Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sabahans living in the “dark ages” rule by the ‘Decepticons’

ALL THESE WHILE, Barisan Nasional (left) politicians and government leaders in the state had been denying (through their teeth) and ignoring the fact that Sabahans have been living in darkness since Sabah Electricity Board (SEB) became Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB).

But this is no longer the case now when recently two state BN component party leaders publicly, courageously and repeatedly proclaimed that in fact, they too “were in the dark”.

Yes, that’s right, they too were "in the dark". They are none other than the Moyog Assemblyman cum State Assistant Finance Minister, Datuk Donald Mojuntin (below left) and his party (UPKO) boss Tan Sri Bernard Dompok (below right), who is also the MP for Penampang cum Federal Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister.

They proclaimed this separately when commenting on the controversy over the proposed construction of the RM2.8 billion Kaiduan dam project near Papar. In other words, they have claimed ignorance over the implementation of the project following a strong protest from the affected villages who feared that once the project is implemented and completed, their villages (around 11 of them) and all their heritage, dreams and future would be submerged in water.

But, a random survey conducted by me in every nook and corner of Penampang District and Kota Kinabalu City somehow shows that the public were not at all convinced but rather amused by their “ignorance” claim. Several of them even unanimously and cheekily described it as the “Decepti-con Syndrome” a newly-discovered syndrome named after the comic characters “Decepticons” in the blockbuster movies – the Transformer I & II which possess the elements of ‘deception’ and ‘con’, which is said to be worse than the “denial syndrome” which had long infected most of the BN politicians and those rogue civil servants in the civil service.

The respondents were not convinced with Dompok and Mojuntin’s ignorance claim as they recalled that this was not the first time they had heard of such claims. They cited the RM100 mil Kimanis Oil and Gas Terminal project for example where, at one stage Dompok was even seen to be critical and vocal about it, but eventually not only did he fizzle out but also accepted and endorsed the project, and unconditionally at that. Can someone come forward to prove otherwise?

Among the respondents were the affected villagers who were suspicious of the conspicuous absence of both Dompok and Mojuntin during the ritual of the Pitouan Tonduk or "Batu Sumpah" (curse stone) (left) conducted by the villagers in Kg Timpayasa two weeks ago, seeking the help of the spirits of their ancestors to safeguard their villages from harm’s way, in particular the dam project.

They said if both of them were truly ignorant about the dam project, they should have then made all efforts to attend the ritual, instead of avoiding it and then instructing the Penampang District Office to summon the villagers to attend a dialogue with the District Officer William Sampil (right). Are they (Dompok & Mojuntin) feeling guilty or running scared?

The villagers reiterated that they may be able to accept their ‘ignorance claim’ if the project involved was an insignificant drain construction project, but this one is a mega project which involves many government departments and agencies, coupled with the fact that it has been approved by the State Cabinet and announced by the then Infrastructures Development Minister cum former Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah (above).

“We may not be highly-educated, but we’re certainly not fools or born just yesterday,” they stressed.

A political analyst who is well-versed with “kaki-lima” medicine peddling commented that this was definitely a serious case of Ignorance-citis, which is prevalent and reaching epidemic proportions among local politicians. He said this illness was due to the fact that these politicians felt the local population was very naive and claiming ignorance would deflect all blame away from them. These politicians believed that ignorance was bliss but are having serious problems due to their claims being stripped naked by the internet and blogging community.

The threat from the net community is so serious that soon many such politicians might be forced to give up their elected seats and look for permanent toilet seats.


  1. Very innovative and nailing these scumbags to where they the toilet bowl.

    Yes,lets strip them naked and sent them to hell come next election.

    Uncle Lim.

  2. easy to blamed on the YB since they are in the government..
    AS a voter in penampang.. I expect my YB to fight not only for the 11 kg effected by the Dam project.But also the people living in Maang and the rest of the kadazan people.. WE see another move by UMNO to destroy the kadazan heartland..If we let these ignorant % stupid UMNO YB in Sabah make a fool of the kadazan.. They better be prepared for a long FIGHT!!!!
    Enought is Enought..WE dont care if your from PKR or idiot PR YB from KL coming down here ands try to be hero..
    If you want to help Sabahan..KILL off UMNO in Semenanjung..Leave Sabah To local Party!!! DAP Yes Party of the King "Singh IS KING!!..Shut UP and go Kill OFF MCA & MIC in Semenanjung..Leave Sabah to us Local sabahan to deal with UMNO Tiruan anf his rest of his geng here in SABAH!!!

