Thursday, October 1, 2009


The corrupt will remain corrupt and the Munafiqs will continue to live within our mist. It is therefore not inconceivable that UMNO and its bandwagon of corrupt and con-artist politicians have now chosen a path of no return and along with it its ever faithful coalition Barisan Nasional partners. The need to expunge UMNO/BN should now be further accelerated into higher gear, what more when the current regime subscribes to CORRUPTION as a way of life, so much so that … in fact it looks like without corruption there won’t be any life in BN / UMNO.

Corruption has in recent days been the hottest topic among most Malaysians, from all walks of life. Most glaring of course is the nomination of Tan Seri Isa Samad as the UMNO/BN candidate in the up-coming Bagan Pinang by-election. Nomination has been set for the 3rd October, while polling will be on the 11th October 2009. It appears that one of the pre-requisite for a person's candidacy in UMNO is having a corrupt background.

I asked an UMNO stalwart in Sabah what was his opinion on the party's choice of this highly-corrupted candidate for the by-election and his response was, "UMNO sudah hilang akal dan halatuju, bikin tak serupa cakap"(UMNO has lost its direction, it doesn't practice what it preaches).When pressed further if he would continue his struggle with UMNO he responded,"Kita cari makan dulu,bila Pakatan Rakyat jadi kerajaan,baru kita lompat,itu cara berpolitik"(We need to survive,when the Opposition becomes the government,then we jump,that's politics).I only have this to say to such unscrupulous brain dead politicians,Munafiqs of the highest degree,stay put and rot in hell.

The earlier rhetoric about UMNO having “to change or be changed” is now proven to be nothing more than just “cockatoo- talk,” to put it in the local vernacular. UMNO is beyond reform and that includes their coalition, Barisan Nasional. In fact, going by what’s happening one could say “UMNO is beyond repair or redemption.”

Malaysia, under the current regime UMNO/BN has been plagued by unresolved and serious issues that have tarnished the credibility and sovereignty of our country once acclaimed as the country of opportunities, both for domestic employment and foreign investment. Questions are still on the high note as to the controversies surrounding the murder of Altantuya Sharribu, the death of A.Kugan while in the custody of the police, the "mysterious" death of Teoh Beng Hock (really 9-storey fall?), the continued denial syndrome of the UMNO/BN government on the actual date on the formation of Malaysia (historically blind or failed primary school arithmetic?), the on-going investigation by Hong Kong's ICAC on the money laundering activities of Sabah's Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman and now how a former Menteri Besar found guilty of Money Politics and Corruption can still be endorsed as a candidate in the up-coming by-election.

I wouldn’t have been the least surprised if members of the United Nations were giggling when Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman had the cheek to stand before the assembly with his 1MALAYSIA slogan.

Is Anifah Aman aware that Malaysia's global corruption- index now lies in 47th position - among the most corrupted countries in the world? Perhaps he should have also included in his maiden speech that UMNO/BN encourages corruption as evidenced in the choice of the candidate for Bagan Pinang – simply put - In Malaysia the Government is above the law or rather the Government is the law.


  1. UMNO/BN is a foregone conclusion,defenders and custodians of corruption and abuse of power.

    Malaysia has lost all credibility with this government.The United Nations knows this,our trading partners knows this and Malaysians knows this,only UMNO/BN refuses to know this.

    People of Bagan Pinang,throw this UMNO najis to where it belongs.....HELL.

    Uncle Lim.

  2. Something wrong with Malaysia politics nowadays...
    But I do hope 1 day all of us can united and changed for the better:)

  3. hmmm pa nak jadi dengan dunia skrg ni...
    kalau nak cakap pasal rasuah... entah sampai bila baru ada penyelesaian.
    So, sekarang ni kita perlu fikir untuk maju ke depan dan ke arah yang lebih baik.
    Saya berharap semua masalah dapat dikurangkan kalaupun tidak dapat dihapuskan sama sekali.

  4. Can you tell me which gov or country in this world which is not corrupted?

  5. Hmmm... I guess, UMNO/BN must trying very hard to win the heart of the people :)

  6. Breaking News from Hong Kong......The Hong Kong Government has frozen assets and cash reported to be in the region of USD 342 Million belonging to Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman.Also confiscated were cash and assets belonging to a Micheal Chia,partners in crime with Musa Aman.Hong Kong's ICAC and Interpol have been monitoring their money laundering activities for the past 2 years.

