno.

  12. Sabah people were sold out by their leaders. Reason were , Sabahans themselves were lethargic , compromatic and did not read the signs , when the leaders were pushing their buttons. Now you have Musa , Bung Mokhtar and Apdal and ,,many others who Ball Lickers of the central government.
    The leaders are scoring eagles and the rakyat Sabah the Bogees.

  13. Sabah will forever govern by Umno, we are too late to do anything to stop Umno from raping our land. The fact is after more than 10 years governing sabah, we are still second to kelatan as the poorest state. With the number of indonesian, pakistani, filipino and west malaysian in sabah now its impossible for us to live in our own country. The damage is done our land, oil and mineral is all been taken away. Even small buisness are take over by the indonesian. The kadazan/dusun in 20 years time will be vagrant living in thier on country.

  14. The First thing Anifah Aman should have said in his inaugural speech after being appointed as the Foreign Minister was to request for the immediate diplomatic solution to drop the claims made by Phillipines of Sabah. That should have been "numero uno" on his list instead of flying off to Bangkok! The federal Government lead by UMNO and all its cohorts or partner in crime, PBS, UPKO, MCA, LDP etc etc and those who had served in their capacity in both the state and federal cabinet are liable to us for the crimes of legalising these 'MyKad' for PKR, well the current bunch at the helm in Sabah are not appealing enough and if Dtk Anwar or Azmin Ali thinks that the leadership or frontlines of PKR Sabah are going to do great for PR in Sabah then they are gravely mistaken. With Ansari, Jefrey Kitingan and Chris Liew, John Ghani, Hamzah, well if PKR thinks these guys are gonna do it for the 13th Gen Elections, Musa Aman and his crew of PTI voters and money bagman have already charted their next win with those bunch....

    Ronnie, if you have the clout with Anwar and Azmin, just be honest about what the man and women espcially the youth in the streets of Sabah and villages are expecting from PKR...CHANGE not only in Government but in its leaders....all these PKR frontliners afresh banking noises only to survive and impress Anwar...not to bring the Change Sabah sorely deserves... so as long as PKR makes no brave changes in its frontliners then all we say is Musa Aman and his PTI voters have won. we need the BN supporters to swing their votes to PR and combined with PR supporters for a sure win of Sabah.

  15. Selling to the colonial masters...that what sabahan is doing to UMNO

  16. What "Change " have said has hit the spot. I fully agree with him. At least this guy is seeing reality.
    As what I have written on the 1st comment about those Sabah PKR frontliners. They are as crooked as the present leaders in the State cabinet. I say again unless the Sulu claim is officially dropped, only then, action can be taken to deport "legally" all the Filipinos PTIs back to the Phillippines.
    Say waht you like the Sulu claim still stands And a hindrance to the deportation of all the PTIs.
    Here we talk of change, kick out umno and all that big talk. Can Sabah do it? I doubt it. Umno is in Sabah to stay. The KDMs will always be as what they are matter what.

  17. sabah split when berjaya, usno and pbs failed to work together.
    The immigrant community from phillipines and indonesia will never be admitted into sabah without the cooperation of the state govenrment. Even peninsular malaysians need to register upon entering sabah and require work permit just to work there.
    After joining UMNO, many bumiputra of sabah now finds themselves enjoying the ketuanan status. it will be very diffidult to rese the addiction.

  18. Sabahans talk and talk, complain and complain, but then they keep voting for BN!
    When the $%^& are the Sabahans going to kick out BN. Sabah deserve the BN, because you guys voted for BN!

  19. If UMNO prescribe Ketuanan Melayu. In Sabah there should be Ketuanan Kadazan while in Sarawak Ketuanan Dayak. Why is it in Sabah all projects still go to the Malay while we the tuan in Sabah have none.

  20. We the natives should have equal previlleges with the Malays in Semenanjung. The natives has been robbed of their right since the British. Last time the orang putih is the tuan and now Malay is the tuan.

    The song that MJ sang "What about us" refer to the Sabah natives who were robbed of our land and our dignity. WHAT ABOUT US?? Are we not the pri bumi. Why contract are given only to Malays and cronies of few politicians.

  21. We are harping over and over old issues of PTIs, IC project and the KDMs losing their rights.
    Who is to be blamed? The Sabahans themelves were to be blamed especially the KDM leaders who had their chance when PBS was in power. They were too busy filling their pockets and fighting among themselves.
    Had the PBS not betrayed Usno, Umno would not have come in to Sabah and at least Sabahans irrespective of what race or religion can work together to protect Sabah's right within Malaysia.
    Now it is "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur". The Sabah PKR still have to depend or leaders from the Peninsular. Had the KDMs leaders been not too greedy and had they not been too discriminating against their local Sabah Malays ( Bajaus etc..) what happened today would not have happened. Please do not forget that the Sabah Malays especially the Bajaus are very parochial (Sabah for Sabahans)but what PBS had done to them made them turned to KL for help. Look back to what the PBS had done to the Sabah Malay civil servants in the JKM and other State Depts during the hey days of PBS. They were demoted, transferred and discriminated by the KDMs majority in control.

    Jipanus Molukun was one of the kings in JKM.
    Jeffery was the Baron of Yayasan Sabah.
    And of course there were the Dukes and Earls in the State agencies.

  22. god is great...remember soviet union?or recently in japan...UMNO/BE-END will face the same faith...
    first of all kick out UMNO!ketuanan melayu is not for sabahan.secondly kick out the tuan2 of kadazandusun murut!PBS,UP-OK,and usless PBR-ASS. they all the great balls and ass licker to ketuanan melayu(UMNO)
    they know to talk coack and get rich only,even sanggup to sell their own rm 50??my god have mercy on sabahan!

  23. No matter who we voted for, or voted out. There is no guarantee that they will not cheat or corrupt. Even if we voted out BN and voted for the opposition, can you guarantee that the opposition would not stray from their responsibilities? Perhaps (I say, perhaps) they might be worst? There is no cat in the world that could resist consumming the fish.

    As a matter of fact. Contradict me if you disagree.

  24. Dear Anon Sept 22, 10:12am

    The Project IC and the PTI's are not the Sabahans fault. Mahathir is to blame on this matter. He's the one who came up with this featherbrained plan.