  3. Lets Send Uncle lim to bukti Garam cum next election to fight off with Monyet Kinabantangan..
    Because he is also a monkey of SAPP ..

  4. I never vote for dompok or was you, penampang people.

  5. Becareful how you measure other people .. as it will be the same way other people will measure you and your party come next election.

    wild fire Sabah!!!

  6. Hahahahaha....this could be a good parody for the Transformer movies or, a part of the "Funny Movies" sequel.

    This piece is indeed entertaining yet it stripped naked our politicians who always thought that the people are really stupid when in actual fact they've only made a fool of themselves.

    In fact, i would suggest that the affected villagers should perhaps paste the photos of the two YBs who claimed they were "in the dark" on the Batu Sumpah and lets see how they react to it.

    YB Donald, you're indeed right for saying that you're ashame for being "in the dark" over the damned project.

    And Tan Sri Dumbpork, you too should be ashamed of yourself for playing dumb. You might have got away with the play acting on the Kimanis oil & gas project, but certainly not this one.

    PBS rule!

  7. To me, it's imposibble for Dompok and Mojuntin to be "in the dark". I'm not against the Govt but Dompok should be out by next election. I never seen him defending the KDM. He's all talk and NATO.

    A leader should defend is own people if not the people of the whole Sabah.

    Don't just bark with no bites.

    That's my 2 cents.

  8. Don't get wrong with this article. He only want to voicing up his point of view to this matter. But instead of his care towards this case, i did not see that he write something on how to solve the water and electrical problem. Did u guys read it? May b i miss it....

  9. As i see no one is wrong here...they did not attend to this ritual pray...they had their own reason need to questioning we know they are christian and they don't believe in this kind of beliefs.....So as for me that's y they did not come to the ritual pray... :)

  10. Dumbpork and Donald Duck not aware of this mega project....Who do you think we the people are?Even a kindergarten kid will not believe you.

  11. IDIOTS!!!!! Thats what i say of these so called KDM representative.

    Don, you were voted to defend us but its obvious that you HAVE FAILED!! The current corrupted govt that you are part of does not even RESPECT you and your boss coz since you claim that you "were unaware of this project" means that Musa and his bloody UMNO cohorts did not even bother to inform you about it.

    Search deep into your heart and know the truth....YOU ARE JUST BEING USED!!!

  12. Haha,those political leaders are dumbass to be true.They should update themselves with current issues.They are not dumb to let themselves to be humiliated in the press.As for the dam thingie,I think they have some insiders to tell them what's going on.Donald is the Moyog Assemblyman,how come he didnt come across with this matter?Well,I dont have anything to prove me right but hey..are you nuts to say like-Oh no folks,I dont even notice there is something about this dam and blah blah blah..If I were one of the folks there..gimme an axe and I will chop you till dead.

  13. PBS Rule,
    apa kau cakap??.. shut uplah.. kau pun in BN ba.. anjing tiada gigi?.. mana Huguan Siou kau bila da masalah di kg maang??. hidung kena tarik olrh umno.. bulls with no balls...mana slogan kamu 1984.. PBS menjamin masa depan anak2 sabah?.. kamu ni kah brutus and opportunist..
    YB DON!!! i voted for you because not of BN but because i believe you are diferent for other YB before..i hope you will defend you people against this so called UMNO Tiruan etc.. Jgn hampakan kami..Jika YB tida bertindak saya dan rakan2 akan undi parti pembangkang next election..Kalau PBS stand di penampang sama kapayan.. Siou jgn harap sia undi parti anjing gila!!!Penipu byk Parti dan parti pencuri??

  14. Quote :
    Anonymous said...
    I never vote for dompok or was you, penampang people.

    November 4, 2009 6:55 AM

    So?? if your no from penampang apa mau bising???. pergi bising YB BN di kawasan kau.. idiot!!!
    im A voter so if sia marah kami .. saya RIGHT!!!YB Donald.. Tolong lah jgn kasih malu kami orang penampang.. Cukup suda kami menderita dalam tangan PBS 9 tahun memerintah!! dan YB2 palui yg dlu selepads itu..kami undi kau bukan keran parti tetapi kerana kau sendiri YB Don!!! You fight for US & we will stand by you..

