Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sabah CM is on a "Witch Hunt"?

Call it Pathetic ignorance,acute political amnesia or just plain conscientious stupidity,Sabah's Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman is now on a hunt for scapegoats and taking the fall are the District Officers. His blatant accusation against the District Officers,that the UMNO/BN government will loose votes because of their incompetency in executing government projects on time may yet be another one of his sandiwara or wayang kulit act to cover-up his own wrongdoings, abuse of power and corruption.

Recently,Musa mouth lashed the District Chiefs - that they are constantly under the watchful eyes and ears of bloggers and FaceBook. Bloggers are swift to spot mistakes and wrongdoings of the government and capable of spreading it fast through blogs and other channels through the Internet.He said the younger generation,who are Internet savvy are more educated and could also influence their parents not to support the government.

I took the liberty to speak to one of the District Officer,who wanted anonymity and asked him how he felt about Musa's mouth lashing.In his own words he responded,"The Chief Minister has gone senile. WHY blame us? All the projects are not approved by us,and he has the cheek to point a finger at us us.Even our own MP's and Assemblyman are at times not even aware of such projects.I agree at the rate the present government is administering the state,don't be surprised this could be the last term of UMNO/BN."

He was right on target. Even a Deputy Chief Minister was not spared in the past. The issue of the MAZU statue in Kudat is still fresh on people’s mind. A blunder was made by Musa’s ‘macai contractor’ on Pulau Sipadan and Chong Kah Kiat was asked to take the blame and when he declined the mafia turned all their biggest canons against Kah Kiat. But winning a battle and doing the right thing are two different things. The perpetrators will pay for their crimes and sins in one way or the other soon, maybe very soon!

Way back in 2001 when there was that shocking revelation by then Chief Minister Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat, of lopsided deals and 'daylight robberies' by politicians a Minister in the government came out to say all the wrong doings were by the civil-servants. 'Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas' - The very guy who was practically signing blank-cheques of state lands and assets had the cheek to blame civil servants. Are the people taken to be so dumb? Unfortunately then, no body came to the defense of the civil servants.

The civil servants of Sabah are a great lot but unfortunately have become scape-goats and punching-bags and forced to be errand boys of the corrupt politicians.

Ironically,what Musa has failed to inform the people is, which are the projects he's referring to and who actually approved these projects?It's rather shocking that with all his shoe-polishers and Cybertroopers constantly making their presences felt,including on my blog - they have failed miserably to advice the Chief Minister the strength of the Internet.In this present era politicians such as Musa will not escape the eyes and ears of bloggers.Perhaps these Cybertroopers of Musa or UMNO/BN may have to call it a day, their presence and techniques are now useless and obsolete.

The condescending statements of late on the "ignorance syndrome" by a Minister unaware of the existence of mega projects, in his own backyard, has put the the entire Sabah State Cabinet to SHAME.These are the so-called leaders that Sabahans voted for. Is this ignorance , political amnesia or just conscientious stupidity? Many have asked me, stop criticizing and come up with solutions.My solution is remove the present government.

States Highest Award

This year’s long list of state awards came with much fanfare,when non other then the state's highest award (SPDK) was awarded to Datuk Seri Panglima Rosmah Mansor, wife of Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.What in God's name did she do for Sabah to deserve the state’s highest award?It's catastrophically insane to believe that Sabah has a shortage of aspirants for such an award.Whose decision was it to award the state’s highest award to Rosmah?

I'm convinced every Sabahan has the right to know.

While surfing the internet I came across two exciting and interesting video clips by Riz Khan of Al-Jazeera in his exclusive interview with Raja Petra Kamarudin and others as well as Najib Tun Razak.Enjoy the video clip and please don't hesitate to post your comment.


  1. The political landscape in Sabah has now evolved into a new era,a new awakening.Thanks to the internet,blogs,facebook and the emergence of our most vocal blogger in Sabah,yang saya hormati,saudara Ronnie,Musa's administration is under constant scrutiny.

    Leave no stones unturned,bloggers have become our source of information unheard of in the past,that made UMNO/BN winning elections after elections in Sabah so easy.

    As a retired District Officer in Sabah not too long ago,I also concur that the days of UMNO/BN is now numbered.The highly corrupt Cabinet Ministers and their cronies have cheated the rakyat far too long.

    There again,I hope the Opposition would check their present leaders as well,we don't want the same people only with a different shirt.

