Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Call To The Spirits To Stop The Damned Dam

Natives in Penampang Sabah have unleashed the spirits of PITOUAN TONDUK upon the heartless leaders of Sabah over their arrogance in approving the Koiduan Dam, costing a massive RM2.8billion. The Pitouan Tonduk or "Batu Sumpah"(curse stone) ritual (left) was performed with the slaughtering of a pig with it's blood overflowing the curse stone. The sacred "Curse" ceremony is only directed on heartless people who have malicious intent against the villagers.

More than 300 villagers were in solemn prayer during the demonstration at Kg.Timpayasa. Glaringly outstanding among the visitors present during the ritual were police special branch officers. Goose pimples were also clearly visible among first timers that witnessed the entire ceremony.

It was reported that the Member Of Parliament for Penampang cum Federal Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Tan Sri Bernard Dompok (left) and State Assemblyman of Penampang cum State Assistant Minister of Finance, Donald Mojuntin had originally planned to visit the affected villages but aborted or "chickened out" upon hearing that the batu sumpah ritual was going to be performed. Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) members from Penampang and the state Communications Bureau were however present to support the villagers.

On 7th.Oct.2009, I posted an article titled "Sabah Natives Strike Back...we'll defend our lands and rights with our lives". (Please read the post to understand the chronology of the events). On 15th.Oct, Donald Mojuntin (right) in a press statement was quoted as saying "he was embarrassed as he is also in the dark about the project". Subsequently on 17th.Oct, Bernard Dompok, in a press statement had this to say, "so far nobody has talked to me, I'm waiting for somebody from the water authorities to talk to me".

Surely Bernard Dompok and Donald Mojuntin are not under the impression that the people are still living in the stone age or nincompoops. Instead of shamelessly denying any knowledge of the project, perhaps as elected representatives of Penampang, which is predominately a Kadazan community, the question that both this "Distinguished gentlemen" should be asking is, WHO SUGGESTED THIS PROJECT? And WHO APPROVED THIS PROJECT?

In another press statement on 18th.Oct, State Minister of Industrial Development, Datuk Raymond Tan (left) had the cheek to say "there is no need to stage demonstrations against the project because it is just a concept at this stage". Ironically while Raymond Tan appears to be defending himself or protecting "someone higher up", this project was approved and a Letter of Approval was issued to the successful contractor, WCT Berhad.

Is Raymond Tan willing to deny this? Or is he talking with a fork in his tongue? Who is studying the project? WHO is doing the EIA?

In Malaysia the EIA is a BIG GREEN SHIT? It’s an an academic exercise to green wash environmental requirements after approvals have been given. Ironically it’s the project proponents who do the EIA. Where is the ethics? How can project proponents, whose only understanding of GREEN is the colour of money, do an honest job? Whatever problems raised in an EIA can be theoritically rectified by the project proponents’ con-sultants. They do not care for social, cultural or ethnic values, let alone understand human sufferings. To them “economic considerations take precedence over everything” and everything can be settled with money.

Meanwhile the village joint action committee chairman, Nousi Giun (right), reiterated that they will fight tooth and nail to prevent the project from going ahead. In a fearless tone, he also queried the government as to why the alternative site located at Mondolipau is not being considered?

It was also reliably learnt that more dams are on the planning board for hydroelectric power generation, water catchment and irrigation for agricultural development. Among the dams proposed are Meliau River in Sandakan(76ha), Lukutan River in Mesapol(149ha), Upper Papar River(233ha). Tawau River in Tawau(80ha), Pisukan River in Sipitang(44ha), Merotai River in Tawau and Mengkaladom River in Kota Kinabalu(73ha). In addition to theseare the Baiayo River in Keningau(176ha), Baiayo Upper River(96ha), Bambangan River in Ranau(30ha), Wariu River in Kota Belud(137ha), Mokodau River in Ranau(155ha), Serudong River in Tawau(510ha) and the Upper Padas River in Padas(201ha).

It is strange but true – the responsibility of the Huguan Siou, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan (left) in championing the rights of the Natives seems to be a matter of the past – buried in history and with the legends. While Kinorohingan, the GOD of the KDMs sacrificed his only daughter, Huminodun, to save his people then, KDM leaders now are willing to sacrifice their people to fatten their bank accounts and provide a luxurious life for their children overseas. (Huminodun:

Perhaps the mainstream news media and online news portals, such as Malaysiakini could give special considerations in assisting the plight of these villagers rather then putting emphasis on political issues only. I urge the Malaysiakini correspondent in Sabah, Joe Fernandez, though a West Malaysian, to visit the village and have a hands on feeling and put emphasis on this important human issue.

I humbly call upon all concerned Sabahans to pray and seek devine assistance to support the villagers. Please also use your own network – SMSes, emails, blogs and kopi-tiams (coffee-shops) to enlighten the public and help STOP the damned dam.

May GOD be with the people of the land – the villagers.


I had the opportunity to speak to the Chairman of the joint action committee, Nousi Giun which you can watch in the video clip below.


  1. Couldn't agree more. The KDMRs have become a pathetic race, all due to their greedy, selfish leaders.

    They ruled for 9 years but did not care for their brethrens of the hills & fields.

    YES, they were too busy accumulating all the wealth they could. They collected their 'dues' from everyone ... legal loggers, illegal loggers, plantation owners, sea-land applicants, etc, etc.

    They were so busy that they forgot what they had set out to do namely to give the KDMRs their legitimate rights.

    The NCR issue was never settled even though they had a 2/3 majority in the State Legislative Assembly.
    That was a tragedy!!! An unforgiveble CRIME and SIN!