  15. Sabah sememangnya dibelenggu oleh pelbagai masalah dan masalah sedemikian semakin ganas daripada Tsunami. Perubahan iklim politik yang merosakkan segala harta milik di sini sememangnya membuktikan pemimpin BN memang tidak layak untuk berada di sini.Kata2 manis yang dilemparkan sekadar menghangatkan jiwa tapi agendanya tiada siapa yang tau.Saya tau ko bukan Tuhan mahupun dewa tapi laksanakanlah tanggungjwab anda.Jika anda tia mau dikategorikan sebagai loser of the centuries then show to us what you can do!If not,back off!

  16. Nothing is perfect. For the moment, we can't see any opposition are able to suggest better solution for Sabah. That why BN still won the last general election.


  17. Everyone is blaming on everything when something is wrong....can we have a nice discussion here? Please don't make it worse...When anger is controlling you it is effect to your brain...
    I know some of you guys mad at this Dompok or Donald or whoever....but please i think they have their own reason for this. I am sure they have their own way on how to face this kind of situation. Don't worry the Dam is still in a process...Dam tersebut belum dibina lagi....

  18. Jika majoriti orang Sabah menyokong pentadbiran BN, kita harus hormati keputusan mereka. Saya percaya kumpulan majoriti ini tahu dan memahami keputusan yang mereka buat. Munkin apa yang BN buat itu tidaklah sempurna, inilah peluang pembangkang membangkit dan memberi tekanan kepada kerajaan untuk mengubah atau menyusun semula dasar-dasar kerajaan demi kebaikan rakyat. Supaya tiada golongan yang diabai atau dipinggirkan. Serta kemajuan negara dapat dipertingkatkan.


  19. The Puppet on the string.

    YB Dumpork and YB Donald Duck are the two famous puppeteers in Penampang. They play ‘Wayang Kulit’ most effectively by claiming all credits when they are not due to them; by avoiding issues of their own creation that are detrimental to themselves or to their party UPKO. Hence, they hide behind the curtain by instigating/organizing protests over certain issues.

    Penampang has been beset with one problem after another such as the relocation of squatters from Sri Tanjung to Kampung Maang; the construction of sewerage in the middle of the Penampang gazetted paddy fields; the Penampang and Putatan re-delineation and the latest, Kaiduan dam and Maang Water Treatment Plant.

    This is how both of them are best described: Donald Duck is a lame duck politician who cannot decide himself. He has to get approval or concurrence from his boss before he decides, and his decision must follow Dumpork’s whims and fancies even if it is against his (Donald’s) will. He has no backbone at all as he cannot make his own decision. He is like The Puppet on the string controlled by his Master Puppeteer who, in this case, is Dumpork.

    Dumpork will, one day, dump Donald Duck once his Master Puppeteer is fed up with him.
    There is no need to dump him out yet. You will both be dumped out in the next GE.

    Dumpork has once said that "the Kadazandusun people have got short memories". Well, let the people prove you wrong in the next GE. They will recall their memories to their best advantage to dump both of you out.

  20. Leaders should be more precised in their promises.Dont say it if you dont keep it.There are no more leaders we can put our trust.Everybody has their own self interest.Where we have to turn to?Is better to vote myself.

  21. Apa gunanya marah-marah, maki-maki, tunding jari kepada orang lain. Kalau setuju dengan cara-cara BN, undi lagi BN. Kalau tidak setuju, undi yang lain. Selagi yang setuju BN lebih dari yang tidak setuju, kita angkuh dan hormat yang setuju itu. Boleh??


  22. Dr Jeffrey is despeartely looking for a party to park. He had burnt more than his bridges. May be he should join UPKO so that Dumper and Lame Duck can wake up when Dr J is around with them before Dr J want to be their president too. How about it?

  23. Terima kasih tompinai Ronnie,kaulah Huguan Siou kami.Semoga Tuhan memberkati kamu dan keluarga.

    Pendudok kg.terian.