    The only reason why Rosmah Mansor was given the SPDK,is simple,Musa is just angkat kaki.Can anyone actually give a good reason why she should be given the award?

    Retired DO.

  2. *Massage temple*

    Looks like things are getting more complicated.

    What is this with cybertroopers? You mean some of commentors are the BN cybertroopers and CM's shoe polishers that were constantly commenting in here?

    I was wondering myself which projects does our dear CM mean. Wonder which one..Hurm....

    As for those BN cybertroopers and so-called-shoe-polisher of CM, I guess there will stick around until everything is cleared out.


  3. Hurm. *reads the whole post* Yup, very, very, downright complicated.

    Looks likes CM is in hot water.

    Why is it complicated? First, mega projects, then about the money involving MC, then the Mazu case (CKK vs MA)and then now Rosmah being given the state's Highest Award (SPDK).
    But the most controversial is the money involving MC and the award.

    Things are getting ugly..There will be clashes between PR-Cybertroopers and BN-Cybertroopers in here. Mark my words. *sweats*

    Seems like this will be an on-going battle.

    Let's get ready the soft-drinks and popcorns.

    Starwars anyone?

  4. The Blogsphere and Cyberspace is a new phenomena and on a fast track not only among internet savvy younger generation,but also among us in the older generation.

    I recall the days while serving in governments service,computers were taboo.I thank god that today it has become our source of information,more so people like Musa Aman cannot escape our eyes and ears.

    I had the displeasure of serving under this crook Musa before,and am thankful the blogs are able to disclose all his crooked ways.

    The video clip was interesting,I hope to meet RPK in person one day and shake the hand of the man who has chartered a new and positive direction for internet users.I also hope to meet Ronnie and give him a hug, for he has woken up the people of Sabah.

    Retired State Assemblyman.

  5. Actually Mr.Musa Aman,it is you and your crooked cabinet,bloggers are having their eyes and ears on.You can run but you surely can't hide.

    Yeah...I too would like to know,based on what criteria did Musa decided to give the award to Rosmah,other than angkat kaki of course?

  6. Ha ha ha that fat lady got a SPDK. What a joke! I am ashamed to be a Sabahanlah! We make ourselves look so stupid.....
    Flooding the kampungs, polluting the State, and now giving out State awards to fat ladies...what is this man???ha ha ha

  7. Adalah difahamkan bahawa Musa Aman akan dilucutkan jawatannya sebagai Ketua Menteri Sabah sebelum hujung tahun ini.Ini pasti suatu berita yang ditunggu.

    Wahai saudara saudara ku diSabah,bangkit dan sama-sama kami rombak kerajaan UMNO/BN supaya rakyat tidak lagi akan jadi pengemis di negeri sendiri.

  8. Ronnie, i agree with your statement ' My solution is remove the present government. '
    This is the best conclusion to end all the debate and argument of all kind of issue in the state.
    Sabahan, open your eyes wide, look out there.
    Look at our self, we have nothing to proud of. Not believe?
    Give you an example.
    Look at the street. You hardly find a brand new truck head.
    What you see? You saw recondition truck so call 'recon truck' or 'recon car'.Latest term is 'rebuild', hovering around the 'Sabah Highway' and street.
    While the export country enjoy driving their brand new vehicle which is generated by a latest technology engine, which is energy save, fuel save, more powerful and more efficient and more comfortable means cost save.We proudly import their 'abandon metal'.
    Think about it?
    Do we deserve?
    So give yourself a chance.
    Make a change.
    Sabah s big transform come from a small change of your mind.


  9. Musa has now been stripped naked with all his wrongdoings by bloggers,particularly by Sabah's very own RPK.Imagine the internet,blogs,facebook and other forms of information has been around,but Musa only finally realized the significance and power of IT.Where are all his men?Musa should have employed Ronnie as his consultant.

    KK Blogger.

  10. hmmm... shoe-polishers and Cybertroopers????

  11. Me myself also want to know based on what criteria did Musa decided to give the award to Rosmah...
    But I it's for a good reason :)
    He is our CM & he should know what to do:)

  12. uh-huh... Looks like things are getting more complicated...
    calm down folks :)

  13. "The civil servants of Sabah are a great lot but unfortunately have become scape-goats and punching-bags and forced to be errand boys of the corrupt politicians."