    This time around neither Kinorohingan nor Huminodun will come down to save the KDMRs. They have to save themselves.

    It might even be necessary for the KDMRs to look for a messiah from among the non-KDMRs who can lead them out of subjugation, subservience and mere subsistence.

    GOD bless the KDMRs.

  2. The KDM leaders from both side of the divide are taking cover.They have been cursed,whats more alarming is they are speechless.Where is the Huguan Siou,his pathetic brother who is only interested in his political future aka "frog king"?

    KDM's will never support you bunch of blood sucking hypocrites ever again.

    Disgruntled Kadazan.

  3. Well researched piece and wake up call for our KDM people.The KDM leaders have hoodwink us once too often.The cahoot themselves with UMNO/BN just to satisfy their lust and enriching themselves with NO remorse for the people.

    I'm convinced our people are grateful to you brother Ronnie for fighting for us.We shall never forget you.True Warrior.

    Kadazan group of Penampang.

  4. First, im very saddened that the village joint action committee chairman, Nousi Giun has resorted to The Pitoun/Tonduk or "Batu Sumpah"(curse stone) ritual..If im not mistaken those villager are kristian..This only slow that they are still rooted in the pagan belief and the shallow minded leader and even those opposition who will do anything do discredit the government even if it means selling their soul to the devil..
    The Community political leaders may it been in the current government or the opposition (namely PKR)..Have fail the community countless time..This only shows you that it is the time for GREAT CHANGE in the kdm leadership!!Time for New kind of Leaders to lead the community from this bondage..
    The writer has a good writting, but one advised to over do it.. until saying things that are not true or distorting the the true facts..

    kadazan2 mana kita skrang ni?..

  5. KDM leaders a bunch of cowards, hypocrites, buffoons and plunderers. We need a non-KDM to lead us as time has proven with the injustices and inequalities that we have suffered during the tenure of the present buffoons. They have practically sold the rights and dignity of the KDms in exchange for vices and luxuries and soon another basic necessity to human existence will be extinct to be replaced by a bloody DAMMED!!!!!

  6. The kaiduan dam attracted numerous adverse comments, some are quite uncalled for. Be that it may, the whole issue appears has and is being exploited by unsrcuplous group of concerned who wanted to make a political mileage out of it. Do they really think that by winning the hearts of the Kaiduan community will make the party more popular. Asuming the party win the Assembly and Parliament seats in future, is the party assured of governing the State. I wonder! The villagers have now resorted to performed the ceremony the Batu Sumpah. Beware of this illgotten practice of the past because this ceremony has angered " Kinoringan ". We should learned from the calamities of Gregg storm in Keningau which killed hundreds of people and destruction of properties. I am amused by the unkind thoughts of a writer who described KDM leaders as a bunch of cowards, hypocrites, buffons and plunderers. I wonder if the writer can honestly claim to be a Mister Clean and has the capacity to lead the KDM the ways he wants it. If you have this basic qualities, dont hide come to the open and proof your accusations against KDM so called corrupted leaders.

  7. If the natives do not protect the natives. Honestly, who would?

  8. Tonduks are very serious and sacred for the KDMs, even nowadays...
    so, if they really wanted to continue with my guest...
    i'm hoping for something strange to happen

  9. Same old story for Sabah, everything also salah just for political mileage. Semua mau jadi menteri and YBs, then what? Hentam the state dry and send children overseas.
    Saya ta percayslah, sorry semua pun buaya!

  10. OMG...Hopefully, gov and the villagers can finding better solutions ASAP.

  11. What a sad story:(
    But of course, there's pros & cons to build the dam...
    So, let's hope there is a win-win situation in the end:)

  12. I love the river...i still remember when I was a kid, I used to go there for picnic and camping.. Democratic country konon.. If there's really democracy exist in Malaysia, then why the people's voice being ignored.. Too much GREED!!

  13. Yeah, we definitely need a new dam, our water supply and power supply is seriously lacking. But I hoped that this problem can be resolved without having to drive the natives from their lands and homes. If we think hard enough, we would be able to come up with a win-win situation. May God bless our politicians with wisdom and conscience in leading us towards a better future.

  14. True Cath:)
    Where there's a will, there's a way:)
    I do hope there is a win-win stuation in the end

  15. Calm down folks, No worries. Everything going to be ok. The dam yet not built, and there must be a discussion between Kg Folks and our Govt. Hope to hear it soon. :)

  16. Whoa! This is definitely a complicated situation. The Govt must do something A.S.A.P.

    This ritual is no joke man..They are bloody serious..*sweats*

  17. Oh dang. The villagers have resort to do the Tonduks ritual.

    Even tho' we need more power and water supplies but that doesn't mean the people should be driven out of their homes and natives land.

    Hope there is a solution to this issues.

  18. This issue is getting out of hand.

    There must be round-table-talk. And reaching agreement and solutions.

    The clock is ticking and time is getting wasted without any response by the Govt!

  19. Ha ya what is this going back to stone age mentality! Now where are all those PBS pastor, teach this people some christian values man!

  20. Nampak nya semua e 2 unduk ngadau mau kena korban la nie untuk supply air sama karen! :)

  21. Yeah govt should take an action to end this case. But no matter it is, hope the result will benefits both side.

  22. Wino,

    They are really bloody serious. And I mean bloody.

    When I think that we are making progress,the people are starting to return to their uncivilized barbaric ways. Sacrificial rituals? Cows head and now a pig. What's next virgin sacrifice? I don't mean to make fun of your sacred rituals. It's just that, time is moving, and so should we.

