Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reconciling with Jeffrey may doom PKR in Sabah

By Wong Choon Mei

As top PKR leaders in Kuala Lumpur mull the fate of their Sabah ‘strongman’ Jeffrey Kitingan (left), a storm of protest is building up in his home state, where many of the party rank-and-file are demanding that he and several division leaders linked to him be shown the door and quickly too!

These protesters – believed to represent the majority in Sabah PKR - fear that KL may recapitulate and reject Jeffrey’s recent resignation as vice-president and supreme council member. Such a decision will only bode disaster for the party and prolong a power tussle amongst the state division leaders, they claim.

Indeed chances are high that KL will opt for what it perceives to be political expediency, although party insiders reassure it will retain Jeffrey without bowing to the demands of his camp, which include rescinding the appointment of Thamrin Jaini (left) as the new state chief.

“Actually, what Jeffrey wanted was to be the state PKR chief and later on the Sabah chief minister. His supporters orchestrated the move that got Azmin Ali replaced but KL appointed another Sabahan, Thamrin, instead of him. So Jeffrey resigned as veep in a bid to force KL’s hand but although KL may reject his resignation, it will still stick with Thamrin,” an insider said.

The younger brother of current Sabah deputy chief minister Joseph Pairin, Jeffrey gave up his PKR posts along with Kota Kinabalu division chief Christina Liew (right) last month. The two accused the national leadership of racial favoritism and being insensitive to the wishes of the Sabah people. Both however remained as party members.

Dooming the PKR

Simmering infighting between division leaders in Sabah PKR finally broke out openly last month, dragging the entire party down in the esteem of voters both in East Malaysia and the peninsula.

Counter-accusations were leveled at Jeffrey and his camp for putting his political ambitions above party interests including spreading a spate of negative and false news that painted several leaders such as Azmin Ali (left) and former state chief Ansari Abdullah (right) in a bad light. According to the state communications bureau, Ansari has now threatened to sue a journalist and the editor-in-chief of news portal Malaysiakini for defamation and RM10 million in damages if they did not apologize over several articles published recently.

But short of a bold and clear-cut decision from the national leadership in KL, the infighting will continue in Sabah, a state in which PKR can ill afford to allow instability to foment and fester.

Indeed, its 25 parliamentary seats will be vital in deciding who wins the federal government at the next general election – the Pakatan Rakyat or the Umno-Barisan Nasional.

“For PKR to win Sabah, the reform agenda must be renewed, rejuvenated and rebuilt. And this can only happen if there is the will to revamp thoroughly and quickly,” said state Director Of Communications Ronnie Klassen.

While many would like to see Christina retained, they are convinced that Jeffrey’s shelf life as a leader is past and long expired. They see in him a troublemaker and a spoiler, who can only doom the party’s chances.

“KL has to take a firmer stance and kick Jeffrey out once and for all. The moment he confirms he will stay on, PKR and Pakatan will have lost Sabah and Malaysia once again,” said Hassanar Ebrahim, a veteran political watcher.

An unusual quiet

But since holding peace talks with national strategy director Tian Chua (left) two weeks ago, Jeffrey has been toeing the line and keeping an unusually low profile, sparking speculation that a face-saving reconciliation was being worked out for the Sabah leader.

According to the party grapevine, Tian is believed to have told Jeffrey that he would not be offered the post that he covets above all else – the chief ministership of Sabah.

“Even if PKR wins, Jeffrey has been told in no uncertain terms that he won’t get the chief minister’s job although he may be made a minister in the federal cabinet. The job that he wants most will go to another Sabahan, not him,” a party source said.

Why then would Jeffrey - who has warned that he may form his own party - agree to stay on in PKR? Already, his supporters have threatened to resign en-masse if Thamrin is not dropped.

Could Jeffrey have finally realized that his political star is waning and it might best to give up his party-hopping ways and soldier on in the PKR after all? Or are there other reasons, ulterior motives even?