  25. Anon (Sept 22, 7:44)

    Please, the Sabahans are not complaining, are we? You West Malaysians who don't know anything, just shut up will ya? We don't need you to meddle in our affairs. What you think is not all right. You can have your own opinion in some matters, so can we. What makes you think that Sabahans don't know what we want for ourselves? You have your priorities and we have our own, you didn't see any Sabahans sticking a hand in your affairs and stir things up?

    Please, do have some respect for other peoples preference. Besides, no one can guarantee that everything would be resolve or that the new politicians would not corrupt if we voted out BN. Don't give me that 'At-least' shit, unless you can tell me: "The Opposition would never corrupt for sure!" I would vote for them. If not, then we're done here.

  26. Boss, mana ada tuan2 kadazandusun murut. Semua tuan adalah Melayu. Pairin sama Maximus sajalah dan yang lain semua jadi orang suruhan. Tanah Melayu mereka boleh lah jadi tuan Tetapi di Sabah the native bumiputra adalah tuan termasuk Bajau Sabah bukan bajau Pilipin.

  27. All the "race based" party like UP-KO are imported from Tanah Melayu. Najis also commented that Sabah is example of 1Malaysia recently. Tanah Melayu meant untuk orang Melayu saja. Hence Cina la, India la tidak pakai. Sabah therefore are more socially more mature but politically immature.

    This is because we only watch TV1,2,3,7,Awani etc. I sincerely hope RPK Sabah("RKS") can help to reverse the plight of the Sabahan.

  28. Nasi belum jadi bubur. With the advent of the internet we can still save Sabah from curruption. We cannot blame Jeffrey, Molukun or any Kadazan leader during the PBS time. The excesses by Kadazandusun is "Nothing" compare to the "billion" plundered by the current federal ministers.

    PBS only rule for a very very very short time and became frog when the oposition in the federal side is weak. NOW I DARE PBS to lompat and destroy your old enemy UMNO.

  29. To: Anonymous (September 22, 2009 10:46am)

    Kick out the UMNO? Hah! No matter who you vote whether it is UMNO or PKR,if the problem and issues is still unsolved, then no point of voting neither parties. It is just a was of time and very useless.

  30. Looks like someone is still harping on the same old, same old issues. It is useless to harp on the same old issues people. What we need is for the Sabahans to stop being greedy, pull themselves together and starts to help themselves. Who do you think should be blamed for the PTI's having MYKad? Some of our own people! The robbing of Native Lands? Some of our own people, AGAIN.

    So, you see, it is our people solely to be blame especially the Natives leader for bringing this in to their downfall. Helping the bloody PTIs until our own people were over run by them and so is our own people dependence on Peninsula.

    No matter matter who the people vote whether it is BN or PKR, if the same old issues still unsolved and no action from those responsible and authorize organization and the Government and even change the government, what's the point of voting these parties? It is damn right useless.

    Unless the people starts to unite and change the attitude and mindset, this issues will still be around for however long it will be.

  31. What done is done and the our people or should I say the Sabahan leaders should learn from the past mistakes of Tun Mustapha and Datuk Harris.

    If our people and leaders won't change, how are we to save our beloved land?

    Even if we change government, if the problem was still lying there on the silver platter,pointless. If they can convince people that there will be no more corruption and whatsoever, fine, people will vote for them but if it's only sweet-talk, no thanks anyway.

    If the people and the leaders want changes in Sabah, they should start changing their attitude and mindset starting from NOW!~

  32. Anonymous (September 22, 2009 7:44 AM)

    What in the world are you saying? Sabahan people are whining and complaining? Are you daft? You remind me of this journalist name Hafiz Noor from Malaysian Insider. The way you comment reminds me of him and it doesn't amuse me. Yes, Sabahan people are matured socially but immature politically. I admit that but that doesn't apply to all Sabahans and it's only some of them who just whine and complain.

    Btw, can you convince me that by kicking out BN/UMNO out of Sabah and let the PKR rule as Government would guarantee that there will be no more poverty? No more illegal logging? Deport those bloody PTIs back to the Philippine? No more corrupted politicians? Will it solve the heavy and most distressing issues that involves the Sabahan welfare and plight, MyKad issues, PTIs and the robbing of Natives Land?

    Don't give me some shitty bloody excuses. Like Benji said, if you could convince us and the rest that The Opposition will not succumb to corruption, then we will vote for them. Otherwise, we were done for.

    My guess is that you are from Peninsula, dear Anon. Otherwise you wouldn't have put up a bitter and bias comment.

    I rest my case here.

  33. What's past is past. All we need to do is to learn from the previous Sabah leaders past mistakes.

    Change the mindset and attitude and from there, unite and stand up and voicing out in order to gain for better changes for Sabah.

  34. Anonymous said... (Sept.22.2009 10:12)
    ..Please do not forget that the Sabah Malays especially the Bajaus... aduii na tuan mana ada Malay di Sabah ini...itu bajau 2 bajau la bukan malay....aduiii na kasian Sabah there is no MALAY here.....

  35. Setuju dengan
    Jordan said...September 22, 2009 5:40 PM
    Mahathir adalah orang yang sepatutnya dipersalahkan berkaitan dengan isu IC di Sabah. Sebab Mahathir lah yang melakukan dosa IC terhadap penduduk d sabah!!!!

  36. Yes...if we change government but the same issue is still going out again and again, whats the different? If you opposition can give us guarantee and be sure that this IC PTI bla...bla.. issue will be gone forever then sure you got our vote...but can you give us that guarantee?
    Hopefully it is not like song sang by akon title guarantee "1st is money 2nd is ME in a VIP full of Guarantee"


  37. There are people here who talk and demand guarantees..!!Which planet did you people come from?The UMNO/BN Government guaranteed sovereignty for Sabah,today we see influx of uninvited foreigners who now call themselves Malaysians with MyKads.The UMNO/BN Government talk about 1Malaysia,yet the essential goods are more expensive here then Semanajung.Shouldn't we be having 1Harga as well?

    These are some of the very core of the many promises and guarantees of the UMNO/BN Government.What happen to these guarantees?So before you blah blah about guarantees,what have you actually done yourselves to remedy this?

    Or are you in not so many words want a guarantee from PKR that you would continue to get projects in order to live your luxurious life,and only then you would vote for them?