    Well, of course I hope that you could successfully evoke your 'spirit'. But if you really want to make some real changes. The government won't be convinced.

  23. No one believes that DOMPOK is not aware of the Billions Ringgit Dam Project in Koiduan. His so-called "outburst" in the media recently about his ‘unawareness’ of the project is his way of saying, "Hey, where is my share of the spoils??". Remember not too long ago he made the same noise about the Petronas Gas Pipe project from Kimanis to Bintulu that he declared himself to be the man who would stand in the way and make sure the project must remain in Sabah, no matter what. He was so ‘adamant’ that he was prepared "even to the extent of being at odd with other BN component party leaders" he proudly proclaimed. But when his proxy companies were awarded with certain works in the multi Billions Ringgit project, he suddenly turned into a Mute, Stupid DUMB PORK!!!

  24. Emm I think we don't have any choice. This dam will supply us water and electric. 2 in 1. Some people propose to built the windmill or the coal plant. But this all goes same when people blaming on each other, this and that, how bad is this, how bad is that bla bla bla.. Whatever!

    Hey there is no solution to this matter when people keep on complaining. In the end all Sabahan will be suffer, xwater xelectric..So when this happen so please don't on blame others!

  25. They all are animism. They still believe in this kind of beliefs. What to do... ??

  26. Not enough water make noise, Electrical problem also make noise. When Govt try to solve this problem waaaa lagi la quekquekquek....I don't know la people nowadays. Please la, Govt not that stupid okay..!! By running this project all sabahan will get the benefits enjoing the water and no more electrical problem!

  27. Wow,how extreme is that!If I were in their shoes, I will end up like that too.The government should really turun padang to hear their say.Based on what I have read in the newspaper today,the authorities never come down to look the real situation and simply chase the villagers away.So bear in mind,think before you act.It concerns lots of folks here.

  28. let not just opposing, please give better option.


  29. Quote - "this sacred Tonduk ritual is directed on heartless people who have malicious intent against the villagers".

    Be aware of your intent/thoughts when making your comments otherwise bear the repercussions of the "sumpah".

    I have seen it work before and I can assure you that it is a serious matter.


  30. "The Community political leaders may it been in the current government or the opposition (namely PKR)..Have fail the community countless time..This only shows you that it is the time for GREAT CHANGE in the kdm leadership!!Time for New kind of Leaders to lead the community from this bondage.." by anonymous posted on 25th.

    I certainly agree with him. There have been a lot of instances whereby our present political leaders in Penampang have denied knowledge of what is happening within their own backyard. Only when such issues like 'Maang Case'; 'District Delineation', 'Illegal Earthworks' have been highlighted in the press do they spring into action. And to save their faces, they deny knowledge of the case.

    High time to change them for the better in next GE.

  31. fairlady said: "let not just opposing, please give better option."

    My reply: We do not need the billions ringgit dam project. It is for the greedy politicians to inflate further their already bloated pockets. Spend that kind of money on more useful necessities for the rakyat. What the Govt shd do is to manage the water efficiently. Do you know that most offices waste water every day. If you do not believe just go and visit any office's toilet/washroom in Sabah and in KK in particular, you will invariably find damaged tap heads and leaking pipes whereby water flows 24 hrs a day as if it is nobody's business to repair. And Government offices are the real culprits.

    If this mentality continues, then even if the whole of Tambunan is immersed because it has been turned into a dam (as suggested or threatened by Harris in 1984) we will never ever get enough water to drink!

  32. Most of this huh hah is actually political in nature, but sad to say that there is no strong opposition party in Sabah. PKR in Sabah is a gone case so is Jeffery and his gang. As for PKR sorry to say I do not think it will stand a chance in the next election. So what the people should do especially those who are affected by this dam project should talk to the YBs and try to open their eyeson the consequences. If there is too much money being stuck in their eyes, just poke them openlah!

  33. There's too many opinion here but 1 thing for sure we fight for Sabahan good. No matter what, hope this case will be happy ending to all Sabahan. :)

  34. some party always used Kg folks to fails the dam project. They pretend that they care about this case. They tried to make people believe that this dam is totally bad and lots of damages will occur. But actually they want to "ambil hati" the Kg folks.

  35. I know that this both kg people and Govt have their own reason on this dam project. Govt try to solve the electrical and water problem! But the kg folks protest this project. But hey can you guys think that the kg people make this protest for their own good. But govt do this for the whole Sabahan. So, Its up to you sabahan which one you all want? Electric and water problem or remain the Villages folk doing nothing for Sabah! ??

  36. Different people, different opinion. We can't change people's opinions on issues like this.

    As much as I agree with some of you, this issue is also the same with the coal-power plant that was about to be build once it was approved by EIA.

    Lots of questions pops up in everyone's minds and then no anwers to it.

    Don't mean to go against the Government Ministers but I don't know what was Dompok thinking by releasing that statement.

    The peoples money should be put in a good use. Not just wasting it. And the dam project should be done where there is no one or any living soul are around.

    Just my point.

  37. Ask the tan sri bernard dompok, donald mojuntin dtk raymund tan ,tan sri joseph pairin, william sampil,chief minister musa aman dtk mosidi and all the gang stay at the nearest dam......and we question them???

  38. Yes hope to hear our Minister 'turun padang' to discuss with kampung people. Everything will be ok. Yang penting ada perbincangan antara dua pihak.