“His camp gave KL two weeks to accede to their requests and it is now three weeks. Why isn’t he keeping his word and leaving to form his own party as he has threatened to. It is actually the best thing he can do for Sabah PKR. Leave and let the party rebuild itself before it becomes too late," said Hassanar.

A new political reality

Indeed, the flamboyant and wealthy Jeffrey has failed to impress as a party administrator, achieving little success despite his decades in the political arena.

Instead he has attracted unflattering speculation including controversial rumors that he was a Trojan horse planted by the BN to wreak destruction and infighting in the PKR – much like PAS’s Hassan Ali in Selangor.

Although, in the eyes of KL, PKR may still need Jeffrey for his Kadazan-Dusun-Murut links, many Sabah leaders insist his departure will not be missed at all. They believe he has the support of only eight out of the state’s 25 divisions.

Some are even willing to bet that if he leaves, more Sabahans will join the PKR, especially the Muslims whom they say have kept their distance because of his fiery communal rhetoric. Jeffrey had in the past centred his political platform around a tooth-and-nail fight for KDM rights, stepping on the toes of other ethnic groups in the process.

But a new political reality has dawned and taken hold since. Bitten repeatedly by bad experiences, Sabahans have become more sophisticated and demanding of whom they want to lead their state out of poverty, suppression and blatant abuse of power.

Also, due to re-bordering by the BN, they now have 60 seats in their state assembly compared to 48 previously. Of the 60, 35 are Muslim-majority constituencies, eight are Chinese and 17 are KDM. This compares against the eight Chinese, 20 Muslim and 20 KDM before.

“The mood of the people has changed vastly. PKR itself espouses priority on a needs-based methodology and not on a race-based one,” said Hassanar (right).

“The situation in the peninsula has opened up the minds of Sabahans. If one Jeffrey supporter leaves today, 10 others including many from the KDM community will join PKR tomorrow. There is no need for KL to worry about letting Jeffrey go. In fact, by letting him stay, it may be barking up the wrong tree.”

(Wong Choon Mei is the former chief editor of Suara Keadilan)


  1. Good riddance. Jeffery should be out of PKR if the party wants to win in the next GE.
    Sabah PKR need new untainted leaders not frogs and opportunists, like what it has today.
    Do not hope to kick BN out, with the present line-up. Yep, the Sabah Muslims do not trust Jeffery...fater what had happened during the PBS rule.

  2. Wow,Jeffrey reconciles?I think he should just pleased with the decision.There is nothing much for him to stay.9 years of struggles..9 years of time to tickle something better.J,just let it be.

  3. If i were Jeffry i quit from this political scene.

  4. Thank you for your splendid and clear cut reporting about PKR's true picture of Sabah. From my point of view,every person is born innocent until contaminated .same goes to Dr J ,he's a good leaders but his network supporters are leading towards their own and Sabah PKR in jeopardy , the trojan horses lies within these network are Kanol G,Ahmad S...just to name a few . since these people have no stable business where do they gets their daily bread ?

  5. Sabah and PKR were not meant to be together.. We don't have the equation. Please leave Sabahans as soon as possible. We don't need you here.

  6. Ronnie,Malaysiakini should seriously think about replacing Joe Fernandez with you

  7. Now i see ur true colour, that's what you are...
    No need to hide it anymore. We know who you are....
    Can i put the blame on you DJK?

  8. Jeffery is a fore-gone conclusion,an UMNO-Barisan Nasional Trojan horse to the core.Blood is still thicker then water.

    But looking at PKR in Sabah,what is Thamrin as the new chief doing,the way we see it,it's as if PKR doesn't exist in Sabah.Does PKR Sabah actually have a good leader?

    PKR Observer.