  38. The Bajau of Sabah are of Rumpun Melayu. though they are not normally term as Malays but they are of Malay stock.
    (So to Anon Sept 22 9.48PM) do go and do some research in the anthropology books.

  39. This make me laugh...i dont believe people who say they dont want all that luxurious and bla bla bla....if u PKR can give us more than what BN give us today then we change our point of view and vote for PKR. But i dont think PKR can give us more hahahahaha

  40. emm of course we want guarantee...hey if you buy sumthing let say you buy a TV, a plasma TV emmm price RM5000+....i am sure you need a guarantee kan? if no guarantee who is going to buy that TV...if rosak rugi ooooo.......percuma 5000 hilang.... !!!!!!

  41. Dear Anon Sept 23, 8:26

    The so called essential goods are not that much expensive compare to the West Malaysia. Even if it is slightly more pricier, think about the shipping, the custom taxes... These things are bound to add up. It is hardly possible to achieve 1 harga.

    Regarding your 2nd paragraph, what on earth is the remedy you are talking about. What are we suppose to remedy?

    Excuse me, why on earth do you assume that we wanted project guarantees from the PKR? We wanted guarantee that the PKR would be different from all those previous leaders. If they can't give us that, why would we want to vote for another party who can't promised us any real changes.

    What do we expect for voting up PKR? The replica of BN? Besides, we don't exactly live a luxurious life. If that's what you think. Come and lie down with us on our bed of roses. But, I gotta warn you, you might have to endure more than 10 hours of power cut while you're here. The Sabahans are used to it already.

    What changes does the PKR promised? No more corruptions? No more power cut? No more poverty? No more swallowing the peoples money? No more PTI's? I'm sure they can't promised these. BN or PKR, they are birds of a feather, no better than one another.

    These are merely my humble opinion. Contradict me, if you think you have a better view on this matter (but it doesn't mean that I'm wrong.)

  42. Hi,there are so much going on who will rule and what it will be. At times I wonder as a Sabahan who could do a better job ?? BN or the opposition ?? They are the same bunch of "jokers" except that now they are in a different camp. Have they changed their brains these days? or have they came to senses that the damages they had done when they were in power?I believe what the Sabahan want are someone who could help the people especially the poor & needy.

  43. The "ONLY GUARANTEE" is to have Sabahans as the Tuan regardless of race. STOP talking and let RPS become the CM and UNITE all Sabahans.No more Ketuanan UMNO but Ketuanan Sabahans and the only party that has promised to CHANGE is Anwar Ibrahim (See his speeches in Youtube please). BN the communal based parties are useless. Even its sub-parties leader still fighting for leadership position.

    In MCA the corrupted 10 million president is fighting with his blue film Soi Lick while MIC Sammy wanted to be president for life. All his chosen deputies only wanted a shot at JKR position to have projects.

    In Sabah PBS is headed by ex-frog Pairin @ Kerbau kena cucuk hidung.

  44. Sabahan are socially mature but politically immature. Leon, Sinoman and Anon agreed.

    Well Leon, Sinoman and Mak Anon, as Sabahans we should now "become politically mature". Don't just rest your case, go a step further and think. We Sabahans still have our votes and voices. Currently we have only 2 choices either BN or PR. Well BN meant UMNO as MCA and MIC are useless which meant the party only for Malay. PR meant PAS, Keadilan and DAP all are multi racial parties.

    As a Malay I am not a racist as my neighbor are Chinese and Indian and we have grown up together.

    So I do not want to rest my case here but I want to voice my love for my fellow Chinese and Indian and make Kadazan the tuans as they are the tuan in Sabah.

  45. Dear Anon (September 23, 2009 8:26 AM)

    We are already 1Borneo even before 1Malaysia was introduce by Datuk Najib. Talking about expensive essential goods, did it ever crossed your mind about the taxes? Don't forget, the goods here in Sabah was either flown in or shipped here. What makes it expensive is because of the taxes and fees i.e shipping, docking, loading and cargo fees, Custom Tax and Government Tax. Remember this and you will surely pass your Economics next time around. Ooh, did my words hit the nerves? Oops, my bad. *smirk*

    Yes, some of the guarantees and promises by BN/UMNO have not been fulfilled by them BUT remember, you can't deny that they actually done something for the States. Of course everyone makes mistake just like you and me and the rest of the people. What do you mean what I have done to myself to remedy? I've done a whole lot of deal for myself. So, instead of asking me that question, how about you? What have you done yourself? Have you change your attitude or mindset?

    And your last paragraph doesn't amuse me very much. Who said about getting project to live luxurious life? We are talking about same old issues that are being hype up by everyone. My god, man. Did you read the whole bloody comments or you're just reading the few last comments? We are talking about the pros and cons of kicking the BN out and let PKR rules. Some of us are not hypocrites who says differently in here but acting the other way. Some of us are stating the bloody facts here.

    What will happen if the same thing happens again? All promises and sweet talks, bla, bla. Sure, you wouldn't want that in order to see changes in Sabah, right? So,without the guarantees that there would DEFINITELY be a change, most of us are not convince at ALL. Oh by the way, about the project, I'm sure you are hoping to get the project to live a luxurious life,right? Don't you even deny about it. I know you do. *evil smirk*

    Sheesh, you bark more than you bite. I rest my case here. Enough said. *peace*

  46. No guarantee as long as leaders like Pairin, Kurup, Jeffery or Musa. Semua pun sama jugalah...
    Own pocket first, isi cukup cukup dulu.
    The PKR lot in Sabah are just the same lot discarded from the old gang. They are just waiting to get to govern and squander whatever is left.
    Sabah has seen all this from Usno to Berjaya to PBS to the rotation CMs and now Umno. Semua pun hentam sampai tulang....

  47. anon 23sept 10:43

    Where did u get the info that bajau is rumpun malay? u go n search at wikipedia... Bajau is Bajau la not malay... There is no malay in Sabah...

  48. Anonymous sept 23, 2009 8:14pm

    So can you guarantee if u were our CM u will not be like those ur are mention? no rasuah? no ambik duit 4 ur pocket?

  49. "I rest my case here" means I'm going to stop comment for a while..My brains are buzzing with words after reading all the comments.

    Enough said. I'm off to rest my brains off.