  24. Susah juga mo salahkan mana2 parti dalam hal ni... Apapun saya rasa pemimpin kita x akan duduk diam-diam saja... Dam tu pun belum dibina lagi, so sebarang kemungkinan boleh berlaku...
    Saya harap semuanya akan OK :)

  25. BN menang sebab ramai pengundi....BN diundi sebab kita yakin mereka boleh tolong rakyat...
    So sekarang ni kita mungkin agak marah sebab tu asyik salahkan BN...
    Apa kata kalau kita bagi masa kepada BN dan pemimpin kita untuk perbetulkan keadaan ni...
    Apapun keputusan mereka nanti, yg pasti itu adalh keputusan yang terbaik :)

  26. wow... To be honest me myself also mad with BN... BUT I'm not going to blaming them... Y? Bcoz I still believe that they will help us...
    If not now, maybe 1 day :)

  27. 'I learnt about dam from villagers'

    Published on: Thursday, November 05, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: Consultant firms appointed by the Government to undertake feasibility studies on the construction of dams in Sabah should be more sensitive to the feelings of residents in these areas to avoid misunderstanding and untoward incidents.

    Kadamaian Assemblyman Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan made the call after villagers in Kg Tambatuan in Kota Belud chased away a consultant for bringing in equipment to do a feasibility study on a proposed dam project in the area.

    He said the consultant concerned should also brief the relevant parties including the District Officer and elected people's representatives on the proposed project.

    "I only found out about the proposed dam project from the villagers of Kg Tambatuan who expressed their anger and told me about how they chased away the consultant who came in with a lorry and other equipment to do a study in the area.

    "The consultant concerned should not just simply drive into the village just because they have the Government contract. Instead they should brief local authorities in the district on the proposed project so that the villagers can be informed properly.

    "This is imperative because we do not want people to get hurt due to wrong perceptions, as the villagers may misinterpret the proposed project as relocating them elsewhere and cause them to lose their land," he said Herbert, who is also State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistant Minister.

    In a recent district development action committee meeting in Kota Belud, he said the consultant briefed him and the local authorities, including the District Officer, on the proposed dam project in the district.

    Herbert said the dam was proposed for the district to supply sufficient irrigation water for the paddy fields and to generate electricity in the district.

    "I have insisted and requested the Kota Belud district officer hold a friendly dialogue with the kampung folk of Kg Tambatuan on the proposed dam.

    "I was told by the District Officer that the dialogue will be held at Kg Tambatuan after the tabling of the State Budget next week," he said.

    Herbert said there would have been less backlash from the affected villagers if the consultant firms involved in the proposed Kaiduan Dam in Papar had taken the initiative to inform them as well as the local authorities and elected representatives.

    "I think the Government is not at fault but the consultant firms should be more sensitive to the people's feeling especially those affected villagers who do not understand the objective of building the dam.

    "All that matters to these appointed consultants is the payment of their contract from the Government.

    Perhaps a more clear and people-friendly guideline should be given to these consultant firms to avoid misconceptions and people getting angry with the Government of the day," he said.

    Tong Tahi pecah now the YBs started passing the buck!!!

    How about it Ronnie?

  28. For me, they had their own reason not to attend the ritual pray... No need to questioning them...
    They know what to do and maybe they have their own way to handle this problem :)

  29. Hahahhaha That's true Angel :)
    BN will always win... because a lot of people still love BN.... hehehehe

  30. I remember a posting by Ronnie that befits Pastor Herbert..oops now Datuk as devil in disguise.This cunt-sultant of PBS hasn't a clue what he's talking about.

    The consultant was appointed by the UMNO/BN government to undertake a job.The question here is who appointed him and who approved it?

    With all the denial from Dumpork,Donald the lame duck and now devil in disguise Herbie Cucumber,who has the authority to approve such a mega project in Sabah?

    Aaaah...your guess is as good as mind,non other then Musang Pakistan.

    Soon Sabah will be known as Land Below The Water.

  31. BN tetap akan menang pada pr ke 13 akan datang kerana kuasa tentangan dari parti pembangkang yang berpecah belah di Sabah tidak mampu mengugat kekuatan bersatu BN Sabah.