  9. Sdra Ronnie, Bagi saya apaun tindakan DJK bersama dengan kuncu-kuncunya tidak penting masa ini, sebabnya rakyat Sabah khususnya KDM terlalu kenal dengan siapa DJK, saya setuju dengan Hassanar bahawa kalau DJK keluar PKR hari ini ramai pemimpin KDM yang muncul dalam PKR adalah benar dan tidak boleh dinafikan, saya memang berterima kasih dengan DJK dan Christina Liew kerana telah berjuang dalam PKR begitu lama, dan tidak dinafikan sumbangan mereka pada parti memang ada, tetapi persoalannya kenapa DKJ sebagai pemimpin tertinggi parti sanggup bertindak membelakangi kepentingan parti yang mana telah terurat dalam wadah perjuangan parti dan didokong oleh DJK semasa awal kemasukannya dalam PKR apa DJK lupa?
    Sdra Ronnie, saya menyeru kepada seluruh pimpinan PKR Negeri lupakan semua sejarah yang dicipta oleh DJK dalam PKR ambil ini sebagai pengajaran untuk memperbaiki diri sebagai pejuang rakyat Sabah yang tulin tanpa mengira bangsa dan ugama, kita perlu bergerak pantas dan mantap memperkasakan PKR bukan asyik bercakaran sesama sendiri, buang sengketa ayuh kita harungi bersama onak dan duri untuk memperkasa PKR agar hasil dalam PR 13 cemerlang dan terbilang.

    Uncle Sam

  10. Kesian..kesian kamurang semua termakan kata2 yang membelah bagi kita orang2 Sabahan. Apa yang saya tahu DJK berjuang supaya Semananjung melantik dan mengindos keputusan yang kita buat dan menentang perlantikan yang dibuat oleh Semenanjung.

    Sampai bila kita boleh buat keputusan sendiri...sampai bila kita boleh mengurus masa depan kita tanpa ganguan dari Semenanjung....

    Bagi saya biar DJK tunjuk jalan bagi kita. Dia tidak akan jadi Ketua selamanya... Tingu sekarang, siapa yang jadi perintis bagikita untuk kehadapan? Tiada!!

    Kalau pun kita mahu jadi perintis...alamak!! nama pun tiada, wang pun tiada..siapa mahu dengar!!!

    Kita ikut Ronnie K, kita ikut Hassanar dll, mana ada road shows ... duit untuk mula pun tiada...Siapa kenal durang di kampung2 dan yang nda kenal internet.

    Kita ikut Thamrin/PKR, belum ada apa2...masih tidur..Barangkali nda ada duit untuk mengadakan road shows tau pa2 ja untuk menarik perjuangan PKR.

    Jadi siapa kita mahu ikut...bagus duduk di rumah, minum kopi, baca surat khabar, layar internet dan ketawa dengan orang2 macam kita yang cakap2 kosong saja.....

  11. Well, make up your mind, PKR. If you think PKR can do better without Jeffrey, then kick him out. Otherwise retain him.

    Simple as that!

  12. Whatever party Jeffery jumps into it will sure be trouble. He should retire, what he is aiming is to be the Sabah CM.
    He has made his money during PBS when he was the head of Sabah Foundation. So not enough???
    As for the rest Sabah PKR leaders, do not dream of becoming YBs yet. BN under Musa Aman is still strong and unless there is a major issue and a strong opposition emerges with more cunning leaders then only the BN Sabah will fall, otherwise hang in there fellas...more grinding and poking to be done before you all can take over.
    In the meantime just watch with green and red eyes all the "hentam" going on. This is Sabah, "sudah jadi tradisi" since the late Mustapa and his Usno time....Your time will come if you tried hard enough!!

  13. Anon..Nov 18..10.49pm

    I am greatly insulted when you insult my intelligence as someone from the kampong.You must be behind time,kampongs folks are not stupid people as you may think.We are very much internet savvy and keep ourselves abreast with whats happening in the country and in Sabah.

    You should not be misguided by false and inaccurate information.Shame on you.This is not so much about who follows who,it's about laying the facts on the table and for us to evaluate it's authenticity.

    Thinking outside the box,Ronnie K has provided us an avenue to voice our opinions,something that I've found no one in Sabah has got the Balls to do.So please go hide somewhere and throw your frustration elsewhere.

    As for Jeffery,if he honestly thinks he can make the difference,form a new party and if proven to be effective,I may also decide to join him.But show the people of Sabah what you're made off rather then glamoring past glories.Fight for the people under a different platform,if you think PKR is ineffective.The people have known you for what you are,unless you have change,which is very unlikely,firght for the right reasons or just evaporate.