    P/s: sorry sir for going off topic for a while..:D

  50. Yes i am not going to buy that expensive TV if dont have any guarantee on it. I am also not going to married a guy that cannot guarantee me a better life and taking care of me until i die. same as this situation if PKR cannot give us guarantee why should we vote for them?
    think of it.

  51. The headlines in todays Daily Express (24th Sept) reported of an illegal immigrant (PTI) killing his girlfriend (local Sabahan). This is what they do, they do not have the learning and culture that we Malaysians have. They are raping, robbing, killing us.

    Wake up people!!! Lets vote and make a change in this current USELESS government and slowly we will send these PTI's back to where they come from.

    I sincerely do hope that the murder/suicide case does not happen to YOU.

  52. Kulou nyuk and many other wanted guarantee. BN is currently in power at federal level and they have in the 2008 GE guarantee no coruption. We Sabahans who are politically immature had give them our vote YET they haven done many thing wrong like the PKFZ scandal, kill mongolian, IC project and now they wanted to curb your freedom by blocking blogs like this.

    BN has proven that their guarantee is NO GOOD AT ALL. Here come DSAI who also governing 5 riches states in Malaysia and the MACC can not find any curruption so they frame DSAI saying he cucuk pantat. MACC kill Teoh Beng Hock for a mere RM2,400 while corruption amouting to million closed case.

    Do u know that the million also partly came from Sabah.

    So BN Guarantee is proven to be no good, hence we should vote for other who has proven to be "TRYING". When you already know some one have rape your wife and daughter already do you still trust him. Should you say give the new guy a chance.

    Sabahans of course prefer their child to be rape over and over again.

  53. Guarantee..guarantee..guarantee...guarantee. Only BN can guarantee a free press and free sex.

  54. Say what you guys like Umno will still rule Sabah...irrespective of whoever the CM is.
    Or Whatever it is orang Malaya will still be the boss. BN or PKR. Look around you fellas... who dominates the Govt departments, how many Sabahans are on the top.
    The Sabahans will never be equal with the West Malaysians like it or not. Sorrylah...
    Who is leading the PKR in the nation? Orang Malaya juga!

  55. I long for the day when a semenanjung melayu is made the CM of Sabah.....then only we might buka sebelah mata coz sekarang dua dua mata masih tutup lagi.Kada pigi Susun dan Urut ..salasai bah itu. Food for thought.

  56. The Bajaus are considered as Malay people!

    The Orang Laut, or Bajau Laut are a group of Malay people living in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. Broadly speaking, the term encompasses the numerous tribes and groups inhabiting the islands and estuaries in the Riau-Lingga Archipelagos, the Pulau Tujuh Islands, the Batam Archipelago, and the coasts and offshore islands of eastern Sumatra and southern Malay Peninsula.[1]

  57. Hello my fellow Sabahans,so what if you're a Malay,Chinese,Kadazan,Indian,Bajau etc as long as you are a Malaysian.

    But what irks me the most is,who gave the right and allowed these illegal SOB's to just walk into my country call themselves Malays,provided with a MyKad,given the right to vote and now appear to be dictating terms to us?

    Barisan Nasional allowed this to happen,the sovereignty of Sabah is under attack and here you guys are talking about guarantees. Please stop and think for a moment,46 years has gone by and we're still being screwed.

    There are some who are saying so and so from PKR are no good,yes I agree but who then? Saudara Ronnie maybe you should seriously consider leading us,what say you?

    Sabahan true and true.

  58. Kolou Nyuk, Who are asking you to buy an expensive TV?? You just need to go to the nearest voting poll and X on PKR. U are now a batter wife and married to Najis who also might blown you to pieces.

    You want guarantee. You are guarantee for life without freedom under BN as Tuan Melayu will curb all your sexual desire.

    Fear not of change as change will free you from slavery. We Sabahan will one day rule Malaya nad RPS will become our first Agong.

    We are the champion, We are the champion of the world........ZZZZZ

  59. I just done understand. So what Bajau are consider Malay. There are many people consider themselves Malay. In Africa ada juga Malay. So doest it mean that as long as they are Malay they are automatic Bumi. Kalau begitu WHAT ABOUT US the real orang asli, Kadazan, the Dayak in Kalimantan. DOUBLE STANDARD.

    I think as long as u are born in Malaysia u are bumi (1Malaysia mah)

  60. I like this Kulou person,

    BN is like the guy you married for all this while, not very good, but not too bad either. PKR is like another guy, you don't really get to know until you married him. You can't be sure if the new guy would be different from your ex. What convince you to leave your current husband for one you barely knew?

    This new guy may tell you how much he loves you, he seemed decent... but revive your history, your current husband also used the same technique to get you to marry him. Its only until you signed the papers, you get to see the real him.

    See the points?

  61. Sabahan true and true and all the PKR supporters,

    I would like to know what's going on in the minds of those people who insist on voting PKR for a change. What makes you convinced that the PKR can really bring changes to the states? Pray do tell, you all keep ranting about how BN sucks, we should kick them out. But NONE of you actually stated any reasons on why you choose to vote PKR, no reason at all except that it will make a change. That the BN this, the BN that.

    It seems to me, that your only reasons for voting them, is based on all the bad things that the BN has done, and none of which based on the good things that the PKR did. It is your turn to think about your priorities in this matter, we Sabahans based it on facts. You based it on childish stubbornness(merely to kick out BN). But have you thought about what would happen when PKR rules?

    Please, do elaborate. I sincerely wanted to know.

  62. My energy is draining, I'm so bloody tired of this matter. PKR, please, based your votes on facts and common sense. And not just for the sake of kicking out the BN. Don't follow the bandwagon blindly without passing that thought through your brains. If you're doubtful, don't vote for this time around.

  63. Guarantee is the best thing to measure the effectiveness of products. I dont think anybody will simply put their hopes on without granting something in return.BN/UMNO always give empty and lame promises to Sabah.They are crooks, to be true. They have hidden agenda on us. They truly love our lands.What guarantees they could give?Burnt themselves alive for the failed promises?

    Wake up!There's no such thing as 'guarantees' in their diaries.Let us take a look in the rural areas. What type of guarantees do they give to them? Our natives' are losing their rights.Hell yeah,those crooks are damn smart to brainwash them for the voting. Por favor, I don't see any significant thing here.

    Oh,I would like to give a reminder. There are no such people as 'Malays' in Sabah.It is much more suitable to use in other places.