  39. I won't blame on Kg people for this and i also won't blame on govt by make this proposal. Because of i know what actually the kg people fight for and same goes to our Govt. But no matter what will happen next i do really hope that the electrical and water problem can be solve soon.

  40. I wont blame anybody...
    But I do hope everything will be fine:)

  41. Relocation is needed..

    C'mon govt..

    You can do much more better than that..

    We need a happy ending here..*sigh*

  42. I know how it feel when they asked you to move from your own land. and i also know how it feel when suddenly they cut the electricity and no water supply for the whole day..
    Both parties should take an action ASAP.

  43. Like what our PM said, RAKYAT DIUTAMAKAN'. So please listen to the rakyat first than to make decision.


  44. JOSHUA,
    If you are KDM, then you go to Hell and if you are not then you better keep quite. While other countries trying to preserve nature our State Government did the opposite. Why? Many peoples are like you GREEDY..

  45. As for me we cannot listen to rakyat only, we need a discussion here from both side. Everything must come up with serious discussion. I don't think that listen to rakyat only can solve this problem. ;)

  46. This is not the time for us to blaming on each other. Please guys, the orang kg and govt+bandar folks have they own interest for this Dam project. Thats why i said i won't blaming on both side, for this they have their own reason and own interest. We only can pray that this case will end up and hoping to hear it as happy as the Cinderella Movie.

  47. Only 700 people affected but compensation will also be given. Kaiduan if u have been there do not have seal road and during rainy seasons no vehicle can go in.

    There are very few businesses there and only 1 or 2 resorts which are run by the person in the video.

    In Papar and the surrounding area the project will benefit over 300,000 people. Just like the Petagas road, just because of few illegal houses, the flyover cannot go ahead which resulted in daily massive jams in Putatan. We need to sometimes sacrifice some for the benefit of the masses.

    Use logic, the native will be better off in Penampang where there are minibuses.

  48. Stop the blame game. It won't get us anywhere by blaming everyone.

    A roundtable discussions is needed. Just hope that this issue solves A.S.A.P

  49. Yeah, Support Joshua 100%. Just because of 700 people of which not all have NT titles, we in Kota Kinabalu suffer without water and electricity. Most of the land belong to state government anywhere. This meant that the land belong to Sabahans and not only KDM.

    Why only 700 people can enjoy the river while thousands suffer? In a democratic country majority rule. I bet that MORE people will benefit from the project. The 28 billion projects can provide jobs to over 5000 people hence even the people in Maang and Kinarut untung.

    Hydro electricity will also produce clean electricity to over half a million people.

  50. "With every sacrifice comes Success":

    CASE 1 - we sacrifice for Koiduan Dam + 1 cow.
    SUCCESS : Contractor, Greedy Leaders, Politicians and Aliens benefit.

    CASE 2 - we sacrifice all our parks to privatisation.
    SUCCESS : Former Tourism Minister and his kuncu-kuncu benefit and the list goes on and on. what the F#@Ks is JOSHUA bragging about!!!!

  51. sekarang saya minta comment pada yang support pada joshua?? kenapa kita harus mempertengkarkan tentang DAM?? kamu tahu tak saya sudah pernah nampak hidup mereka sejak dekat 20tahun lalu, dan ada hadir dialog baru baru ini, di kg. timpayasa menentang habis-habissan pembinaan ampangan tersebut.....mau tahu lebih lanjut saya tinggal dekat kg dabak kasigui penampang telah merasa kenangan pahit tentang DAM di babagon....pada waktu itu hujan berterusan hingga 2hari tiba tiba sebelah tengahari dalam masa setengah jam kemudian air mengalir sangat kuat dan menengelamkan kawasan kami dan kebawah terus mengelami situwasi seperti kami alami juga... kenapa...???? KERANA WAKTU ITU DAM BARU JUGA SIAP DIBENA DAN......MEREKA AKAN TAKUT DAM ITU AKAN PECAH SEBAB ADA SEBAHAGIAN FOUNDATION DAM TERSEBUT MENGALAMI PECAHAN SEDIKIT DAN MEREKA TELAH LEPASKAN LEVEL AIR TERSEBUT....BAYANGKAN wahai kawan kawan dan penduduk di kawasan PENAMPANG ini....saya mahu tanya....SADAR KAH???????? dan lebih lagi .....saya mau TANYA pada saudari tersebut.....INGAT ada kah adil dan ada kah patut kita ini adalah dari DAERAH kawasan PENAMPANG berikan mereka air yang sangat bersih HINGGA BOLEH memberi air ke kawasan kk, putatan petagas LIKAS INANAM DAN LAI LAIN LAGI KAWASAN KITA BANTU......TETAPI APA KAH KERAJAAN BERIKAN PADA KITA.....MAU tahu lagi......satu mega projek kerajaan membena sewarage plant septic tank NAJIS... yang seperti juga najis dekat belakang rumah kita tu...faham??? kamu nampak di tepi jalan highway tu menuju ke kk dan penampang tu....nampak???? tak...??? apa mereka telah buat pada kita.... dan kemungkinan kamu diantara merekakan juga tidak apa.....dan kita mahu lagi mahu ikut macam kehendak kamu ????? saya ingin jelas kan pada kamu, jikalau ampangan itu akan diteruskan lagi...ingat saya lah orang nya bertindak dengan keras dan ????? akan terjadi.... dengan untuk rakyat di kawasan tanah rendah di PENAMPANG INI...FAHAM????? dan kamu ini pekak kah dan mata kamu tidak melihat kah??? sudah lah kita sangat MENHARAPKAN SEORANG YANG YANG DIGELAR 'HUGUAN SIOU' dan di daerah PENAMPANG juga yang bersejarah ini telah memilih seorang dari tambunan yang bernama joseph pairin kitingan untuk di harapkan boleh membantu suku kaum KDM DI SABAH INI..... SAYA MAU TANYA PADA ORANG YANG TERSEBUT LAGI.....DIMANA KAH joseph pairin kitingan......yang hanya kelihatan sewaktu perasmian projek dan setiap tahun tadau kaamatan sahaja kelihatan.... dimana kah beliau.....???? dan sejak joseph pairin kitingan menang dan menjadi ketua menteri sabah dia juga ada melawat KG.BUAYAN,TERIAN.TIMPAYASA DAN LAIN LAIN LAGI TELAH MENGELUARKAN PERKAtAAN dari MULUT dia sendiri.....DIA KATA APA.... SAYA AKAN USAHA KAN PENDUDUK TERSEBUT BOLEH MENDAPATKAN GARAN MASINGMASING DAN JALAN RAYA ?????DAN LAIN LAIN LAGI....DAN APA LAGI YANG KAMU TIDAK SEDAR?????ADAKAH KAWASAN PENAMPANG INI DI TENGGALAMI AIR DAN PENUH DENGAN HINAAN?????DAN KITA HARUS INGAT KITA DI PENAMPANG INI LEBIH BANYAK LAGI YANG BERKALIBER DAN BERPENGALAMAN DAN BERKOMUNITI YANG BAIK?????MAAFKAN JIKALAU TIDAK BERKENAAN.