    Looks like Musa Aman corrupt days are coming to an end.Also heard from the grapevine that Musa has also been ask to step down by Najib.

    A crook telling another crook to step down,the only difference is the bigger crook is PM.Sayonara Musa,you are history.Who's the next corrupt CM in line?Word is a flamboyant wine drinking and cigar smoking Casanova is tipped to be CM,anyone like to guess?

    From the grapevine.

  7. 3 cheers to 1Malaysia and Corruption's Guardian Angel....UMNO.

    Enjoy it while you can,for your days are now numbered.

    Ex-ISA detainee.

  8. Whoa! New post.

    Why am I not surprise?

    BN this, BN that, UMNO this, UMNO that.

    How come nobody complains about the opposition? And don't give me that "They never do anything WRONG", I find it pathetic and lame.

    Geez, the political scenes has gone haywire.

    What is going with people nowadays?!~

  9. Anon (October 1, 2009 7:51 AM)

    Lemme guess. It's.............Hah! Not going to name it. Let you guys find him yourselves. LOL~

    Somebody needs to stop the corruption from spreading like a spitfire (but it is anyway).

    "Lompat si katak lompat" I won't be surprise we hear more leaders or members jump parties from one another. I wouldn't be surprise at all coz they are a hypocrite and two-face.

    We need a strong-will and strong persona leader who can stop corruption since it will collapse the pillar of this state and country.

  10. Singapore who is our neighbour is in the top 4 of the least coruppted nation compare with 47 for us. No wonder they seceded from the formation of Malaysia coz they knew what was coming. Good Feng Shui !!

  11. Rasuah dan Salah guna kuasa oleh pemimpin kita hari ini telah menjadi darah daging mereka dan memang tidak boleh diubah kerana kita tidak dapat mengubah atau membentuk diri seseorang kecuali diri mereka sendiri, tapai apa yang perlu kita buat ialah menjatuhkan mereka dari tampuk pemegang kuasa, maknanya dalam PR13 akan datang seluruh rakyat Malaysia MESTI menghukum mereka, itu saja caranya.

    Uncle Sam

  12. Anonymous on october 1, 2009 7:00 AM said:

    "Can you tell me which gov or country in this world which is not corrupted?"

    my respond:

    nobody is perfect. that is for sure. i, too comitted wrongdoing in my life. but there are other criminal who are worse than me.

    are you saying that all humans are equally evil? i dont think so.everyone is different. for example, person A comitted an adultery with a single woman, while person B does genocide which results in the death of thousands. now compare the crime.

    are you saying that an adultery with a single women is as horrible as genocide? are you saying that person A should be punished with death penalty equally with person B?

    i am more qualified to be a leader of a country than somebody else which is worse than me. of course, everybody is sinning. but im struggling to correct my mistake. even popes and imams do make mistakes in their life. i can be a perfect saint, provided if i do repent and ask forgiveness from god to clean my sin.

    now, can you say the same to other criminal who never repent and continues to commit sin to their last breath like adolt hitler?

  13. There is no government in the world who does not corrupt. Even China with a death penalty for corruptions, has their fair share of corrupted officers and politicians. We have no such law to prevent corruptions? What do you expect.

    Besides, those who are working in government departments are snail workers, if they don't accept corruption, then nothing would get done. You can wait 20 years for your trading license to get approved. The policemen would hold your son in lokap when he is only a passerby in a gang fight.

    To corrupt or not to corrupt?

  14. I dislike the Anon who say that which country do not have coruption?

    True every country have corruption but not as corrupted as Malaysia. In Sabah and Sarawak the 2 BN chief ministers are "terang-terang" corrupt. YET I do not know why Sabah and Sarawak still vote for them.

    When we want to proposed change many Sabahans says the oppositions WILL also corrupt. They say look at Jeffrey Kitingan, the only person who always become the scape goat. But there is no prove that he is corrupt and when he was in ISA, the BN try to find proofs but cannot.

    We must change. If the Sabah people feel the change will bring corrupt leader they are now already having a corrupt leader. Harris, Musa and Osu (All have Pakistini blood) have proven to be corrupt.

    If they don't want Jeffery. There are thousand of Kadazan warriors out day who are jobless and have the brains like Obama.

  15. BN/UMNO has no bright future..they need to accept the fact then.

  16. BN/UMNO is the family of corruption and no doubt that, they are hardly to win people's hearts. They tried so hard to please the people but it was all in vain. Please, rakyat dah naik jemu dgn korang..blah la...