    As for Thamrin,where did this person crawl out from?Ever since he was made state chief,PKR has had more problems.I forsee slim opportunity for PKR to make any impact in the next elections in Sabah,I will fully agree with what Ronnie K said..“For PKR to win Sabah, the reform agenda must be renewed, rejuvenated and rebuilt. And this can only happen if there is the will to revamp thoroughly and quickly".

    PKR Sabah doesn't appear to be making any headway currently,I suggest the leadership in Sabah heed Ronnie's advice.


  14. As an UMNO member in Kota Kinabalu,I now have the highest respect for Saudara Ronnie.His display of being neutral but razor sharp postings taking both sides of the divide to task is unmatchable by any one.Great leadership qualities.

    In an UMNO meeting recently,even Sabah's Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman spoke very highly of him,but regretted that Saudara Ronnie is not with UMNO.


  15. It's funny to see Hassnar still giving his opinion on such matter. And he seriously thinks that he's such a likable character compared to DJK? You were one of many running dogs that the Federal govt had planted in Sabah. And now you're acting like a true patriot 'Raja Petra' wannabe. Shame on you and all your goons.
    Just take care of al your lands (like we don't know how you acquired it) and leave the politicking to real politicians. You are te one who tends to make a mess wherever you go! Warmonger is what you and your goons are realy are!

  16. Suara rakyat,suara keramat,kita berjuang untuk reformasi.Generasi muda kagum dengan pendirian, perjuangan dan pempinan pahlawan kami Saudara Ronnie yang mulia yang kami hormati.

    Jeffery patut berundur akar generasi muda dari KDM dapat diberi peluang.

    Barisan Blogger Sabah,Sarawak dan SM.

  17. Well done Ronnie..even MA has high regards for you as disclosed by his AJK Bahagian. He must be praising you for being able to exposed all his misdoings/wrongdoings/his ill-health/his ill-gained assets/his vices/etc etc which, in his mind, he thought that no one will ever know about. Once again well done.....your blog will prevail until his last sins are exposed. Syabas!!!!

  18. Minta penjelasan daripada Majlis Pimpinan Negeri PKR terutama sekali dari Ketua Perhubungan Sabah,Ahmad Thamrin,kami mendengar khabar angin yang MPN PKR Sabah sekarang amat kecoh dengan perlantikan dua pernasihat kepada kamu iaitu Aziz Hamid dan Richard Jayasuria.

    Ada juga difahamkan bahawa Pengarah Komunikasi Negeri telah meletakan jawatannya baru baru ini kerana hilang kepercayaan diatas pimpinan Ketua Perhubungan.Kami mendesak penjelasan.

    Barisan generasi muda.

  19. Malaysia-Today
    written by Iliyas, November 19, 2009 18:11:33

    Jeffery has way pass his prime and should call it a day.What he should be doing is grooming young leaders instead of clinging on to a post he long for that will never be his for the taking.

    My sources in Kota Kinabalu tells me that all is not so well even in the State's Liaison Committee.The new chief Ahmad Thamrin, is useless to the core.Rumour has it that the Director Of Communications,the brain behind the increase of support for PKR from the internet savvy young professionals, has tendered his resignation.If the rumour is true,DSAI should intervene and put the house in order.

  20. Well, this article place Jeffry in an awkward position in PKR. The writer is a Chinese with Chinese perspective. Different from the KadazanDusun especially those who are not UPKO and PBS supporters. The message of this article is negative towards the rightful people of Sabah who has no motherland like Indonesia, Phillipines and Bruneis. No proof linking DusunKadazan to any other countries in the world. As such, they are the only original people of Sabah. The Bajaus are from the Phillipines, Bruneis from Brunei and the Bugis and Jawa from Indonesia. They are comers. Those who are inclined to these people are all the comers or foreigners. That is why this article is to condemn the DusunKadazan so to speak. They do not like to hear the 20 points. All of these outsiders want the 20 points to be abolished, especially the Muslims. So, you readers beware. If you are the original people of Sabah so be it. People of Malaya are all outsiders. They hate the 20 points. Be careful to all those who are like the Red Indians in the US. Hold on to our only land because we have no motherland to go to. We will die and rot here. Not like them.