  52. hey joshua u nampak tak apa kah konsep orang kampung yang mengelami masaalah ini???dan u nampak tak binatang juga di korbankan tu???nampak kan.. u better keep your words n watch out....

  53. We also can say that those who oppose the project are greedy just like all the greedy contractors and politician also as only they can enjoy our natural resources while forgeting that thousand suffer. Not only that this generation but future generation.

    Take example of Hoover Dam in Nevada, until today the masses enjoy clean energy for over 150 years.

    If we want to protest we should be involved in the project and benefit from the project directly. In case of CURUPTION then we have ground to protest.

  54. Memang benar dimana Huguan Siou?Bernard Dompok,Joseph Kurup,termasuk juga Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan,dimana kamu semua?Daripada menolong dan berjuang untuk orang orang kampong Jeffery hanya mementingkan dirinya untuk jadi Ketua Perhubungan PKR Sabah saja.

    Kami rakyat telah diperalatkan oleh pemimpin KDM,mereka hanya pentingkan diri sendiri.Cukuplah pilihanraya ke13,kami akan tenggelamkan kamu semua.


    OUTCOME : (sigh!)

    This DAM is as good as GONEdammit!!Let us all pray for a miracle.

  56. saya tidak setuju atas pendapat joshua kerna di negara ASIA ini hanya di sabah saja di kenal pasti bahawa SELAMAT DAN AMAN di bumi ini dan tanah sabah di kenal pasti LAND BELOW THE WIND oleh saintis, KITA DI SABAH CUKUP DENGAN AIR BERSIH KAYA DENGAN MINYAK, PERTANIAN DAN LAIN LAIN LAGI...TETAPI APA KAH KERAJAAN TELAH LAKUKAN MEREKA MENCIPTA MEGA-MEGA BENCANA REKAAN ATAU CIPTAAN MANUSIA seperti DAM dan pembalakan haram DAN pendatang tampa izin sangat banyak di sabah dan coruption. pemimpin di sabah ini banyak cakap saja tiada action... kita perlu tukar semua mereka ni... kita kuatkan pakatan rakyat pkr sabah...

  57. Daily Express 31/10/2009

    The water treat plant will be placing at Penampang and they said only 4 kg will be effected.

    They have listed 2 place to running the Dam project which are in Kg Kaiduan or kg Mandalipau, both located in Papar.

    They compare this 2 location and this is what they had said:

    1. the water catchment area of Kaiduan is 3km/sq while Mandalipau, 123km/sq.
    2. the Kaiduan would be able to provide 1,400mld compared to 54mld by Mandalipau while the storage capacity is 300mcu for the former and 275mcu for the latter.
    3. The Kaiduan Dam, would be 140m high, three times the height of Babagon Dam while the Mandalipau, 125m.
    4. However, if they were to construct the dam at Mandalipau, a tributary to Papar River, it would cost them additional RM140 million.
    5. "Hence, the Kaiduan Dam is the most economical to develop and able to meet water demands in KK, Tuaran, Penampang, Putatan and Papar until 2050 and beyond.It also would be able to generate significant revenue from the hydropower it produces.
    6. "We can assure that the affected villagers will be given fair compensation and proper resettlement. The resettlement package included building houses for the affected villagers with the design to be agreed by them.At the same time, all household heads would be given titled land or farming lands equal to their previous property or minimum of 5 acres.

    :) Chill folks!

  58. Saya rasa kita perlu keluarkan semua PTI2 ini. Salah satu sebab kenapa kita tidak cukup bekalan air bersih dan bekalan elektrik adalah sebab mereka2 ini. Apa yang saya lihat mereka2 (PTI) ini lah yang mencuri elektrik Kita. Saya rasa hapuskan dlu PTI baru kita akan tau bahawa Sabahan btul2 kekurangan elektrik atau sebaliknya.