  32. Tan Sri Bernard have been the state leader for such a long period and still maintain strong support from the people. The winning of the MP seat for two terms and the state assembly seat before proof the statement. This mean that majority of the people in the said area recognized the contribution of Tan Sri Bernard and continue to give him strong support during the general election. Any accusation against him are such a great humiliation against the wisdom of his supporter in the Penampang.

    head wind

  33. Anon Nov 5 6:26am

    You must belong to a minority people with wisdom.No offenses,but you must be clueless as to his ignorant syndrome.He has betrayed the very people that put him in office.

    Dumbpork,was thrown out by the people of Penampang before,hope that hasn't cross your mind.

    For whatever reasons you may have of him,he is history come next election.

    Tail wind.

  34. Now decepticon is using to symbolize our leader. In the future may be we can see Terminator, Mummy, X-Man, Fantastic-4, Rambo, Alien etc. Or may be Mickey Mouse, Tom And Jerry.
    Don forget Mr. Bean.
    Closer to us, Phua Chu Kang.
    How about Malaysia bikin, Cicak Man?

    So creative

  35. Stop KDMS,

    I don't blame the YBs.


    For everyone info, there are many projects by them which SESB hentam only WITHOUT consulting the rakyat. I know of one 100 Million project which no YBs know done by SESB yet the project was already drawn up and many Kg folk will be affected.

    SESB is own by TNB and most of their heads are UMNO people.

  36. So if we are not going to running the Dam, do we have any choices? But even if there is a choices some people will also keep on blaming the Govt.
    So, Please come up with a good idea on how will this problem be solve. No need to write something bad on others name.

    Have a nice day Folks.. :)

  37. I haven't heard yet, or may b i am not aware about it but......i've read, some says that this Dam will be overwhelm Sabahans, whenever the dam broken or when it cannot be in good condition. Have you guys heard about an island end with this kind of situation. Sound so scary huhh....

    As what has i observed some people, just want to put fire here and there....Try so hard to make people believe that this is a bad project...especially they used kampung people to make a noise on any issues.

    But in the end Sabahans will be suffer, nothing good happen then....

  38. BN is going to lose the next GE BIG TIME!!!! Even now the component parties are breaking up while we the PR are getting stronger!!!

    Let the IDIOTS who support BN continue to support them coz they WILL be be running with their doggy tails between their legs!!

    Lets be strong, people of Sabah and continue the tsunami that swept semenanjung.

  39. Looks like everybody is against Dompok even to those under his constitution.

    C'mon Dompok. I'm sure you know more about this. Right now the villagers are cursing you to death.

    Hope all ends well.

  40. Senteria, I couldn't agree more with you.

    True, there are pros and cons of building a dam. Especially if the wall cracks, infrequent maintenance and etc.

    What I can see is that there is someone behind the raging villagers and stirring things up to a much more worse level. This person must be telling the negative sides of this project and stuffs.

    But when thing starts to get much more worse, who will be, in the end, to suffer? The Sabahans.

    No flaming and firing coz i'm just expressing my opinion.

  41. Enjo please read again on my comment... i think you juling (ooppsss sorry) or you misunderstood in what had i've write..

    My point here is i heard and read that some people said that this dam will overwhelm us but i said i haven't heard this kind of story happened yet!!!! u get what i mean??????

  42. oppsss sorry i totally know it.... Thanks for supporting My idea... :)

  43. We need more water and electricity to supply every house around Sabah.

    Stop arguing and blaming.

    It is time to unite and find solution to this problems.

  44. I'm waiting for Sabah to achieve something better.There is no point of keep blaming each other.The authorities should do something about it.Don't let these problems keep haunting us like hell!

  45. Before the dam is built...."cracks are already showing" i.e in BN itself...2 reps ignorant of a 2.8b ringgit right under their nose/backyard....but i can bet with you that they deliberate like hell for a 50k project to be given to a struggling genuine KDM contractor and punish him with ridiculous contribution to the party...this kind of pretentious mentality with remain forever....but the good news is that with a stoke of the pen these 2 ignorant fellas with be obliterated in the next General Election...God Willing.