    Ya meh... I dont think so... I luv working with the gov & luv the concept of 1Malaysia:)

    For me gov did a lot of things to help us...
    Is it still not enough!!! ayooooooooo

  14. In human history, who is the leader without criticizing from the adversaries or even from his own supporter.
    None of a leader are perfect so as the decisions he made.
    Those benefit from it definitely will please it.
    Those not benefit from it, off course will
    Everyone are free to voice out their opinions.
    Final result are yet to be decide by all of us.

    peoples power

  15. This is a good platform for us to share our opinions. We may not agree with each other, but we must protect others right to speak.
    Virtual battle or writing conflict is an alternative for rival camps to fight their belief. Better than to become physically.
    Practice good manner, not emotional.Good ethic, not moody.

    r u agree

  16. If the DO have performed his duties well, there is noway for him to be hunt or sacrifice as a scapegoat. If he do nothing wrong, he should stand firm and fight for his justice.
    We are not fool. We know how to discern who is good and who is bad.


  17. I think Musa will go down in history as the most incompetent, most corrupted, ignorant and the biggest balls-carrier CM in out current day history. Head of States should be limited to one term otherwise it bocomes a commercial entity. 100k for PGDK...any takers? I HAVE A DREAM....and the day will come when it will be fulfilled.


  18. Don't bullshitlah, if Najib is still the PM Musa Aman will still be the CM. Do not be too sure that Musa is going down, you people are just dreaming and making stories. Musa Aman is as strong as ever...
    To change the Sabah state govt! ha what a joke you PKR people cannot even agree among yourselves now talking about kicking out BN. Clean your own house first, get new leaders and then talk about changing the govt...dream on and go wind talking ...

  19. If you have the chance to sit in or eavesdrop and listen to coffeshop talk, you will definitely hear of the main topic nowadays ie corrupted MA and his cronies who are making money from the rakyats. You will hear of million dollar projects and even upcoming projects not even announced by the govt yet. Why do these people talk bout this subject?? Because these people are no more "blind" and want to spread the word....GET RID OF THIS GOVT!!!

  20. CM is a 'Witch Hunt'?I bet someone is trying to turn him down again.You were not in his shoes,how do you suppose to accuse with something irrelavant?Rumors flings~

  21. When I heard that Rosmah was given the award. I was scratching my head until all the lice fall off and still don't get the significant meaning of the whole issue.

  22. Are this cybertroops for MA or for Govt really exist? Or may be Some sabahan voice up what is actually they felt. They think on positive side about MA and our Govt. May be they not even get a sen for this. Remember we have a different opinion. Some may think that MA and Govt are really bad but some may think in a different side.

    If people write their comment in a +ve view you cannot said that they work for Musa or Govt. It is individual opinion.

    But if you think that this cybertroops existed then people also can said that the opposition also had their own cybertroops to spread out any bad stories about MA and Govt.

  23. Good one Joylee..

    Different people, different opinion.

    You can't change their opinion of one issue.

    MA, I hope you could do something. ^_-

  24. Seems like some of you here are keen about CM s offences, make a formal report to SPRM please to support and proof your accusation are base on solid evidence.

    convince me

  25. We all are free to voice out our opinions whether is in the kopitiam, on blog, on news paper or anyway else. But please be aware of the sensitive issues such as religious and racial issue.
    Issue above need to be take it seriously. It involve our state highest leader and his reputation personally and the states good name generally.

    KK folk

  26. How many times do I hear the sentence "GET RID OF THIS GOVT"?

    Right, you hate MA and the BN regime.

    This, this and that.

    Talk here, talk there. Never ending.

    Looks like everyone is up now against the Govt..*sweats*

  27. Great video clip,I missed this when it was aired.As for Musa,he's behind time and his time is UP.Rosmah given Datuk Seri Panglima,Im also interested to know what did she do for Sabah?

    I notice many that comment here don't actually read the article carefully and understand it.We cannot pass flying opinions without understanding the contents.

    School Teacher.

  28. We will wait and see who is the scapegoat. By reading the words from the mouth of CM, his next move was predicted. Amazing.
    Keep us inform, we would like to know who are to be sacrifice.
    Hope that he will no to be slaughter or burn.


  29. Anon November 12, 2009 9:44 PM

    Keen is not the right word my friend. Obsessed is the right word.

    Cybertroopers or whatever they are, this why the Internet was called a universe without any boundaries.

    Anyway, back on this.

    Looks like trouble is coming it's way to CM.

    A super-duper big trouble but I was wondering, why would he give SPDK to Rosmah? What did she do for the people of Sabah?