  59. I knew it.GOvt will gives compensation to the effected family. So what are you waiting for...Just grab it!!!!


  60. The BN govt leaders need the PTI to win the next election that is why they want to keep the PTI despite all the power theft.
    The million ringgit so called detention centre in Papar is just a joke because you people just wait and see how many of these PTI will just escape and who will make the money in the construction of the centre and supplying food to the detainees?

  61. Happy Birthday Mr.Ronnie.May you continue to fight on and lead us.God Bless.


  62. What's new news on this Kaiduan Dam Project?

    Haven't heard anything until now. Hurm.

  63. As for me i won't blaming on Govt only for this PTI Issues. As we see Some of Sabahan provided a room or house to this PTI. What i mean is they let the PTI rent the house. Yeah you know side income for Sabahan. And also most of Sabahan will employ this PTI for reason the salary is low. See...some of Sabahan used this for their own interest. How you see on this?

    We cannot blaming on 1 side only. We need to see the other reason why this issues is still been speak up.

    So i think people and govt should work together to Kick this PTI out from Sabah.
    Together we Stand!

  64. Hi Roman they still discussing on that. They now comparing whether to build the dam in Kg Kaiduan or Mandalipau both are in Papar. Read the Daily Express 311009.

  65. Aiyo! Now they are doing in Papar also ka? Haiya..What to do, what to do.

  66. Whatever it is, readers please read what happened to the Bakun Dam project. I wonder if that would not happened to this one!!!

    You can google/ read here. Something must be learned before hand.

  67. Calm down my fellow sabahans :)
    I do believe that we fight for Sabahan good because we are the Sabahans....
    Whatever it is let's hope and pray this case will be happy ending to the Sabahans:)

  68. Wah wah how many dam they are going to build? Dam here dam there dam everywhere! All floodedlah Sabah! Habislah like this, when the rainy season comes all the kampung will be swept away lie the Greg last time in Keningau.
    What a terrible YBs all what to makan wonderlah all the natives pray to the Kinoringan for help..good good all the YBs nice houses will also be under water.

  69. Once again please don't blame on others. There is no solution if you guys didn't control your anger...Don't let your emotion control your brain!

    Yes i know this dam is actually the worsen choice that we had. But please think of, how can we solve the electrical and water problem? Ya i know some had come up with an idea (coal plant, windmill and so on) but this kind of proposal also been attack by others. No matter how many you proposed it will always being attack by some people. So better if we find a solution on this. Beside that govt will provide houses for those who are effected to this project. Govt also promise to give compensation for them.

    And as the Bakun Dam, I think they already make a research on how to prevent this kind of situation. That's why people nowadays still propose to do this Dam.

    Hopefully no one will mad at me on this kind of opinion. This is just an opinion of mine.

  70. Taylor, you want your grand children (if you are not pondan) to suffer or crippled by pollution from the coal power plant. Go read about all the pollution caused by the coal powered plant in the US....You greedy lout talking about compensation without thinking the consequences.

  71. Hello anon november 3,2009....

    Did i mention that i agree with this coal plan to be running in Sabah? Did i? Read back my comment bro.... i did not mention it Okayyyy.... i just said that no matter proposal you came up with for example coal plan or windmill or whatever still some people want to arguing on this.

    Please dont misunderstood my statement!

  72. I have been opposed to the coal plants all these while.

    And yes, I think we should come up with a better solution for this problem. No, I don't think that Taylor agrees with the coal plants either, and no, the coal plants is a short term solution, probably wouldn't last as long as out grandchildren. And no, I still do not agree with the use of coal-plants. And Anon Nov 3, 7:08, you should read what people have to say before making comments against them.

    The bottom line: NO COAL PLANTS!!!

  73. Anon Nov 3, 7:08Pm

    Had you read taylor's comment carefully? Beliau tidak mengatakan untuk menyokong pembinaan loji arang batu. Di minta agar anda membaca komen tersebut sekali lagi.

    November 3, 2009 10:30 PM

  74. Everyone agree no coal plant.

    That is why the best is the Kaiduan Dam. Kampung folk get compensation, better road, more tourist to visit the plant and hydro do not pollute. Hydro has been used by the european hundred years ago and look now how advance they are.

    It is natural for human to be angry when their land is taken away. The kampung folks has the right to be angry. BUT WHAT IF the kampung folk get free eletricity, free water and if they have 2 acres, give them 10 acres of compensation with titles NEARBY an area which GUARANTEE no flood if the dam burst.

    If we can give PTI an apartment to move them from airport. We give the compung folk 10 acres and another apartment in Kinarut. When the kampung folks go to town they can stay in the apartment.

    This way we have clean energy and the Kadazan spirit will be appeased as KDMs have more land and apartment. The KK folks also have uninterupted current and improve water supply.

    I hope u all agree with me. I am just trying to give some ideas.

    I am sorry if say something wrong. Anon Nov 3. Sorry ya.

  75. WTH? Somebody is hijacking someone's nickname. Be original will ya. Sheesh.

    First the Coal-plant now the dam.

    Then what's next?

    Electricity flowing is getting insufficient and so do the clean waters. Time is running out now people.

    To be honest, I'm not against the Govt unlike you lot out here but either the Govt finds other solution on how to solve the electricity and water woes or just standby until the time runs out.

    That my opinion. No need to get worked up on this.

  76. I tell you children, all these being said, these people who have given their comments here will go back and vote for barisan nasional.

    These people know only to complain and never act.

    Next election, mark my word, Barisan Nasional will still be stomping it's rotten feet in our state.

    Complain.. complain... complain when you are the one voting them in.