  64. I'm amused with most of the commenters in this blog. Every now and then they will say "congrats ronnie", "tahniah ronnie for the story" bla bla bla...and along the same line they will say those who defended the goverment as musa's ball licker. Huh, ball licker yourself!!
    p/s: those who spelled UMNO as amino are retard

  65. Dear Anon, September 21, 2009 10:15 PM (Concerned Sabahan)

    Of course I'm looking for guarantees from the "NEW LEADER/PARTIES".
    If they can't give us that, why would we want to vote for another party who can't promised us any real changes especially in PTIs & My Kad issues!
    That what I mean kio:) hehehehe

  66. orang berani i just give an example and i know the way you react, you didn't get my point. Think deeply and think more cretically. And i stil need that guarantee and yeah kelly thanks for support my statement. We don't need this PKR here for any reason. For sure this PTI IC bla bla issue are not going to end even if we govern by PKR.

  67. There's no need to arguing on this guarantee or what so ever. Everybody here have their own opinion and it is two sense whether you are on it or no. You cannot force people to change their vote. All we can do is just write and open a discussion without being emotional. Let the people choose who they think will be the next Leader.

  68. In my opinion, a guarantee is hard to be said. It is like when you proposed somebody to be your wife, you have to give a guarantee that you won't commit adultery or infidelity. It is only a word. It is wise to wait and see.

  69. do sabahan want change? if they do, then vote for PKR. of course, PKR cannot guarantee that all problem in sabah will be solved 100% free from any problem. but at least they take initiative to do something. while the opposite course goes for BN.

    dont fall for the BN trick, that says "no opposition can guarantee to solve PTI problem"

    is PKR any better or worse than BN? well let me use an analogy here.

    in order to solve a problem, you hire two people. one is a murderer, assuming the murderer is BN, and the PKR is a drunkard. while the murderer is committing the acts of pillaging, genocides, the drunkard is committing the acts of vandalism. who is worse here? LU PIKIR LAH SENDIRI!! NOBODY IS PERFECT !! But at least you vote for the lesser evil. our purpose to vote opposition is, to ease the suffering of sabahan people.

    of course, opposition is corrupt too, but not to the extent of BN's corruption. it is like saying, BN is inflicting a huge pain to you, while the opposition is inflicting far less pain. so why stick to the bigger gangster like BN? otherwise if we sabahan are awaiting for a perfect saint that is free 100% from corruption, which is highly unlikely that person will exist from any opposition, then sampai bila-bila pun sabah tak akan berubah. so please lah, tolonglah ubah fikiran. fikirlah lebih matang.

  70. Kelly and Kolou,

    You have changed my mind. Both of you are right after I think "critically" I still love my old Najis. DSAI is too hard and might cucuk my back side. I scare lah.

    Thank you for making me see the truth. There is no other truth but BN. We have been married since 1963 and despite thier kurap practises, they still provide me some simen and zinc every general election. PKR they talk only but batu pun tiada.

    I am penakut after all and politically not mature. Thank Kelly and Kolou and I love you guys.

    I am after all penakut. OMG please let me endure with the abuse for another 8 years.

    Thanks again KK.

  71. I like the Anonymous who said "vote for lesser evil". Huh after thinking critically again PKR has not been ruling in Sabah and has few evil deeds. My Quran say we should follow the righteous.

    BN banyak kes. Annuar main gay saja itu pun di dapati tidak bersalah. BN tutup case mongolia la, main duit lah. Musa angkut semua project, kecil, besar, medium. Tulang saja kasi rakyat.

    Kalau gitu saya jadi berani lagi.

  72. Lex,

    You got your answer.. vote for the lesser evil. But come to think of it PKR has not rule Sabah yet and has not make any evil yet. But BN..banyak kes..MUsa saja angkut semua projects even our Income tax building is given to his relatives.

  73. Kelly,

    It seems that you don't know democracy at all. A wife also has a choice and cannot stick to her "not so good hubby". When a hubby is no good you can chose to change a new hubby. Again after 5 years if the new hubby is no good you can become a lesbian and change a new hubby.

    We the voter wanted those first few years of orgasms and then if he is no longer can service us. We find a new person who is good to us and our off springs.

  74. Hai seh you people argue argue, this Najib guy with his Najibnomics is going to Havard alreadylah..just like Reaganomics.
    That means there will be more corruption in the PDRM, MACC and all the the Govt Depts.
    And of course more sex and murders alsolah..That is the Najibnomics to improve the Malaysian economiy.
    Next Malaysia will have a PKRnomics, okay?

  75. UMNO/BN has lost all available credibility.To many cover-ups just to facilitate it's own people.We have become a country where corruption,murder,money politics,money laundering,bribery,abuse of power,are rated as petty crimes.

    We have got innocent Malaysians who have died while in law enforcement agencies custody.The Chief Minister of Sabah has been link with his partner in crime from Sandakan,apprehended in Hong Kong by the ICAC and Interpol for money laundering.There was an admittance that the money belong to the CM.

    Where do we draw the line,yet many are still blinded that UMNO/BN is still better then Pakatan Rakyat.I'm not even saying that Pakatan Rakyat is better,but brothers and sisters,with all that's happening to our beloved country,are you still saying that UMNO/BN is a better government?The present government can never and will never change.We are doomed for eternity if UMNO/BN continues to rule this country,which I last check,belongs to you and me.

    Uncle Lim.

  76. Vow,

    Siok pula kita sakap sakap & gaduh gaduh. Betul juga di Sabah tiada Melayu. Rupa rupa nya saya orang Pilipin sepatutnya ada hak lebih dari orang Melayu sebab dulu saya tinggal di Sabah lebi awal dari orang Malaya.

    Tetapi kanapa UMNO yang tiada tiada di Sabah jadi gomen di Sabah. Melayu gatal dan sakit saya di entot nya. Army di Lok Kawi banyak Melayu. Diaorang banyak duit

  77. You can say whatever you want here and whatever it is i respect your opinion. And yeah i also cannot force you to support my words. But hey can you see that since we are ruled by BN there's a lot of chages have been made here. "Based on the mid term review or the 9MP, the poverty rate in Sabah has dropped to 16% as compare to 23.0% in 2004." (Bernama sept 14, 2009.) I think govt do well on this programme. Rural area now can enjoy the PPRT house which is in this year alone there are 35-50 of PPRT house has been built. In conjunction with this PPRT house,Govt also tried to make sure that rural folk can increase their income. Then Govt implemented the agropolitan project which this helping to develop their land in rubbering and oil palming. Beside that govt provide us the roads, water and electricity as for our basic infrastucture School's everywhere to make sure that Sabahans enjoy the education and of course i am still do hope that govt build more school here in Sabah.
    Because in my opinion, education can make us think widely and yeah i am sure that our next generation will be educated and can change the poverty rate in Sabah.
    So why not we walk with our govt together we make this happen, other than busying finding somthing bad in govt.