  46. apa mau susah.. use wind power ba.. byk laut..Budu punya SESB...our coastal are winded ba..
    Water Problem..easy..use mini Dam lah.. Build byk all over sabah...why build one Big one..more project for BN ba.. can Bgus..
    Sabah Bagus!!!
    Crack or no Crack Anon.. dont be a ignorant fool also..God Willing you will be one of the candidate in Moyog..Tanding kalau berani.. jgn berani sini sja.. Ooppppsss sori sia undi Party Baru NOT YOU!!..hahaha

  47. The blame should not solely on sure all contributors here must be hook up to sesb's power before the can contribute in this forum. Govt in power is the biggest bloody halatuju or arahtuju in terms of power policies for this country.....very sort of ad hoc kind of approach...apa orang kata "kalau sudah tengah-tengah bulan terdapat banyak roadblock"...this is typical of the present govt mentality to replensih individual bank a/cs and its definitely time for change!!!!!!

  48. BN knows whats best for the rakyat...let them build the Dam and let the rakyat benefit from it. Ive known BN all my life and I bet everyone alive today would have benefited from the govt one way or the CARRY ON BN. If the BN reps have short memory on the project so be it...but get the project moving and the power and water supply to the people quickly. Please dont let those selfish people stand in the way so as to inconvenience the kampong folks. Anom can undi his Party Baru, MIC Baru, MCA Baru, Party J.Kitangan Baru...etc.etc.....believe me the Party may be baru but the faces will still be the SAME!!!! so who are you kidding, YOURSELF????? De Javu.....ADIOS!!

  49. You KDM and other local native of Sabah are history la. All of you are NATO. Come next GE same thing diff story. The west M will throw a bone and like the animal you are vote the same old story. Even one says PBS rules!!!!!!!!!?????, please la what have they given us after they join BN. The other play the same old tune Sabahan party. Look around you people and tell me where actually you all are. I suppose still no jobs and drinking your life away thinking that you all are a force to be reckon with. Let me tell you that you all are a small ant in this big world of ours. You want change, do it! Jangan NATO sahaja. Ini, Itu excuse, excuse. Buang BN and vote PR kalau tidak suka tukar GE14. Do the right thing.

  50. I had been to Buayan and its nearby villages for several time. The place is beautiful and potential for all sort of development. I suggest that the proposed cultural village should be sited there. It must also be remembered that the ancestors of the Kadazans at Penampang and Papar once used this places during their migratory period about 200 years ago. By all means we should protect and preserve them. No to this damned dam.


  51. ??? Cultural Village vs Dam : Migration history vs Development = our intelligience!!! Lets enjoy the darkness and live like our ancestors 200 yrs ago coz thats who we are and will forever be. Ask and you will receive, Let there be darkness and thats what youll get.Can we please get more intelligient contributors in this forum!

  52. Its funny despite of the hoo-haa of this issues for the past week, it seems it died down when the PM of Malaysia arrived here yesterday, beginikah perjuangan politik orang Kadazan Dusun terutamanya rakyat Penampang, aiso tontoxxx apandai nopo mobos om mi ula-ula do vokon, nung osiou kou pokitonon no daa ih Huguan Montili Malaysia ih banner diozu do mabanta kou dii "RM3.8 Billion Kaiduan Project" do pondohion no daa iho projek ih tampat suvai.

  53. Deiii please la just let them built the Dam la.... we cannot tahan already.....sometimes there is no shower time for me...even my children cannot do their homework at night and also cannot sleep well! Enough of this! please we cannot tahan anymore!

  54. Need we have to say more when we had already provided about 300mld of water from babagon dam, madsiang intake point and kasigui point. I believed its more than enough for you guys to benefit at our expense. For your info, for us who are living underlying the babgon dam we could hardly sleep whenever there were thunderstorm. It really affect our life for the past 13years or so. So please no more second dam at Penampang. We suspect this Kaiduan Dam might be used for the Kimanis Gas Processing Terminal. Look this are all for the benefit of the few especially the companies operating the Gas Terminal. Think carefully we dont need mamoth dam at the expense of the poor kampung people and the last natural heritage that we have at Kaiduan and the vicinity. We gave Bermard a chance to oppose the proposed dam at their convention recently but nothing had been put out. Who knows in the future we might demonstrate when the PM visit Sabah again. Lets us be united in opposing this damned dam.


  55. Look at how Dumbpork angkat kakilah!
    The irony is the party Upko is also open for alien from the west. So you you KDMs should kick Dumbpork out in the next GE, Upko should be wipe out..or let it be a west malaysian party for the orang asli, not for the KDMs....what has he done for the KDMs so far, anything significant? It is a disgrace to the name of the party which has roots to the Kadazan tribes!