  77. So you lot vote lah for Barisan Nasional this time. Easy to buy you lot. Just wave a 50 ringgit and you all will follow that like a donkey to the carrot. YOu are all pathetic. Know how to complain only. Make me sick to the stomach.

  78. And you all agree with the coal plant??? That is only to make some people rich namely Musa Aman and his cohorts you dimwit.

    The Bakun Dam has more than enough to supply you with electricity. And to justify its use, they are building an aluminium smelting plant that consumes zillion watts of electricity. Why? Because they cannot find the use of the excess of electricity produced.

    Have you read MALAYSIA TODAY? Umno has siphoned more than 100 Billions to support their rogue party and their ministers. Line to supply electricity to us is only a fraction of that.

    Vote Barisan Nasional for status quo.

    If you are man enough, vote PR for change. America would have never been discovered if human beings are as cowardly as you lot.

  79. Anon Nov 5, 9:49

    Did anyone said that they agreed with the coal fired plant? That was merely your own assumption. No one wanted the coal fired plant. We know it is a short term solution and extreamly poluting.

    Besides, get your facts right. The bakun dam is NOT enough. The electricity is transferred to the West Malaysia and not to Sabah. Did you see why we have constant Power cut? You must be a bloody West Malaysian. You do not know what is happening here in Sabah so shut up and enjoy your endless supply of electricity where you are.

    Let the Sabahan fight for what we wanted. And we don't mean the coal-fired plant.Your inconsiderate opinions are not welcomed here. Go mind your own business.

  80. Dear All West Malaysians, think about who are the ones who kept the BN in place? The Sabahan thrown out BN twice. But you're the one who kept voting them. Now all hell breaks free and you blame it on the Sabahans. I would vote BN just to piss you off, you hypocrites.

    Stop trying to dictate to us what we should do. Insulting us would not help you in your quest.

  81. Sabahans must calm down. There are many PKR cybertroopers trying to stir things up. We must not give in to their pathetic, petty efforts.

  82. To the 3 Anonymous above especially the last one, I beg to differ.

    ARE YOU 3 (unless you are the same person hiding behind the Anonimity) BLOODY BLIND?! Whoever said the Bakun Dam is enough to supply the electricity around Malaysia?

    Whoever said voting PR would change anything and all mess will be cleaned up A.S.A.P?

    Whoever said we are coward? Whoever said we are easy to buy with RM50? What is RM50 nowadays? If you give me RM1 Million, then I would.

    1st Anonymous:
    Oh shut yer trap. The people who is against the Govt are the ones who will vote for BN. Wanna bet? BN will still rule here after winnning GE13. Contradict me if I'm wrong I dare you annoying ingrate. Talking about hypocrites. Whoever said we are going to vote the BN? How would you know? Will you be there? Besides, we are going to neutrally observe from a far.

    2nd Anonymous:
    I guess you didn't do a good research. If the Bakun Dam is enough to supply electricity to whole of Malaysia, how come Sandakan (always blackout for hours), Lahad Datu and Tawau gets frequent blackout? How come even we here in the East Coast of Sabah were also effected with the frequent blackout few times in one day? Hurm? Care to explain you facts? So, before you start you freakin' yapping on why we are complaining about not enough electricity, how about coming here and endure hours of blackouts in a week in Sandakan? Maybe you will know how they feel for having frequent blackouts. Feel free here anytime but at your on expenses.

    3rd Anonymous:
    Whoever said we agree on coal-plant? Are you that so nitwit and blind? Did we, the commentors ever said we agreed on the building of the bloody coal-plant in our comments? My guess is that you didn't even read the whole blog post and comments. You are just jumping the gun here. Wrong place to do.

    So, you see before you start blaming us for complaining how about and ask the people here in KK and in all district on how they felt about the frequent blackouts.

    In this blog post, Mr. Ronnie here is talking about the dam and the ritual that the villagers have succumb to.

    My advice to the 3 of you ANON is that READ THE WHOLE BLOODY POST AND COMMENTS before you start you blames and biased assumptions.
    You blaming us for all this are uncalled for.

    Sorry Mr. Ronnie sir. I feel like I need to say this. *sweats*

  83. What a word?!Those comments above are clearly opposing the coal fired power plant plan and here he is,stranded on the unknown land.We are merely saying about dam and there is nothing to do with coal fired power plant.Resize the font so that you can understand thoroughly.Check with ophtalmologist if you have eyes' problem.Thanks.Sorry for the 'off topic'.

  84. Something needs to be done and fast.

    The clock is ticking and we are running out of time.

    Solutions is needed and so is discussion.


  85. Biarlah mereka dengan labu-labunya....haha
    Pedulikan sahaja mereka yang tidak pandai faham.. Sudah beberapa ramai yang mengatakan tidak bersetuju dengan pembinaan loji arang batu....namun ada juga yang masih tidak faham bahasa....what to do... just ignore them laa...

    Pssssttt...don't be too angry with both of this (D&D)....They have their own way how to manage this kind of situation.

  86. While I was scanning through the comments just now.There, another goddamn blackout. Whoever who said that the Bakun dam is sufficient really need to come to Sabah to experience our pain.

  87. Bodoh semua commenters.

    Bukan saya tidak tahu perkembangan politik di Sabah. Belum ada laluan Bakun Hydro ke Sabah... Bodoh. Politikus... TIKUS kamu semua macam katak kena bahang panas. Melompat-lompat tidak keruan terutama ahli politik kamu.

    You have already make your own assumptions stupid. There is no Bakun electricity line yet to Sabah you all dimwit.