    Just a wondering thought. :)

  30. Yeah,I agreed on Don too.I was like-What the hell is the R' lady doing here?I mean getting the award and then blocking the billboards..sort of that.She's just a wannabe to me.

  31. Really not easy to become a leader. Not only all the official duty that need to be handle and settle, he must must train himself to be strong and flexible enough to become a prime target of all kind of accusation, slandering, pressure,insult, revilement etc.

    broken arrow

  32. Breaking News....,Malaysia Today reported that Bala has now returned with vengeance.In a video clip,Rosmah Mansor through her toyboy Deepak offered inducements to Bala.

    And this moron Musa Aman wasted the state's highest award by giving it to Rosmah Mansor.The TYT should immediately instruct his good office to withdraw the award.

  33. I like to know how CM corrupt and abuse his power. Which project? How much he corrupt? What is the way or trick he corrupt? Where he keep his corrupted money?
    Please give the detail. If not i will say all the above are slandering.

  34. Anon November 12, 2009 11:23 PM

    Is that story about Rosmah true? Shocker! O.o

  35. Well,it is good to be careful.Don't leak something personal which can tarnish their images.We are living in the 21st century now and lots of things are unpredictable.Rumors can spread like wind.Just click on and you will see various titles and blah blah what's the point?

  36. I've heard this story of Musa Aman for a long time. But if it is true then why Sabahan People still vote him as CM? Why? I think because of Sabahans still have a trust in Him. Isn't it?

    But i totally not agree with this rosmah given the highest awards?

  37. What's the justificatioh of writing-off DBKK's RM44 million loans as announced by CM Musa Aman today?

    I also heard that he is going to be replace by Datuk Shafie Apdal or better Datuk Masidi Manjun. The reason is because his proxy was arrested at an airport overseas of carrying illegal millions of cash.

    As a result, this case has tarnished the image of Malaysia and PM Najib was very furious.

    But this guy CM Musa was smart when he awarded PM's wife Datuk Panglima to cool down the PM.

    As we are waiting for the dust to settle, the lifespan of Musa as a CM of Sabah is in ICU.

  38. The entire Sabah Cabinet is now in limbo.They have lost track how to administer the state.The good news is they are now under the microscope of blogger Ronnie.Kudos to you Sir.

    Journalist with ethics

  39. i agree with joylee & lemure,
    just because ur readers critised you doesn't mean they are MA/BN cybertroopers...oh please la terlebih radikal sudah org PKR ni

  40. Me myself don't know whether this accusation true or not. But i really appreciate if someone come up with proof. If just write it down without any proof then we cannot say anything yet.

  41. Shafie Apdal always had an eye on the CM's seat. There are rumors saying that Shafie Apdal bribed Chin Su Phin with an RM80 million contract, just to get him to help him bring down the current CM....

    *Well, I didn't have the rest of the facts. If anyone did. Please post the links.

  42. I don't know who is wrong and who is right. In politics, there must be you and your Enemy. But i know how it feel when you in a high position, and especially as a leader. You cannot "puaskan hati" everyone. This is because of we have a different opinion, we have our own ego, we have a different view in how to solve problems and so on. So, it is normal when people talk bad about you. And if it is true, then fix it but if not true just ignore it.

    But as long as you know what you do is right and you have your people right beside you, then stand for it.

  43. Franklyn speaking, me myself and i, don't know which one is wrong and which one is right. But as i see this is just an empty talk. Once again try to brings MA down. Please don't be a 'fire stone' (batu api haha) here.

  44. Tell me all of you, which Sabah CM was not corrupt or did not makan. The only one I can think who did not makan or did not get a chance to makan last time was Tun Fuad and Peter Lo, the rest ah ya sama juga. If you and I one day get a chance to be CM we also makanlah! If DSAI is to be the PM today, Musa Aman will still be a millionaire, and he will still be a friend of DSAI, this are all big boys gamelah..and money talks.
    Kita orang sini bawah bising bising sahaja mahu cari chancelah ..ini orang besar besar semua cakap duitlah..kita orang sahaja yang bodoh...bising bising..dia orang semua main wayang kulit kita percaya...

  45. History will repeat itself. We have had good leaders in USNo,Perikatan,Berjaya,PBS,BN but due to some peculiar behavioural aspects of mankind they were all voted out within a decade or so. So why are we crackin our head and getting stressed up unnecessarily?.. just let history take care of our problems. Its is a vicious cycle and we have to accept it and it is gonna to be real SOON!!! Patience is virtue.