  17. Corruption & money laundering happen everywhere even in the developed countries !! we should focus on prevention rather than cure!! For example,Having better education, etical & legal system to stop corruption and money laundering as much as possible.
    why pick on Datuk Musa ? any political agenda ? Guess the HK government would be in a better positon to handle this issue. Better use the energy on how to improve the wealth and economic situation of the country at this moment.
    The people will decide who will be the next PM !Be patience !

  18. This matter has been clinging them for the past centuries. Money laundering and corruptions are happen everywhere and every single day. So, what I gonna say is that, they need to be strictly filtered. I know UMNO is a giant party in the whole Malaysia but please,do something for that.Just because they are powerful and a way of 'big head' in this country, they are still haunting by corruptions.People are condemning about their credibilities. Seriously, they need to wake up and see the red flag. It wouldn't be sunshine all the days. What goes around comes around, remember that phrase.

  19. It's high time Sabahan should make a political decision..... to change or not to change.

  20. Those making all the issues about coruptions are just jealous of what those guys on the top are doing. If you people got the chance to be on the top like them you all will be doing the same thing filling up your pockets and giving all the contracts and chances to your family memebers and friends!
    In this modern materialistic world all human beings have all the desires unless you are a Buddhist monks, even monks are not perfect.With all the knowledge in this modern world human being have become greedy to the extend of even selling their own soul/ Cakap sahaj pandai ini itu macam malikat tapi kalau ada chance hentam juga.
    Just becuas you people want to topple the present line-up that is why you people are talking all the goodies and all the angel talk, kalau ada chance sama jugalah...
    How many change of Government has Sabah undergone, all the same semua menteri pun kasi kaya diri. Jadi kamu semualah yang bising bising kerana tidak dapat peluang!!!
    Sometalked of change and all the garbage, end of the day everybody makan juga.
    Tell me which former ministers and YBs who does not have all the big houses and properties, only a handful, and those are who hentam when they were in power dut never saved for the rainy days thinking that they will never come down.
    If they were to depend on their salary and allowance you think they can get all that .
    The mindset in Sabah especially is to become YBs is to get rich and hentam not serving the people,. Before the election promise the people the sun and the moon, after wining own pocket first.
    You all are just talking big big Bulls... about about transparency and serving the people, clean and all those bla bla bull.... but infact you all are just being jealous of all those people making tons of money on the top.
    If you people are so good and smart why bother to comment here go stand for election and become YBs and then hentam, scrap what those people are doing now!

  21. Respond to: Anonymous on October 2, 2009 8:10 AM

    are you claiming that the people who fight against corruption and even those in anti-corruption agencies are fighting corruption because of jealousy?

    wow! thats something new! what makes you think people were being jealous? what makes you think all humans will do the same, to fill up their pockets?

    can we say all muslim are terrorist fanatic just because some of them are? thats not fair! you are generalizing.

    learn from history. the europeans, for thousands of years have been ravaged by war. but look at the europeans today! they are better than any other civilization!

    we cannot expect to change sabah in one day. it may take several years, or decades or even centuries.

    i bet that you are jealous of adolf hitler!

  22. Those people who think that "if" they were given a chance to currupt they will also "hentam" are sure to go to hell and uneducated. Rasuah adalah lebih jijik daripada makan khinzir.

    Who are jealous of people who makan rasuah. They have no moral not only to themselves but also to thier children and family. Tak malu. Baguslah makan tahi dari makan rasuah.

  23. The anon who like to hentam can hemtam himself. This is the kind of person who have no moral and if given chance will rape even animal. His mind is twisted and think he is smarter than everyone else. He must have hemtam his friend wife already. When we talk about transparency we are trying to solve a serious problems not talking bull. The guys is a starfish and have no brain.

  24. PKR should get rid of Dr Jeffrey because he is womaniser... This party has better chances to win the next election if the bad repute high rank leaders are ridden.. trust me.. :-)

  25. A law to prevent corruptions should be implemented. Death sentence through firing squad, public stoning, hanging should do fine. But I'm sure it won't happen anytime soon, cause the government themselves are afraid that they won't make it. So, how can we beat corruption this way?

  26. Harris Salleh,

    There already have a law against corruption. Your question on how to beat corruption when the current goverment themselves are corrupt as the by to implementing the law tranparently will implicate BN is "soalan bonus".