  78. Uncle Lim,
    You are very extreme in your view that Sabah is doomed for forever under BN.
    Sabah is already doomed anyway. And I do not think PKR is better with all those dried up leaders just waiting to clean the crumbs left behind by the present crooks if they are voted out.
    Come on man what do you mean that the country belongs to you and me? If you get the chance you will do the same what the crooks are doing now. Do you mean you are a saint who commits no wrong?

  79. I don't think that this PTI or IC or whatever issue will be end even if we change our govt. If i be the next CM or the next menteri or whoever, i also makan duit punya. But i just makan skit2, and need to share with you guys. If not then you guys will made at me, maki hamun me. There is no different if you change the govt, kan?

  80. I think the people have the eyes to judge.I'm so damnn tired to see people quarelling around this matter. I dont see any connectivity between democracy and marriage. Mutual understanding and interests are much more important than the rest.

  81. Anon (September 25, 2009 8:52 PM)

    Yes, yes. Mutual understanding and interest are much more important than the rest but my God, dear man. Have you ever heard about metaphoricall speaking? If you say that you have never heard one, I think you have failed your literature. Oops, did I hit a nerve? Feel like there's a stab in the heart? *smirking evilly*

    We are taking marriage as an example and also buying television. We are not exactly aksing you to buy a television or get married or something. Education standard in Malaysia is sadly lacking. How sad.

    Sheesh, where is common sense? Aiyo..

  82. Kolou,

    Thanks for respect my opinion.

    BN is the only goverment ruling here for over 45 years and it is their duty to improve the economy of the state. Have u seen the sign board stating that "The project is a Barisan Nasional Project". Those are lies because it is not BN Project it is the rakyat project. The money is not from BN it is our money.

    Kolou you have been brainwash. "IT IS A DUTY OF THE GOVERMENT TO SERVE US" It is not BN money. The advertisement is a waste of money because We made the changes not BN.

    The question one must asked is WHETHER BN use our money correctly or not. Why spend billion to buy 2 submarines with a mongolian killed along the way and spend million to send one person to space.

    We must be critical of these. We must see which economic proposal is better Najisnomic or Anwarnomic.

    It is not the question of development as it is goverment duty but how the money was spend. Obama for example differ from Bush policies. That is what we want. We want to have choices. Kulou do you know that economically curently in South East Asia we are at near bottom and Vietnam now is better than us.

    Kolou, do you like a 16% property level while Singapore is only 3%??? Our govt have no bearing on the reduction this improvement as WE through Global standard of living increase we only ride on it. We need to be critical on Bernama report as Bernama is control by UMNO..Propaganda??

    Kolou do you know that the PPRT houses are actually cost lower to build but the prices was zacked up for BN cronies to swindle.

    It is the duty of the Govt to implemented the agropolitan project which could help to develop their land in rubbering and oil palming ELSE what goverment we elect suppose to do? Scratch balls??

    It is the duty of the govt to provide us the roads, water and electricity. Scholl are build ussually in the rural area while the mission scholl are neglectd. Go to see the large school in rural area where there are only 100 students. What about the overcrowed school in KK, no help at all.

    Did u see the daily today, the school projects are delayed?? Be critical and check who are those "Contractors". I bet most of the contract are given to you Sarawakians. U be supprise they are mostly nego contracts and how much are for UMNO. Be critical and question whether the school contracts are genuinely given based on merit of the contract. Is there transparency. School that worth RM10 Million now was zacked up to RM20 Million. This is the question and OSA stop us from these question.

    Your opinion is correct, education can make us think widely is true but we should be more "critical" and see that the money spend is totally transparent. Maybe we can have more schools if contracts are on open tender instead of nego.

    I am only 25 years old and represent the Bajau and can be said to be the next generation yet I saw injustice and I definately wanted to know how goverment money is spend.

    The goverment must be accountable. They can't broadcast they have done this & done that but infact it is their duty. That is why we vote for them but the question is whether their decision is good or not.

  83. Plz calm down my fellow sabahans:) hehehehe
    Maybe we have different point of view regarding this article... but 1 thing, for sure... WE are the SABAHANS....

    So plz try to respect each others' ideas':)
    Have a nice day:)

  84. Dear Ruth,

    Go and wash your dirty laundry woman. If you are Sabahan, you should be angry as we have been screwed for over 45 years.

    I think those people who do not want change have already got something from BN or they are Sarawakians or Pakistani.

    Majority of us Kais Pagi Makan Pagi je

  85. You people are just indirectly telling us to vote for PKR in the next GE! Ok if the PKR can show that the party have leaders who can be trusted and really for the people but not for own pocket. At the moment Sabah PKR leaders are just discards from the previous parties who had been ruling and milking Sabah.
    Sabah PKR need new , young dynamic leaders who are trustworthy.

  86. Orang Berani
    Im going to touch on few of your points here

    1. Please show proof that economically Malaysia now is near the bottom in SEA and even Vietnam is doing better than us? You now some statistics especially those from outsiders are not really accurate. How could it be if they didn't even go to the country to do the statistics.

    2. You must be kidding comparing poverty level in Singapore and Malaysia. Just look at the size difference! Use common sense a bit la, smaller country like singapore are easier to govern and managed. Do me a favour can you compare the poverty level between singapore and countries such as USA or even China.

    3. PPRT houses costs lower to built. Do you ever think about the contractors? All you think is whoever do the PPRT must be UMNO cronies. Think again, think widely, jgn berpikiran sempit. These contractors mau cari makan jugak la kalau tidak buat apa bisnes kontraktor! Mesti ada untung thats why PPRT projects benefits these 2 parties not only the receivers.