  46. What proof Musa is corrupt? One finger point a Musa..4 fingers point back at u.

  47. shafie apdal had an eye for the CM seat? most people have an eye for the CM seat thank you

  48. I think DMA is too famous la... That's why many people jealous with him... hahahhahhahhahaha

  49. Saya punya suka la mahu puji BN atau x... Kalau orang lain anggap saya ni shoe-polishers ataupun Cybertroopers... Apa boleh buat....
    Yang penting Sabah tetap aman...

    hehhehe; aramai tiiiii kio:P

  50. hmmm... I dont know which 1 is wrong and which 1 is right... BUT we should being critical thinker and do not make any judgment without any proof :)

  51. We are free to voice out our opinions.
    Whether it's +ve @ -ve; it's depend on us...

  52. aiikkss... hmmm...
    Hairan la juga napa Rosmah dapat anugerah tu...
    Tapi tak pa la... setiap perkara yang dilakukan pasti ada alasan yang munasabah :)
    So x payah la marah2 ya tompinai... hehhehehhe

  53. Musa Aman has been doing good things for Sabah despite makan here and there. The last CM who had done good for Sabah was Harris Salleh but his kuncu kuncu spoilt the whole thing. For Musa Aman, people are just jealous of him. and there are some who are just making accusations for political mileage in oreder to topple him and take over and make money.
    Come on man, take a look how Sabah is developing and how stable is Sabah now under Musa Aman, not like the last time under the rotation CM all the CMs took the chance to make money in two years!!!
    I am not a big fan of Musa or BN or PKR but I look at things in the overall...
    Woul;d you people like your State money being gamble away in London? Or being used to buy properties in Australia and New Zealand without any left in Sabah development! At least now no doubt the present CM or his lineup mesti ada makan jugalah tetapi ada pembangunan di Sabah...
    I am not a BN cybertrooper or a ball carrier of Musa Aman or whoever those BN goons but lets look things in a neutral way.
    I was also wondering if PKR or whatever party takes over, will Sabah be better? Could be worst because all these so called leaders in PKR are all dried up, sure they will want to fill up their pockets too...
    I tend to agree with Mahathir in his speech at the Sutera Harbor about the present trend of political leaders, fill pocket first, the rakyaat come second!
    I personally not to worried about whatever is going on in Malaysia especially Sabah, because I live overseas because I got fedup with all the squandering in Sabah since Merdeka but I pity my fellow Sabahans if they were to suffer year in year out because of all the bad leadership, corruption and discrimination. I travel to Sabah every now and then and keep abreast of what is going on.
    Good luck my fellow Sabahans

  54. All Sabahans need is explanation from DMA. Please make this clear, so that people will not talk about this corruption or else issue behind you. Please...I don't know what was going on there and i won't believe in everything been said here until it is proven...

  55. what this? another story of Musa Aman? nonono not a new story but story yang suda lapuk...

    Why there are still people want to talk about this? Suda lama la need to brings this story up again...

    Better you prepare yourself for the PR13... be one of the candidates for the next CM.

  56. Mr.Anom,

    Many sabahans has laundered/squandered Sabah's wealth and moved overseas to enjoy their harvest and at the same time to avoid prosecution ( i hope you are not one of them) and those who stay back despite the misery and despair at the true sabahans.Tell me what significant change the present CM has made compared to the rotated ones i.e preserving the rights of the people of North Borneo. Aliens ( on the rise), State Land ( many locals becoming landless ), Timber ( disguised as FMUs), Mines ( coal very soon at the expense on the rakyat and environment), Oil ( no increase in revenue ), Foreign Investment ( A++ we have a lot of semenanjung oil palm companies, many sarawakan contractors doing Mega projects, our paper industry given to his countrymen, and the list goes on and on ). Dont all these ring a bell and isnt it time for change. A poor man got crushed in an earthquake and decided to cut off has leg in order that he could live (true story) - we sabahans are used to being persecuted and we are always ready for change even with sacrifices....anytime!....anytime!! coz we have everything to live for.

  57. Do not dream for change when the opposition cannot even agree among themselves!

  58. Like it or not, MA still CM of Sabah.
    Like it or not, BN still lead Sabah state government.
    As long as BN still won majority in the GE,
    we must respect the decision of the majority.
    We still need to respect the leader. Especially our CM.
    Stop slandering. If you want to charge or accuse, please proof it.