  21. If you do not approve this comment, it means to say that you are not pure Sabahan. Either you are patriotic Chinese, Filipinos, Bugis, Brunei, Jawa, etc who come from outside Sabah. If you are pure Sabahan, it means to say that you are hipocrites like those avid church-goers with a pair of horns on their heads. If you publish my comment just now, you are a real pure patriotic Sabahan who will die and rot in Sabah.

  22. Jeffrey has past his time, Jeffrey should let the younger generation take over, bla-bla-bla. Not even one of you are PKR supporters judging from your comment. Bernard Dompok is a frog also. From penampang to the top of mount kinabalu. Not even one politician in Sabah are clean. Even the church and mosque-goers. They all pray for corruption. All tainted with blood money.

  23. Ronnie,

    Advice from Simon Sinoman, be strong and hope you can take over DJK. DJK is a pround and "sombong" individual.

  24. Some of these ministers likes to linger in the political scene long after their prime. Leave while your dignity is still intake.

  25. Just because those minister who refuses to step off the platform when their time has come. Holding on to their positions as if their lives depends on it. There would be no changes. They've sucked everything dry in their glory days and still refuses to give up their seats to the younger generations (and I don't mean K.J.

    *sigh* Just because...

  26. With PKR or without PKR, the opposition in Sabah, has a long way to achieve the dream to run the state. With K.L in full control, the present bickering in PKR will continue to persists. It is unfornunate that most of the present PKR leaders in the State are not truly and in earnest interested about Sabah's welfare. It is all about the position and power. All the sweet promises are long foregone once these politicians are in power.
    So it is back to square one. I supposed this is politics.

  27. This person cannot be trust anymore! But if you guys still want this kind of person then go ahead. But i thing for sure, he will do it again and again, and again. He will never satisfied in what he had now.

  28. As i know before he (DJK), still had money in Switzerland, i mean one of bank in Switzerland. Don't you guys ever think that he need to be more powerful to get that money back?

  29. Hurm, wonder who is this guy Iliyas, Anon (November 19, 2009 6:16AM)..

    Seems like the newly elected-Chief Ahmad Thamrin is really useless. I haven't heard him voicing out anything.


  30. Anon (November 19, 2009 8:12PM)

    He still has money in the bank of Switzerland? This guy is really cunning.

    But I guess you are right. He needs to be more powerful in order to get that money back. On the expense of the people's and State's money. Boo~

  31. It will definitely bring PKR's downfall in Sabah. Whether they would reconcile with Dr.J or not will determined the priorities and character of PKR leaders.

  32. Sdra/Sdri,
    Sebenarnya saya memang suka dan teringin sangat kata-kata Sabah Untuk Rakyat Sabah, maknanya Pemimpin Sabah berhak secara muktamad menentukan arah tuju politik dan ekonomi Negeri Sabah dan dengan kata-kata inilah PBS terangkat menjadi tampuk pemerintah pada tahun 1985 kerana seluruh rakyat Sabah menyokong slogan ini, tetapi amat malang sekali kerana slogan itu hanya menjadi Impian kosong dan hari ini semua pemimpin KDM masing-masing dengan partinya sendiri menjadi gerombolan dalam BN. Kenapa pemimpin KDM tidak bersatu dalam satu parti demi kekuatan dan penyatuan KDM agar ianya lebih kukuh dan kuat.....Kenapa?

    Kemudian itu kita menentang campurtangan pihak Kuala Lumpur dalam politik dan ekonomi Negeri Sabah.....mari kita fikir bersama.

    Uncle Sam

  33. Sdra Ronnie, kenapa drj dan christina diam-diam? Apa diaorang mau sekarang? Harap bertaubat dan diam-diam buat kerja dalam PKR.