    They want to give all sorts of excuses not to have those Bakun transmission line so that Musa Aman can be richer than Albert Boyou. He is richer now at your expense. Thanks to your all low IQ.

    Resize your FONT as some of you said... You resize your font and read properly. Unless you lot are less literate, I would pity your intelligence.

  88. Vote for BN for status quo...

    More of your lands will be taken away... ha ha ha ha... Mampus lah kamu... ha ha ha ha... Kami akan untung.... ha ha ha ha

    UNDI LAH BARISAN NASIONAL just to spite me off. Cut off your nose to spite your face. Baru kamu rasa.

  89. Anon, Nov 6, 2009 11:26

    So what are you suggesting? That we all continue to endure the blackouts until the end of time, is it? Do you think we didnt know that the Bakun Dam refuses to supply us with electricity?

    Why am I talking to stubborn WM who knew nothing of Sabahans distress? They only care about their voices being heard. Yeah, they are heard. Your hollow empty brains made the echo so much louder.


  90. We need more clean water...we need more electrical supply!!! Please settle this problem!!! Please!!!

  91. We need development but at the same time we must also need to protect our environment and the social well being of our people. We all knew that almost all year round we have sufficient rainfall so why can't we just built mini dams or usually known as water intake points. As we also knew the develop countries are now minimizing their carbon emission to the space so are we not aware that they are now serious with this global warming phenomena which are men made. Why are we still pursuing coal fire plant and destroying our invaluable forest. To settle the water shortages and power supply just built extra water intake points and hydro power station which have minimal impact on the environment. Sustainable development please.


  92. More clean water and more electricity supply.

    Time is running out..Aiyooo..

  93. Dear Anonymous - black.

    I like your idea. A mini dams is really a good one.

    Since everybody oppost the mega billion RM project, might as well build a mini dams like you said the Govt can also built extra water intake points and hydro power station to solve the water shortage and power supply and also lessening the impact on environment.

    Good, good. Now all we need is a discussion with the Govt.

    Good one, good

  94. Aww End. Chill mate..Those two are nothing but all talk but actually tails in between their legs.

    Let them talk. Just because Sabah is ruled by BN doesn't we are stupid.

    I bet those never endure hours of blackouts everyday. Let see if once the Bakun Dam stops supplying to them in WM..Guess who will cry after that? *smirks evilly*

    I'm not surprise if the blackouts in East Coast division will also effect the West Coast. Whoever said the Bakun Dam is enough to supply electricity and water to the whole of Sabah is sorely mistaken.Go and do research before you start to slip in your comments here..

    Btw, Ronnie sir, is there any new news on this issue? :)

  95. I read all the comments here and some gives good idea and some just blaming on others...
    But i know we are here struggling for all sabahahan right? Pray for this....if there others solution or other proposal as what had anyone here pointed out...please do a research on that we know what is actually the best solution to end this issue..

  96. This matter has yet to get final word.Well,I have nothing to say much.I just need something is coming to the way.Respect the voices of people there.

  97. Villagers are right in protecting their lands but how far we could possibly hold on?We need actions..verbs please.

  98. They still need to build the coal fired plant?? As for Bakun they are going to sell those excess power to the philipines, indonesia and other countries??? Hu hu hu.....

    China is closing its coal fired plant to minimize pollution.....

    Kasian keturunan kadazan dusun murut ini yang rendah intelek. Tapi memang mereka ini rendah intelek.. sudah dalam genetic...

    Memang keturunan bodoh....

    Saja mau kasih rasa kamu... Jangan terlalu taksub dengan kemodenan...

    Kamu tidak terfikir pasal nuklear power?

  99. loji janakuasa karbon tu sebb teda river, then here got river so thats why empangan tu dibina. kalau dibandingkan dgn kesan ke atas alam sekitar, empangan ini lebih selamat dari loj janakuasa nuklear.

  100. berubahlah untuk maju. di kata terus mundur tidak mahu tetapi tidak mahu menerima kemajuan. please be open mind.

  101. well people, sebelum menyuarakan rasa tidak bersetuju, kita fikirkan kebaikan dan perkara2 dari sudut positif.

  102. Kenapa semua orang sibuk memperkatakan tentang pembangunan... mahu ini, itu... benarkah pembinaan empangan mega adalah yang terbaik? benarkah janji kerajaan untuk pembangunan pembinaan empangan ini adalah untuk membasmi kemiskinan? ataukah hakikatnya membasmi orang miskin? masyarakat sedang sibuk memperkatakan kekurangan air dan tenaga elektrik dan rela mengorbankan pusaka tidak ternilai yang satu-satunya ada di penampang. mengapa tidak mempersoalkan NRW (non revenue water) yg tertinggi di malaysia.. atau kebocoran paip yg teruk disabah... atau kecurian air oleh PATI yg membanjiri sabah... atau kerosakan kepelbagian biodiversity yang menyumbang kepada keparahan penyakit bumi yg tinggal nyawa2 ikan? dimanakah letak sikap orang sabah yang mencintai alam? x adakah diantara mereka ini yang kenal kawasan banjaran crocker sebagai syurga perlindungan yang dijaga oleh komuniti yang ada disana? sungguh menyedihkan... tinjaulah keadaan disana... lihatlah betapa besarnya jasa komuniti menjaga kawasan ini utk kita semua... kalau sg. papar diempang... menangis airmata darah sekalipun tidak berguna lagi.

  103. Hope that the government will stop the construction of this dam.

  104. Hope that the government will stop the construction of this dam.

  105. Say yes to alternative water solution. Government don't be lazy!