  59. Support PR, you are call supporter.
    Support BN, you are call shoes polisher or cyber trooper.
    So funny.

    You may like curry, but i like asam laksa,
    We may have different politic view, but i respect your right. So i do wish you respect

    Thank you

  60. Senang kita buat andaian, tangapan, tuduhan mahupun fitnah. Perkataan dari mulut, yang diutlis boleh bembawa manfaat, sebaliknya juga membawa mudarat.
    Awasi mulut kita.
    Awasi apa yang kita tulis juga.
    Yang benar tetap benar.
    Tapi kalau tidak benar, apakah perasaan orang yang disalah tabsir??
    Cuba fikir.


  61. Proof of Musa curruption:

    Big projects:
    -Income Tax buildings - our Sabah money done by BHO Sdn Bhd - BHO owner is his brother-in-law.

    -KPD office in Inanam own by SANYA sold to Bestco Sdn Bhd and later sold to Gaint. Bestco is own by Humfrey Tan and Musa wife.

    -Suria infront of Standard Chartered Bank is currently purchased by Humfrey Tan at a lower price from Sabah Development Bank and guessed who approvded the projects.

    -Money laundrying in Hong Kong over RM10 Million of which a chinese was arrested.

    Small projects also walloped by Musa's relative the Amans family from small advertisement project to sewerage project.

  62. wow, simply type few word so call proof of corruption. Anybody copy this and report to SPRM.
    Don't know court accept or not?
    I suggest reducing of salary for whole SPRM. Easy job for them to proof someones corruption charge.
    If words are bullet, million were kill.


  63. Freedom of press ma thomas....dont get so uptight and start to cut salaries....this site can be a good form of amusement also! chill out my friend.

  64. Anon, November 15, 2009 11:58 PM

    Where did you get that info? Is it true?

  65. Grecore, want to hear it, just go to kopitiam or kedai kopi.
    There will be many of this kind of kopitiam talk. Spreading around. True or not, ask the one who talk, he will tell you ' my friend told me'. Everyone are told by their friend. Seems this secret friend was live in CM s stomach for good.

    stomach worm

  66. Musa Aman has been a businessman long before you all were even born.
    He was already rich during Tun Mustapaa time, so that is why he can afford to own all those buildings. You all are just jealous of Musa Aman, you think if he steps down as CM he will be poor and kucing kurap! no way man he will still be rich. At least he does not gamble away all the Sabah's wealth. If you people get a chance you people will also enrich your family first and all your close friends. What shit are you all talikng about Musa Aman. So far he makan but development is there...Like it or not the majority of Sabahans still support Musa Aman and BN. The opposition all kucing kurap dried up, all trying to get the share of the wealth, dengkilah. Never mind work harder convince the people that you all are better then stand for elections see whether you all can win or not. Not just talk talk nonsense in this blog!!!!

  67. Very easy ma..go for company search and check who own Bestmart Hypermarket...and BHO.

  68. Have u guys wonder why a Sarawakian own Kompleks Karamunsing? Musa goog buddy ma. Coffee talk or untouchable. Ever wonder why so fast develop?

    Do u know who own UMNO buildings, Wisma Bandaraya and the 5 star hotel infront of the pilipino market?

  69. Its hard to convince by mouth or simply write something on the blog. Proof means you need to present something like documents, or any kind of evidence to support your allegation toward someone or something.


  70. To anynomous on 17/11/2009 3.54 am, betul ke ni u cakap atau mau kasi hot urang? Why YB AMNO went hysterical in Dewan Undangan sitting when LDP proposed to revive the rotation of CM in Sabah cabinet? Dah cukup lah 2 term jadi CM and now pass to non-muslim bumiputra if we want a truly 1 Malaysia.

  71. I see a lot of frustrated contributors in this forum....adversaries and friends of Musa Aman....their articles exposed their behaviour and mentality and to me they are all losers. We should be talking on how we could bring back Sabah to its former glory instead of making an inventory of MA'a assets.Remember...what you dont know will not hurt please keep MA's list of assets in his Safety Deposit Box after all when he dies he can only be buried in his birthday suit.

  72. Well,I'm not his puppet to be true.I'm not defending him either.There is nothing to be messed up with.If you keep telling people that you are not doing this or doing that,people are still flaming up something.Because there is the only way to dig out some of the so called-Musa's best frens..excuse me,don't do something stupid.Hatred people are everywhere.