  87. Correct corect! semua mesti ada untung.You see we have Najibnomics in Malaysia which is going to be better even US Fed chairman Bernanke will like to adopt to help his nation economic recovery. And even Alan Greenspan will also want to write about it in his new book.
    Betul ini bukan saya mengarut!

  88. Jesel,

    1. Go to Moody 2009 Country Progress Rating.

    2. Don't go far. Compare Selangor and Penang with Sabah. Please be remided that Sabah is an oil producing state. Use your head.

    3. Go to the ground and asked the contractors themselves. Kontraktor do all the work but tak untung banyak, Kadang kadang rugi sebab mau kasi YB % tinggi. PPRT projects benefits these 2 parties but destroy the sanctity of good governance. Rakyat yang rugi.

    Last response as I am tired of convincing Sabahans to change their mind set. Of all I know all the above are non-Sabahans.

    Over and Out.

  89. Ah ha orang berani,
    You talk really true one, you know last time the former PM was called Mr. 10% yes yes, no bagi no projectlah..that is why the YBs also all the contractors were forced to give...all this YBs are big crocodile. Bapa kelabu anak burentik..that is the saying, now worst still not only 10% lagi banyaklah..
    terrible oh, this politicians, talk only want to help the rakyaat infact suck from the rakyaat until dry man!
    Some of them pray every day showing only to the people infact only want to show they are so holy but on the other side they are crooked.
    I mus say to orang berani you are right in what you say. I hope if ever PKR wins the YBs will be a little bit better, not so greedy.
    For I will thinklah if I want to vote because so many change already I voted last time since Berjaya time whan they put down that Usno and the Late Tun Mustapa, still the same when Harris came in all the YBs also eat, now BN, the Umno YBs also eat, worst still eat everything, how lah? Please give me some idealah!This Jeffery and Ansari can trust ah? Last time I remember during PBS they also makan and during the rotation CMs this Yong Teck Lee and his gang also hentam.Osu again hai yah everything go gamble in London, how to trust these people. Please lah give me some idea.

  90. 1 Malaysia supporterSeptember 27, 2009 at 5:15 PM

    Please stop quarreling already, you may have your own opinion and other people have theirs. We should learn how to respect other people's preferences. It's like religion. If you think your God is better, doesn't mean that you should criticize other peoples beliefs and preferences. Isn't this what 1 Malaysia is all about?

  91. I just don't understand you Sabah people. Accept for Orang Berani, you all no brain one.

    In Malaysia, I meant Semenajung, MCA & MIC they all fighting. Now BN is only UMNO. Becau your Sabah Sarawak vote we cannot form our gomen.

    U people in Sabah everytime say no Malay, why ah u all vote for UMNO. U people said previous leader corup and don't want new leaders. But your leader like Yong Teck Lee are ikan bilis. He curup less than 100K yet u think he curup ah.

    In Malaysia, our projek ah in Billion oh, so we makan Million. U Sabahan are no internet ah? Ha ha..u people no bloger like Raja Petra, berani punya oh. Who this Ronnie..takut one.

    U people see lah currently Selangor, Penang, Kelantan & Kedah. All the MB where got curup. Anwar has said if anyone of them curup, they can not be MB. So your Jeffrey might not become MB but no new faces like Ansari or the DAP lady in Api-api is good what : read her blog.

    Mahathir the one rotate your CMs ma. and cheat u..and use RTMs to cheat people telling Pairin Curup and then rampas kuasa like Perak. U all no read history one ah. But actually he only give contract to his distant relatives less than 10K. Now u chek Musa. In Malaysia here we heard he 1Borneo pun got I heard got share.

    Think la..because of your vote we in Malaysia suffer oh..Next time Keadilan will be more adil ma. You chose your own people lo. If they are like Bagan Pinang Mr.Samad, don't take him lo..Why Sabahans no clean leaders ah..

    You Sabah people have no one good are. U don't trust your self ah..But I have read many Sabah bloggers with good ideas..except for Ronnie..I think he is agent of UMNO.

  92. Two main issues in my mind:

    1. The PTI issue:

    Everyone seems to be connecting this PTI issue to the Philippine only, but I assure you, if you visit Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau you wont see many of these instead you will discover Bugis and other Indonesians. Why are we thinking that "Manila officially dropping the Sabah claim issue and setting up a couselor office in Sabah" will end this PTI problem? My point is, this PTI has nothing to do with Manila not dropping this old Sabah Claim issue. If yes, than why only the Muslim Southern Philippine are flocking-in to Sabah? Why no Christian Phillippno found migrating to Sabah? Remember the non-Muslim immigrant from Vietnam who tried to come over to Malaysia? How come these PTI from Indonesia and the southern Philippine are not treated and stopped entering Sabah the same way?

    11. KDM when PBS was in power were too busy filling their pockets and discriminating against their local Sabah Malays ( Bajaus etc..)

    I don't agree with this, I'm a KDM and I have nothing. I did not get anything or help from any Governing Parties since the day I was born. My parent and generation before them toils the land for a living. I went to school without any help even though my parent were much poorer than those highlighted on our daily TV News. The fact is, UMNO who is holding the Federal Government know exactly how to exfoliate their course of action just to stay in power. I remember Mahatir announcing Sabah suddenly become the poorest state within Malaysia just days after PBS comes to power. He also announced that the Muslim Population have been discriminated against, there were photos and video clipping showing how the Muslim population were becoming poor under the week old PBS. How can this be? Pairin as the CM during that time, do you think the State CP did listen to him or carry out his order? Mahatir was holding not only the police CP balls but every other Federal head of division. In my opinion, so much what Pairin wanted to do nothing can materialize. In my opinion, CM CKK was indeed given a little bit of power just to show that the CM rotation was indeed good.

    I rest my case for the time being.

  93. Penangites Lim,

    Which planet did you come from?Sabahans were the only one that kick UMNO/BN out twice before,and you have the bloody nerve to question our integrity.

    The 2008 general elections shows that 35% on the votes obtained supported the opposition and is currently increasing in popularity.We don't need some nincompoop like you who lack in facts and ridicule us Sabahans.

    As for acussing Ronnie as takut one and UMNO agent,you're not only ignorant but conscientiously stupid as well.Please show us your keberanian as well as your so call orang berani by showing your face and what you have done yourself in the open,rather then being an armchair critic and having no balls.