  56. i dont agreed with the dam project.. Who actually untung with this project?..
    The people or the BN cronies.. like WCT..
    Ask the right question?.
    Who approved the Dam?
    The people in side the decision making?.
    The Contractor concern?.. Why they were choosen?.. Has it anything todo with the late payment of Airport project???.
    Or a way for the YB to earn extra funds for the campaign in the next GE..Who say kk got water problem Audrey?.. maybe you didt pay your water bills...or you water pump not working.. suka2 complain sja.. if you were staying in sdk i believe you.. No power in kk meh??.. thats way this anon got a point .. there are other ways to generated power.. Now PM use you power to build the Coal power plant in Felda.. Siapa rugi or untung??..Nil nobody win.. everyone lose..
    We can harnest Wind power like sweden and denmark..why dont us that tecnologies?..
    dont depend to much with govenment lah.. we can build our own mini wind turbine..or Solar power panel for our house use.. be smart lah.. you spend a lot at the beginning .. but you untung long term..if everyone use the brain or intel..on how to make own power in USA or Britain .. can ok..
    So again i say.. No to DAM--Period!!!

  57. Hi anon Nov 9, 2009 5:52 AM

    So did u build your own mini wind turbine?

  58. I'm not against the government but isn't there any solutions to the Kaiduan Dam problem and coal-fire power plant? C'mon Govt. I know you got more money, so, why spend it on research on finding alternatives?

  59. There a lot of alternatives.

    It only need time, money and research.

    I don't know how some say Bakum Dam is enough to supply electricity to the whole of Sabah.

    Ignorant twat.

  60. As a Sabahan, honestly say i din feel that i m living in the 'dark age'. It might not perfect or better compare to KL, but we still enjoy the peace and harmony in the state.

    luv peace

  61. It is better for me to suggest something instead of keep talking crap.Yeah,would you think it is more constructive?Who say wind turbine is impossible?We are creative bunches,of course we can!

  62. Do not worry Sabahan, the 'dark age' will soon vanish. We will no longer rule by the dark forces lead by Decepticon.
    See the power of the Autobots. Like dawn of the day, shine till noon day. Cast away darkness.
    We are safe.

    megan foxx

  63. Yeah,the time will pass soon.Nobody will questions it anymore.We will live in peace.Let us pray for a better Sabah.

  64. Dont worry my fellow sabahans :)
    Everything will be OK soon..

  65. There is no point of keep blaming each other.
    We need more water and electricity to supply...
    So it's time to unite and find solution to this problems...

  66. Let's us pray and hope everything will be OK soon :)
    God bless us :)

  67. It is true that the Dam project has pros & cons...
    But if the Dam can bring more benefits to all Sabahans... Y not we say YES to this project :P

  68. or can i just say WHATEVER!!!.... kidding me.. :) Franklyn speaking i am not side in any...i mean both of this govt n village people....For what had i read, they had their own reason for this ya....But as a Sabahan i do really look at what is good for us all.... so pray for this as we will get the result as soon as possible....

  69. Well,instead of keep judging the way they work,how about we come out with some constructive ideas?Action speaks louder than words. We,the people of Sabah..want better than that.

  70. Next GE - ISU "Kaiduan Dam"
    Keputusan : UPKO(P) - 0, PR - 4
    UPKO(N) - 0, PR - 5

    From : nostraDAMMMMMoose :-))))

  71. Kaiduan Dam is actually beneficial to all of us. Problems like water shortage and unsafe to drink (contaminate) will not be arised with the existence of this dam. We should be grateful for what is installed to us. We cannot blame our Wakil Rakyat for their acknowledgements of the plan. It is however be the best for all if the location of the project will be moved to more appropriate areas...Hope this will be implemented soon.. :-)

  72. Kaiduan Dam is good for everybody. Ronnie sometime we have take one step back before we can go a mile.

    Look at the 4 gorges dam in China in Yang Tze Kiang river. The natives love the project as when the infrastructure improve more tourist will come in. With 2.8 Billion, goverment will provide Million to the natives affected family.

    Believe me the natives in Kaiduan currently is living "kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang". I was one of the native but after I move to KK, I have trouble living in the area as letrik, road and water very hard and no tv.