  27. To improve from the 47th position, the only way is to kill UMNO to the roots. Then we could even be No.1.

    I have a suggestion, Pakatan Rakyat must have the courage to tell the rakyat that once they form the govenment, they will go all out to catch and confisicate the money and properties owned by the corrupted UMNO / BN leaders. The money and properties will then be shared among the the rakyat to uplift some of them out of terrible povety the last 52 years.

    Vote for Pakatan Rakyat come the 13th General Election.

  28. Ronnaldo,

    I do know that there is a anti-corruption law. But it's obviously not good enough. Since this is also considered a Muslim country, why not implement some elements from the Shariah Law, let the people pelt the corrupt officer with stones. If no actual actions are made, how would these corrupted politicians ever know what it's like if you go against the law, or how would they ever know fear?

    The problem is, everyone is so corrupted, they can't implement such law, cause they themselves would be having a taste of their own medicine, so would their kawan-kawan, saudara-saudari...

    By the way, I prefer if you call me Harris Iskandar. :)

  29. If the Pakatan could really guarantee that they could do so. Plus, vowed never to corrupt. Then I'm sure many people would vote them. Unfortunatly, the people are not convinced that there is truly a cat that does not eat fish.

  30. Leaders in the political party who decide how to rule the country. It does not matter if they are in UMNO, BN ,PKR etc. The people who voted and elected them to be leaders.

    What I mean is the mind set of the people have to change. It is not fair to say that UMNO/BN leaders are corrupted . I believe not all leaders are corrupted. sure You will find corrupted leaders in PKR too. right ?

    How to measure them ?

  31. There is no solution on this matter. Believe me. Everyone who is in the top of the world cannot prevent this corruption. Believe me. So if you wanted to be safe then don't be too greedy. Pandai2 la tapuk....muahahahahah

  32. Kalau xada perasuah manakan ada orang yang dirasuahkan. Kalau anda bukan seorang VVIP manakan ada orang yang akan becakap tentang anda. Kalau anda tidak mempunyai pengaruh yang kuat mana kan ada orang yang hendak berkawan dengan anda dan menyelitkan maksud lain. Kalau anda bukan CM tidak akan ada orang yang mencari kesalahan anda. Namun sekiranya anda mempunyai ciri2 yang saya utarakan tadi, kesilapan kecil, sekecil semut pun akan diwar2kan, akan dibesar2 kan. Terutama dari pihak musuh yang ingin menjatuhkan anda. Jadi renung2kan la.


  33. Hello opposition, can you guys stop finding on others mistakes? Don't be too busy body la...if you want our vote then please write why we should vote you. List down everything that can make us believe that you can change this matter (PTI, IC,Kurapsi and bla bla).... you are busying pointing your finger to BN and talking about others. You cannot be better than BN if you are busying on their business. All you have to do is trying to pull people attention (Vote) without told people hows bad BN is. HHmmmmmm.... chow..

  34. solau sokunduk,

    By finding BN mistake and busy body, this will make bone heads like many die hard supporter of corrupt leaders realized that we the rakyat are the agong not them. They have to serve us not their pocket.

  35. Jordan,

    Guarantee again..BN already guarantee your doom.

  36. Let us see if you all can uproot UMNO in Sabah! Talk only lah come election time cross the dacing also!just for mere RM50.00, change that atitude among the Sabahans first than talk about kicking out the coorupted govt.

  37. I agree with "Nameless" There is no solution to this corruption.
    Whoever at the top will squander everything kalau ada chance.

  38. I agreed with sokunduk,

    List down your pro's and not just BN's con's. You're just making us see the bad side of BN, but did nothing to convince us that the opposition had any reasons to deserve our votes. By pointing fingers at BN only make us see their bad side, but it does not earn you any brownie points. Don't give me that 'Vote for the lesser evil' shit again. That does not answer any questions. Do it properly like: 1) Opposition does not corrupt 2) Opposition will drive out the PTI's 3) Opposition will give the people equal rights 4) Oppostion guarantee changes.

    The above is just an example. Do your worst.

  39. Anon Oct 5, 2009 4:19AM

    Yes, BN already guarantee our doom. But can the opposition guarantee un-doom? If they can't, then what 's the difference between BN and Opposition?