    We Sabahans are fully behind Ronnie,and you Penangites Lim a chameleon in disguise I only have this to tell,my centre finger to you.

    Kadazan Warrior.

  94. Penangites how come you said us Sabahan have no brain? but its okay there is no point if i am mad at you. B'coz of i know that we still have our own brain. you know what i mean? we all have our own opinion and you cannot said simply that our opinion is wrong. And you also cannot say that yours is always true. That's why we have the Gov and the opposition in political field. You cannot say that the Gov are always on the wrong track and the opposition are always in a right track. There is pros and contras, isn't it? We are all human so we are all make mistakes. If you are in opposition side then you must say something good about the opposition, tell us what have the opposition done for Sabahans. Ini tidak anda sibuk menceritakan keburukan parti lain. Macam mana mau maju? you tell me..

  95. Why we still vote UMNO (malay)? Then PKR Not Malay meh? Opposition no Malay meh? Aiiyoooo....We should vote for which Party? yang xda malay for not malay? yang xda cina for those who are malay? and Indian? The bumiputra Sabah and Sarawak? Mati la if like this? Aiiiyyooooo...


  96. Orang Berani
    you over & out are useless, i say whenever i want.
    you didnt really answer the questions but come you say rakyat rugi becoz of the PPRT houses. Use you head, people dapat rumah masih rugi?

  97. Why everybody talk all the bad things about politic. Umno or BN also did some good like some development in KK under Musa Aman. You all don't say he did not do anything, if you all got the chance to be CM you all also makan mah! Like now you see the PKR people talking taliking about BN is bad lah this lah that lah just get some support in the election, and then when already win, everything also forget. Sama also lah like last time everybody promise this lah that lah want to kick the Filipino illegals lah but nothing happen also after winning. Everybody too busy making money wow.
    I don't support BN or PKR, I got fed up already afetr all these, semua janji terang bulan! pelasu punya janji. I better make my money and go live in Australia. Don't want to trust all this Sabah leaders alreadylah..all also like snakes and crocodiles.

  98. Jessel,

    I kindda agreed with orang berani. The low cost housing actually mostly given to certain people with connections. The daily express 28-September 2009 stated that most of the house were rented out to foreigner. It was also stated that 20-30% of the houses were given to former squaters which were mostly foreigners. The real Sabahan scared to live in this areas.

    Thats why I think he said rakyat rugi.

  99. Hey all of you who talk about UMNO/BN bring development to this state, why you guy still so stupid and naive, still so easy to being deceive by the BN government? 52 years independent we are left far behind compare to Singapore. Why? Please use your big head( sorry not big brain ) to think about it. When a million allocated to certain project, how much you think the actual amount been use in the project? When billion withdraw from our treasury for mega project, what is the amount that really spend for the right purpose? Easy calculation. Go and see those government building. That so call development? Just imagine, We don get what we spent. Understand.
    We suppose to be ahead than Singapore.

    BN are totally not relevant in Malaysia nor Sabah.

    If you still doubt of it, go and see those banglo, oh sorry to be respectful i should call palace of those BN minister and yb s houses, have you ever think about this in your small humble house, why this people are able to live in a big giant luxury house while their income are just about some of you and me. Look at their cars!! Cars their wife use!! Their second wife use, their mistress use!!Cars their children use!!


  100. PKR no longer relevant after jeffrey and christina the two big fish of the party quits their post. Hah, eat that PKR!!
    And for anonymous 16 october:
    u cant compare singapore and sabah, singapore is a country and sabah is merely a state! If you've been to the whole of peninsular malaysia then you should know that sabah are doing much better than most of the states there despite the fact that sabah is the poorest state in Malaysia (most probably coz the statistic includes all the PTI also)

  101. Dear Jessel,

    There is only one part I couldn't agree on. Sabah is not just a MERE state. According to the agreement, Sabah and Sarawak are equal partners with the WM.

    Other than this, I have to agree with the rest of your statement.

  102. Anon 16 October 2009.

    Comparing Sabah and Singapore? Are you kidding? Why do you compare Sabah with Singpore. Singapore is a country while Sabah is a state that is equal with WM according to the agreement. So,there is a different between state and country.

    Now, (no pun intended btw) PR almost falling apart. With in-house problem happening inside the party, there is a slim chance for PR to win in Sabah.

  103. You say UMNO/BN no longer relevant in Sabah but what about PR? Also the same.

    Leaders nowadays are so-not-trusthworthy. I don't mean to go against the Govt or siding with anyone but seriously, not-so-trustworthy.

    Jeffrey leaves PR together with Christina Liew? Why am I not surprise. I knew this day would come.

  104. Agree with Jessel,

    PKR are hopeless...Orang Berani what can u say now...Jeffrey pun takut ha..ha..ha...ha...ha...NO PARTY CAN BEAT NAJIP our hero.....So what MUSA currupt..he has the handsomest Pakistani smile ever...Ha..Ha...

  105. hhmmm.. Whether umnoBN is relevant or not in Sabah - I dont care!
    I just want to see Sabah change for the better. That's all we need now :)

  106. Nampaknya UmnoBN perlu berusaha lebih gigih untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan mereka :)
    Apapun saya berharap agar UmnoBN dapat membuktikan bahawa mereka sememangnya masih releven di Sabah :)

  107. If we said that UmnoBN is no longer relevant in Sabah then what about PKR????
    Nobody's is perfect la... at least umnoBN done a lot of things in Sabah in terms of development... What about others party? what did they bring to us?

  108. Keep blaming UMNOBN will not change anything...
    Because there's a ton of people who remain loyal with them :)
    So, whatever it is, let's hope for the best!

  109. Yang saya tahu umnoBN da banyak bawa pembangunan untuk kita... Sama ada dorang relevan atau tak, terpulangngnya dengan rakyat Sabah sendiri.
    Paling penting saya berharap agar umnoBN dapt meneruskan perjuangan dan membuktikan kepada Sabahan yang mereka masih relevan :)

  110. How can we win over this UMNO/BN if the NonSabahan/NonMalaysian/Nonwelcome people here in sabah that calls themselve sabahan are the ones responsible for BN win in sabah, why oh why are they staying in sabah, and why oh why do they posses the Mykad For god's sake?? All true sabahan come on and unite together lets bring sabah to a whole new era, where only sabahan are allowed to be sabahan, and bring our beautiful land back to us!