  73. This is not the first allegations ever mention. I got one story to share with you.

    When I was a coffee shop, I heard this one contractor talking to his friends in one table. He said CM ask for 10% of the project payments. Another friend of his who is also a contractor said the CM even ask for 10% from the project from every and each contractor's projects he approved. CM was even know as Mr. 10%. Then suddenly this friend said, "I am not convince. Give me proofs that he is indeed a Mr. 10% man." Both contractor friends shut up and start to talk about something else. I on the other hand snickering about the quietness of those two.

    So, you see. Even with accusation, there must proofs to support the accusation. Documents or whatever. As long there no proof, meaning the accusation is baseless.

    Just merely stating my opinion. No need to go bombarding me.

  74. The Chief Minister's followers and supporters are bailing out from him fast. This so-called-friends-of-his are pathetic.

    Way too pathetic.

    And no, I am no shoe-polisher or supporter. Just stating my opinion.

  75. Solid evidence is definitely needed but I prefer to read and snicker at your comments.

    Cause you guys gave one hell of comments.

    But, I won't burst your bubbles.

    This stories have been fueling in rumourville. It's old. Hah~

  76. This is a story of the century!


    Musa Aman is the first most talked CM ever in blogsphere. Oh I believe we should give him 2 award for being the 'Most Talked In Blogsphere" and "Most Famous in Internet Search Engine". He have defeated other CMs before him.

  77. SindraRichie, I smell sarcasm in your words.

    But i like the idea of the awards.

    Cybertroopers eh? Funny you said that Ronnie coz these cybertroopers have been the talk of all the blogs.

    Funny coz some of them just giving out their positive opinion on the CM and they were call shoe-polishers of CM. If they say something negative by their POV, they were called cybertroopers.

    Poor them and those labelling them are pathetic.

  78. My 50 cent?

    It is best to be neutral than having involve in politics.

    The backlash that the Chief Minister's receive is severe and damaging.

    Staying neutral is the best.

  79. Get a picture, we can see now most of the arrow are targeted to CM.
    Sabah State Government wasn't run by MA alone,
    but why all the allegation are too focus against CM?
    To pull down MA?


  80. I am in my early 30s. I have lots of friends in mid/late 20s & early 30s. Generally for us young sabahans, we do not "fanatically" support BN or PR. What we want is a 2 party system that alternately run this country. The way we look at it the people are the masters & the YBs are our representative and our servants. The developments that the government provide for us are our rights. We should not even thank the government for bringing development to our areas, it is their damn JOB!! Got it!

    Young voters

  81. Punishing your own child by canning may put you behind the bar of child abuse charge.
    Rebuking the incompetency of certain DO by CM now has stir up a conspiracy theory.
    How to become a head of a family or a superior?
    As a head of a state administration, CM is the most appropriate person to comment about the performance of his subordinates.
    If not him, who else?
    So please do not relate the formal duty of our CM with those funny story.

    super cicak

  82. Kesian KM kita. Kelemahan pegawai bawahan pun tidak boleh ditegur. Kalau ditegur, dikata pula cari kambing korban. Kalau tiada kerjasama antara ketua dan yang turut perintah, macam mana kerja lebih sempurna dan lebih lancar dapat dijalankan?
    Jika disuruh sembelih kambing, tapi ayam pula di potong konon lebih murah dan senang diurus, macam manalah kedai sup kambing boleh maju?
    Pekerja bodoh malah tidak patuhi arahan, apa patut dibuat?
    Goreng lah. Lucutkan jawatannya. TPM pun pernah dilucutkan jawatannya dalam sejarah Malaysia, apa lagi buat DO DO ini,
    Tukarkan dengan yang lebih pintar dan ikut arahan. Yang lebih berkemampuan.
    Tidak salah korbankan sedua ekor kambing itu buat amaran kepada yang tidak buat kerja dengan betul demi kebaikan rakyat dan negeri.

    Jangan kecil hati atau marah membaca komen ini terutama buat DO DO yang berkemampuan dan berdedikasi untuk rakyat. Ini hanya untuk yang kurang berkemampuan. Anda tentu tidak marah sebab bukan dalam golongan tersebut.

    senyumam manis

  83. Saya bercadang dan beharapan tinggi agar KM mengambil langkah yang cepat dan tegas melucutkan jawatan DO yang tidak mampu menunaikan tugas yang diamanahkan.
    Tukarkan dengan calon yang lebih baik demi manfaat rakyat.
    Ini bukan soal kambing korban atau cerita dongeng. Ini soal kualiti kerja dan keputusannya secara lansung menjejaskan kualiti hidup rakyat jelata.