  40. You people talked about the seizure of money purpotedly belonging to Musa Aman. Anybody can make an allegation but without proof there is nothing anybody can do to Musa Aman, and besides the money was seized in HongKong from another person and not Musa Aman himself. The money did not have Musa Aman's face on it....what bull.... you all are talking.Go read the law!

  41. Yes change Sabahan attitude 1st! The guys and the girls di kampung2 everyday had their own activities. Moginum nopo until tomoning. For the mohoing2 asal dapat koposizon yang ok2 siiikkiiittt na Bulih noh dii kaa....They don't want too much changes. But the most ei poporusak do tanak wagu tokou not other than MOGINUM NOPO!!!!!

  42. Lx,

    Can u guarantee that you will not die?

    The BN past has shown u many evil of corruption. The only hope is to have change. We are living in a democracy, you and I are the guarantor and we the rakyat determine our fate.

    Nobody can guarantee anything as the universe keep changing. We however at least we can vote for lesser evil and if the lesser evil become more evil, we collectively again can change our fate UNTIL the % of evil in the world reduced.

    By doing this my God say "heaven will open up for those who rid of evil, no matter how small it is"

    Allah is the most almighty.

  43. I agree with Najis Rasuah,

    Rusuah is good for health

  44. Jordan,

    How to compare BN & the opposition in Sabah? There is no comparision as PKR has "never" rule Sabah yet. 1 + 1 cannot be equal to 3.

    Ha ha ha

  45. sigh ! What the hell were BN people thinking? a lesser evil is always a better choice. PKR is not perfect, but they are different than BN. both BN and PKR have cross the line, but BN is much worse. REMEMBER! both are different from each other. simple logic. now, BN people dont try to bullshit with us!!

  46. compare petty crimes to mass genocide? which is worse? use logic. 1+1=2. SIMPLE! if you cannot see the difference then you seriously need help!

  47. Everyone talking about change !! changing for the better or worst yet to see.Human is generally greedy given the opportunity ,the chances of doing wrong is high !! corruption ? Money laundering ? There are still many rich or "filthy rich "people in Sabah.Why do you think the money belong to Musa ? u think he is the only rich one in Sabah? Need proof & hope not a political motive behind all this again!!

  48. Everyone is talking about change hoping that if there is a change the new cabinet lineup will give chance to all those who wanted change to take over and continue squandering the state because at the moment they did not have the chance.They belong to a different group not in the golden circle.
    So find fault with Musa , find fault with Umno, find fault with BN. Tell the people that BN and Musa are no good but what actually is the motive? behind it. Hah mau ambil peluang makan jugalah! Talking about this evil, that evil everbody evil, ha what? Jealousy, greed and lies are evil...semua pun sama jugalah, buaya besar....
    Who are all those in the opposition...they the samw leaders who had been on the top last time, during Berjaya, PBS and the rotation CMs time....

  49. Jordan,

    You are right PKR should provide comparison as such so that we can be more transparent:

    Najis -BN Annuar -PR
    1. Murder Cased-covered Sodomy-Not guilty
    C'sion RM500,000-00 No money involved

    2. MCA -RM10,000,000-00 Teoh BH - RN2,400
    case not investigate Teoh died

    3. UMNO money politic PKR - Nil

    4. Musa Networth Jeffrey Networth
    Over RM300,000,000-00 less RM3,000,000

    5. Taib Networth Ansari Networth
    Over RM500,000,000-00 less RM500,000

    6. Use of RTM and Astro Internet is free
    for political gain
    RM500,000-00 per year

    Please opposition provide more proof and post it for everyone to judge. List it out. Is there any such comparison out there??

  50. Sorry sir off topic for a while.

    Those cowards who are hiding behind other people's name like Jordan and Kadazan Girl, You think I wouldn't notice it? Poor you. What a pathetic loser...Be original you nitwit. Did you just duplicate the same names because you are pissed since we make more sense than you do and you try to pissed them back? Hahahahaha. My guess is that you can't accept the fact that you lost this debate and so you deliberately stir things up. How low can you sink? Dear Mister, Kadazan girl is my wife.

    Now, back at the topic.

  51. The 2nd post of Kadazan girl is totally not me. So Please tompinai kou gavi if you want to used the same name put onu nopo untuk membezakannya. Sabab nopo nga this will make people confused.