    The problem with this project is "MANY QUESTION".."BANYAK SOALAN". Who get the project??? Sarawakian AGAIN???

    We Sabahan must understand that Sarawakian Contractors got all the mega projects. Sabahan only got small project like building toilets, gut grass..BUT mega project go to Sarawakians.

    KK airport..Ting Pek King..sudah hancur sudah..Fly over WCT..

    If at all..this Dam Project MUST go to KDM not to Foo CHows...

    With us getting the project..we will be nicer to our KDMS...Sarawakian..they only think of money.

  73. I cant help but to inform those who had not seen the Pangi Dam. Its environment freindly and renewable energy. Why cant we build few more along the Salong road at Sepulut and transmit the power to the east coast through the kalabakan road. Why built coal power which is deceptive in nature. Also why we need to construct dams. Please remember that once the dam reach to certain period it could no longer be usable since siltation from the bottom level would soon develop. We sabahans should think carefully of the harzadous and deceptive consequence of dam and coal power. I sencerely seek your wisdom to oppose these deceptions. Lets pray together to stop these damn coal deception.


  74. Ever wonder why Foo chows get projects and KDM otherwise. KDMs need to be united as the Foo Chows are today and for a very long time. As long as the dichotomy exist amongst the KDMs they will never be able to secure mega projects such as the Kaiduan Dam. Anyway just build the dammed DAM!!!...but no shortcuts in procedures please.


  75. The big huh hah over etc the dam, the coal power station is that you people are just making blind accusations for political mileage.
    What prudent or right thinking Sabahans should be looking is to the pros and cons on the projects.
    But first and foremost is that all these projects must be implemented strictly according to the guidelines to prevent disaster like floods and pollutions to the state. Like the dam, if it is built, will it affected only the specific villages or it will cause flooding to other surrounding areas, just in case there is an overload of water where the dam have to open its gate to relief the pressure, just like many years ago when the Babagon Dam gate was forced to be opened and cause the massive flooding in Penampang.
    The coal power stations are very safe if the operation is strictly according to guidelines, but with the rampant corruption in Malaysia, the operators of the station mighe cut corners in terms of the waste disposal which could contaminate the soil drastictly if not properly done just like what is going on with the palm oil mills, poisoning the Kinabatangan. If the Govt can guarantee strict enforcement and no corruption then it is good, otherwise the Sabah people are the ones who are going to suffer. Those reaping the profits from all these projects will be living comfortably in New Zealand and Australia. It is the poor Sabah villagers who are going to suffer.

  76. I like the idea of building mini wind turbines. Can anyone show me how to build one? Meanwhile, I'm still looking for an old bicycle frame to make a bicycle generator (For the fun of it). There is also something on You-tube that shows you how to charge your i-pod with a lemon. Or potato. Fascinating stuff.

  77. They are building an aluminium smelting plant in Sabah..... Jeng jeng jeng!!!!!

    And you all lot are still sleepy... hang over from the previous drinks... tapai? Beer? Linutau? ...... He He he...

    Typical of you lot....

    So pathetic... Pemabuk saja.

    Bukan tidak tahu orang SABAH... Pemabuk... Kaki minum.. He he he....

  78. Suffer.... you lot suffer for supporting the umno regime... Suffer... Lucifer.....

  79. Gina,

    You are the one with THE mind.

    Wind turbine requires an alternator with gears for speed to get the required frequencies and power. If your need it to constantly provide you power you need batteries and power regulators as the wind turbine itself will not be able to provide you with constant electricity you need.

    Anyway...If we all contribute as I said above, things will get much smoother. May not with the batteries but at least with with capability of the wind turbine itself to generate electricity distribution.

    What I am saying is that, If all those Sabahan Musa Aman Zombies (as we all know in he last general elections) contribute to provide electricity generated from wind turbines and/or solar power, things will look up for the environment and humanity

    Less power consumptions, less carbon foot print, less global warming... and everything else will fall in place.

    But I cannot expect puny Sabahan minds to understand that as they hunger for infractructural DEVELOPMENT. They fail to understand that DEVELOPMENT comes in many facets.

  80. Diharapkan isu bekalan elektrik akan selesai pada satu hari nanti.