  34. No need to be worry folks...this kind of person will not be longer in political field... We already know his true color....

  35. Whatever it is, PKR Sabah is in deep shit at the moment. It's just a bunch of rag-tag political discards who all want to be CM. Jeffrey, Thamrim and even Cristina are all the same. So it looks like Umno is still going to be Sabahans BIG BOSS for a while to come. Isn't there one Sabahan who has enough credibility to helm Sabah? It's so pathetic.

  36. Those people who freely leave and rejoin a party obviously does not respect it. Let those who leave, be gone forever.

  37. Aiseh not need Switzerlandlah, Singapore enough already nobody will care to dig it in Singapore..
    Maybe alsolah this fellow Jeffery when he was in Yayasan Sabah last time he made a lot of money in the YS timber dealing, possibly his money all in Switzerland.
    Well Sabahans themsleves to be blame for the trouble they created for themselves by voting these leaders in for just mere planks and water tanks..and sweet promises and some even just for mere bahar, tapai and montoku.....

  38. DJK is like Mati-akhir our old ex-PM and Najis. They have a syndrome "mau no 1" saja, no 2 tidak mau.

    This meant when they are in power, they "need" to be at the top "AT THE RAKYAT EXPENSES". So they will currupt and currupt until they have lots of money to bribe the voters to stay in power. We need leader that can "serve" us not the other way round.

    We have enought of Jeffery. He can go to feed his fish in TVRC.

  39. Yes yes we have enough of Jeffery and all those rusted politicians trying to come back and dig more gold, sorry to say that there is not one credible Sabah leaders who are really for the Sabahans...all for own pockets...Jeffery better forget about becoming a politician, just retire and enjoy the money he made during his hey days. Better don't make more trouble..
    Sabah will have to endure another term of BN and Umno...
    But it looks like that a small crack is starting in Umno Sabah with Yahya lashing out at Rahim... for a start...then you will see Shafie Apdal lashing out at Musa Aman...then the show begins in Umno Sabah...

  40. There are plenty opportunities for J to discover.If he really want to fight for his rights, make a wise move.Don't just stay there like woodpecker..think out of the box.

  41. Be a man,J!I don't have to compare yourself with another man out there.You got your things done.I don't have any idea about reconciling with PKR but bear in mind..political agenda is always the main priority.

  42. Dr. J, it's time to let go. Don't become another Mahathir+ Sami Vellu.

  43. Sorry to say, it is over J. There is no point to turn back. It is useless.

  44. With all the political bickerings in Sabah,this
    is in fact a blessing disguise. and any potential political leader should not miss this oppornunity .i.e. seriously look into the viability to form a strong multiracial party and bring back the spirit of the past of the 70's and the 80's when political party like Berjaya and PBS form a formidable party and later govern the State. 0f course,this is not an easy task, but it is worth the battle if Sabahans of all races dares to take up the challenge. What is now required is the right leader who has the fund, the guts and charisma and acceptable by all. Any taker? Despite the up and down of DJK, he is not a bad choice, after all, to lead a new political party. Any inputs on this subject is most welcome.

  45. Anak Watan,

    Please,we are trying to get rid of this bloody old school politicians.Get a grip,we're living in CyberWorld today.The idea of having another party even though multi racial is suicidal,while on the onset may not be a bad idea.

    But DJK leading,I won't even trust him to babysit my dog.