  52. Corruption? This is not only happen in our govt field. This corruption is everywhere. This corruption like a virus that there is no vaccine or medicine can fight it. We cannot do anything unless you yourself, do something. You are the one who know yourself better that anyone else. So it is depend on the individual,depend on how you handle the corruption. Even if you are in opposition side or govt side, still this corruption going on and spread to everyone. Make sense huh!!

    Be Chill ;)

  53. What is this with "1+1" formula? Haiya, I feel like I'm in a Maths class. Enough with the Maths. My head is spinning.

    Here is my view.

    Corruption and money laundering happens in every government in the World. Yes, I admit Malaysia one of the worse but that doesn't mean I'm supporting corruption like the one person who thought I am in one of the previous blog post.

    But in this case, I hope this not political propaganda and there should be proof that the money belongs to CM.

    So, no matter which side are whether you are siding with the ruling party or opposition, corruption can still happen even if we change goverment. Wouldn't want that now do we?..

    Btw, I found somebody is trying to be a poser here by using other commenters name Kadazan Girl and Jordan.

    What a pathetic way to stir things up. Poor loser.

  54. I put My Hands for a change! yeah put for change!

  55. BN and opposition, they are just the same. No matter how many times we change the Government ruling pary, corruption will always be and spreads like a disease. Some of you even dare say this and that. You guys are nothing but whiners.

  56. i cant believe that BN people insist not to change government. tell me now why every country in the world have different corruption statistics? compare switzerland to malaysia. which has higher crime rate? if switzerland can find remedies to reduce crime, why not malaysia?

    there is no ultimate solution to get rid of corruption 100% but at least we can take some preventive measures, to ease the suffering of the rakyat?

    here is some simple analogy. everybody experience sickness right? there is no perfect vaccine to make human immune to diseases. but with some preventive measures, at least we can reduce it. that is a simple logic to understand right? remember this point: WE WANT TO REDUCE AS MUCH SUFFERING AS POSSIBLE !! WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL THE CORRUPTION REDUCED TO THE POINT OF NEARLY NON-EXISTENT !!

    Moral of the story: forget about perfection. we know that its nearly impossible to achieve. now we know that BN people likes to use this as justification as to why there is no need to change of government. dont fall for this trick! lets reduce as many harm as possible until we find a perfect solution to get rid of corruption 100%

  57. you are right Paparian, BN or oppositon when they are in power it will just be the vicious cycle. yes this people are just trying to get into power.

  58. Ronnie Klassen,

    Please becareful of those BN supporters. They have lot of time to post comments as they are paid salary to distroy opposition blog.

    Paparian for example harp on issue on similarlty of BN & PR rule knowing well PR never rule yet.

  59. Anon Oct 7, 2009 8:21

    Don't accuse or assume that people are paid to post favourable comments for the BN. These are our point of view. This is a free country, where everyone has a right to express their views, and so do you. Perhaps you're the one who's getting paid by the PKR's to ensure BN's downfall.

    Yeah, yeah. So what if we have plenty of time in our hands. Are you jealous? Your time will come, don't worry. When you reach 55 years of age, you can retire like me. Then, you would have plenty of time.

  60. Dear PKR supporters,

    If you're getting paid to post your dirty comments. At least do your homework first, so that you can defend your clients more effectively. You're not being very productive, I can tell.

  61. Well, I beg to differ Anon (October 7, 2009 8:21 AM)

    The accusation of said being paid salary to destroy opposition blog is a nice one. But, sorry to burst your bubble but how lame and low can you sink to make that accusation? I think you are the one who was paid to bust all neutral and +ve comments. You think you are right? Well, you're wrong. Extreme all the way down under.

    Everyone has the right to voice out their point of view. And are you saying that commentors shouldn't comment anything? It's people like you who will go to any lenght to surpress comments whether it's neutral and positive and let negative comments influence you. Not everybody supports opposition or the ruling party. Some prefer to stay neutral and I am one of them who thinks politics really sucks.

    Who ever said ever being BN supporters? Your assumption is quite lame.

    And are you daft my dear old man? Yes PR haven't rule Sabah and also Sarawak yet. But never forget that PR have already rule Selangor, Pulau Pinang,Kelantan and Kedah. So it is no surprise to me that PR have plan to topple BN in the next coming GE.

    So, you see, Mr. Ronnie, I'm just stating my view here. Didn't think some idiots would start to flame me and the others who were just stating their views. Is it right to surpress the rights their views in comments?

    How will we ever achieve 1Malaysia this way? Without tolrence and respect for other people's view and preference, it set to be doomed.

    Isn't this what 1Malaysia or 1Borneo is all about? Do think before you start replying comments.

    2 cents?

    I had enough with posers and whiners who think they are right and has the right to surpress any neutral and positive views. What gives you the right to do so?

    -Curtain falls for the time being-

  62. yes we want to reduce as much suffering and we don't want this diseases ruin our life. There is no one in this world need it. But when we talk about corruption, there is a differences. No one asking to infected by diseases. But Corruption, there is some people who asking for it. Some people want and need to involve in corruption just to have a better life. As we see diseases is a bad thing that need to kick away but this corruption, not everyone will kick it out. This because of some people opinion, corruption is needed.

    How you prevent this? It is an Individual problem, you know...No one can prevent this corruption other than you, yourself.

  63. Haiya, itue pun mo gaduh2 kah.

    To Anon (October 7, 2009 8:21 AM),
    Si Paparian ada cakap dia support BN ka?
    Jangan suka buat accusation sembarangan bah.

    Dia punya suka la apa dia mo comment. Macam ko juga lah kan, ko punya suka mo comment.

    To Anon (October 7, 2009 2:29AM)

    Yes, we all want to reduce CORRUPTION 100% but ko pikir ko boleh kasih hapus korupsi, A.S.A.P ka? Macam contohnya kalo PR rule lepas GE, itu time juga mo kasi hapus ka? Itu care mo kena buat step by step lah woiii. Bukannya terus right on kasi hapus.

    Jangan suka hati cakap commentors yg lain adalah BN supporter. Jgn2 ko huhahuha cnei support PR tapi bila GE13 tiba, ko pi vote BN. Bukan kah namanya hypocrite sda tue?

    Apa2 pun, my right and my view. Kalo tak suka apa yg sya ckp sini, nda payah lah baca kalo nda suka.


  64. Yes! No one can stop this curroption to spread out just like the H1N1. All you have to do is stay away from this corruption.

  65. Moral of the story here booys and girls is that:

    Stay away from BRIBERY and CORRUPTION. It ain't worth it to do so since it doesn't benefits and also nothing but TROUBLE.


  66. Oh, I know! Why don't you West Malaysians vote the opposition and we Sabahans vote for BN. You let the opposition rule there, and BN rule here. Then we compare results. Otherwise, how do we tell the difference? When we see that the opposition are really doing better, we may be convinced to vote them come next general election.

    Most of the Sabahans refuse to jump out of the plane. What if the parachute didn't open?

    Merely my own opinion.

  67. Kalau pasal rasuah ni kan aduii... tolonglah sudah jadi kanser ba ni cerita...
    tidak ada ubat melainkan diri sendiri yang mahu berubah...

  68. uii na... kamurang ingatahli parti lain tak terima rasuah ka?
    hehehehee :P :)

  69. Jauhkanlah diri dari rasuah supaya dapat hidup aman damai :)

  70. We must prevent corruption from being worst.
    Let's do it together:)

  71. Asyik salahkan UMNO tak akan mengubah apa-apa..
    Perkara yang patu diberi perhatian sekarang ialah bagaimana nak tanggani rasuah...
    Tapi saya rasa pemimpin kita pun berusaha supaya Malaysia sifar rasuah ba...

  72. My fellow Sabahans let's hope for the best and learn to hate corruption.

  73. I just wondering...
    Is corruption just a way of life?
    Hopefully the authorities can manage this problem :)

  74. Mahu marah susah, tidak marah pun susah... adii rasuah, rasuah....
    Bilalah mahu tamat...
    Saya harap kerajaan cepat-cepatlah tanggani perkara ni..

  75. Bukan semua manusia sempurna...
    Walaupun geram dengan UMNO, saya tetap gembira kerana sealma ni UMNO tunaikan tanggungjawab mereka dengan baik :)
    Sama ada kita puas hati atau tak dengan kepimpinan, itu terpulanglah...

  76. rasuah, rasuah, rasuah...
    tepuk dada tanya selera.. hehehhe
    Bumi mana yang takda rasuah???
    tetapi saya berharap kes rasuah di Malaysia dapat ditanggani dlm kadar segera demi kebaikan semua pihak :)

  77. Ha,Ha,after all those comments I am still confused which is which.Bengong!

  78. Rasuah ada di mana-mana saja.