    German Shepard...woof..woof..woof

  46. IF pkr still keeps political opportunists and betrayors like jeffrey kitingan and christina liew, then pkr is in for a bigger trouble in the near future. It is a matter of time that they will ditch pkr again for worst. Most likely to happen in the eve of the next general election. It is a bad perception to the people to keep leaders like them within pkr for after what they had done to destroy pkr and attack pkr central leadership especially anwar ibrahim and other party leaders. Jeffrey and Christina and leaders in their camp had, accordinbg to Joe Fernandez of Malaysiakini, described anwar ibrahim as racist and adictator having completely ignoring the feeling of sabah leaders and treating thamrin as anwar's proxy, loyalist and agent, short of calling him puppet. They had made demands and held pkr in ransom by imposing an ultimatum against the central ledership. No secret that Jeffrey was courting BN componemt parties such as PBS and SAPP. But, people in sabah know Jeffrey well enough. These parties were smart enough not to have anything to do with Jeffrey who has proven himself times and again a trouble maker who is more likely to destroy rather than to contribute. He always thinks he is the best and knows what is best. However, after having failed to receive any positive signal from any political party, Jeffrey has also now more or less given up his only other option of forming his own political party after a miserable but crucial political gathering orgainized by him which was attended by only less than 200 people. Contrary to his initial expectation and plan, even those who were supposedly allied to him have deserted him and were now trying very hard to find their way going back to the fold of pkr. I was one of those present in the gathering. It was a quiet affair without any excitement or any PKR division being dissolved as initially promised by Jeffrey. Jeffery comforted those present that there was a slight delay. Jeffrey had to call off his announcement of a new party protem committee. Out of any viable option, Jeffrey has to maintain silent now but silence is not golden for him. Many in his camp are pressuring him to make a stand. Jeffrey is now caught in an akward and embarassing situation, neither moving ahead or going back to pkr since he has resigned as vice party president and according to him, has burnt his bridge. Meanwhile, PKR, state and central leadership did just the right thing and ignored Jeffrey and Christina and let them take their own course. There was never such thing as Peace Plan as what Joe Fernandaz wanted people to believe. Perhaps, soon, Jeffrey will announce that since pkr has accepted his plan for sabah and demands, he is returning back to pkr and giving pkr sabah a chance. But for what they have done, they had exposed their true colour too early and prematurely to the central and state leadership in that their loyalty to pkr is seriously doubtful. For the people of sabah, they have confirmed their well-founded doubt and suspicion about the commitment of these two seasoned politicians to the interest of the people. To Jeffrey and Christina, it is time to take a complete rest from being in active politics from now on.

  47. Anon,

    I would totally agree with you that Jeffery and Christina have evaporated their position and purpose of being in PKR.They should now do the honorable thing-leave for good.

    Whats puzzling though is,has the State PKR leadership gone on sabbatical leave?Their silence has now seem to appear as if PKR Sabah actually doesn't exist.Eversince the new Chief Ahmad Thamrin was appointed,PKR Sabah has gone into exile.

    Is this the kind of state leadership that PKR has?Habis la kalau begitu.

    Fence sitter.

  48. Eih, the guy is back lah..

    This time with a new party.

    Don't worry about PKR, their silence is a bliss.

    But like I care anyway. Hah.

    Rahim and Yahya? Shafie and Musa Aman? Let the show begin then. *munch on popcorns*

  49. Yo PKR, what's with the silence?

    After all the buzzing, bustling and commotion you guys make, why all of the sudden no sound ooo?

    I knew this will happen after Thamrin took over. Heh..

  50. Anoy and leon, may be thamrin and PKR Sabah should announce every move they made to you? May be you want thamrin to point a finger to every block drain and pothole? Or ...

  51. Aiyoo Anon...and what is so wrong in pointing thamrin's finger in block drains and potholes? At least the people will know he's going down to the ground.He's not even a bloody elected rep and he's expecting a red carpet,bloody arrogant.My center finger to you anon and thamrin.


  52. Mamamia, Anony, your center finger showed the type of personality you are. What a disgrace, you are. Not to dirty ronnie blog lah. I tend to agree with anon that politicians must do more.

  53. We dont need PKR here... Sori babe but thats what I think :P

  54. I won't even trust DJ!!!

  55. Jeffrey... huh??? I don't think he can be trusted anymore!!!

  56. He should retired from politics and enjoy his retirement.

  57. Aiyoo.. Jeffrey aa??? Tak habis2 kes pasal dia ni... Terbaru I dgr nak buat parti baru... Jadi ka tak I pun tak tau.. Yang I tau I tak mungkin sokong beliau!

  58. Jeffrey is just another frog. Why does PKR want him for?