  84. Apa macam ni kenapa DO di sasarkan. Kami DO sudahlah di maki hamun dan gaji kecil di kecam oleh menteri. Check menteri menteri - kenapa Yahya Hussien punya rumah macam istana. Jangan check orang bawahan.

    DO sakit hati

  85. Should this provocation of the CM be categorized as treason? Or does the word apply to the royal family, only? Reading too deeply into European history, don't let it bother you.

  86. Kepada DO sakit hati, jangan sedih, saya percaya kamu DO yang menjalankan tugas dengan prestasi yang cemerlang. Jadi kamu tidak perlu ambil hati apa yang dikatakan diatas.
    Kerana itu hanya untuk DO yang lemah prestasi.

    proton saga kelabu

  87. Sipa makan cili, tahulah rasanya.
    Jika rasa sakit hati membaca komen atas, tentu kamu gagal menjalani tugas dengan baik.
    Jika tugas diamanahkan dibuat dengan jujur, tekun dan iklas, walau seribu tuduhan dacu pada mu, hati mu tetap reda dan tenang.

    cili padi

  88. Witch Hunt?

    What witch hunt?

    Who, where and when?

  89. "Many have asked me, stop criticizing and come up with solutions.My solution is remove the present government."

    So, Ronnie, sir. Did those people told you to stop here criticizing in the blog or outside of blog-sphere?

    I don't think it's easy to remove the present Govt.

  90. Anon (November 19, 2009 2:01 PM)

    Biarlah c Yahya Hussien dengan rumah macam istana. Ko cakap dia buat itu ini sampai ada mansion pun, dia tetap akan menafikan.

    Isteady bah. So, kalo nda mo kena ckp atau dituduh sembarang, sila buat kerja anda yg lebih ke arah menolong rakyat. :)

  91. Why is Rosmah getting with SPDK Sabah? Dun understand one bit of it. What did she ever do to deserve that highest award is really a wonder. Huuuu..

  92. Gaji DO tak sampai pun RM2,000. Gaji menteri di Sabah RM15,000. DO hari hari jumpa rakyat belanja minum rakyat, terangkan rakyat procedure kerajaan.

    Menteri diopis ada SUT, tak kerja apapun.

    Hairan juga macam mana menteri boleh bayar rumah yang kos lebih dari RM10 Million dengan gaji RM15,000-00??

  93. Gaji DO tidak sampai RM2,000?? Betulkah?
    Patutlah dia sakit hati. Harap rakyay sekalian yang pernah membaca blog ini, tolong sebarkan kesusahan DO DO ini, jangan lagi minta dibelanja DO, gajinya tipis,kalau boleh kita yang belanja DO makan dan minum apabila jumpa di kedai kopi. Tapi awas saya tidak pasti samada ini sudah melanggar akta rasuah ke tidak.

  94. Kenapa mulut Rosmah macam kegatalan je

  95. Sinang ja mau tau kalau MA makan rasuah..Cari semua harta nya..panggil dia declare dari mana dia dapat duit tu semua

  96. Kenapa mau kacau DO? DO tiada duit. Musa kaya raya, Pairin ada rumah di AUstralia, Yahya Husien separuh Putatan dia punya.

    Yahya Husien sikarang bikin tiles dari Taman Jumbo pergi IstanaYH nya di tepi pantai.

  97. Kepada DO yang berkaitan, sila buat keja anda dengan tekun dan berwibawa. Bangun lah dari tidur mu yang lena itu.

    Kepada DO yg sakit hati, jangan sedih. Teruskan sahaja membuat kerjamu. Abaikan perkara2 yang remeh-temeh.

    Selamat Maju Jaya!

  98. Apapun yang kita cakap... Tak akan ubah apa-apa...
    So harap-harap orang yang ada kuasa ni buatlah kerja bagus-bagus kio :)

  99. Kesian DO.. Tapi xpalah... Asalkan kamu terus buat kerja semuanya pasti OK :)

  100. We shouldn't blindly accused our CM...
    It's not fair to him

  101. Ba kalau kamu rasa si Musa ni memang banyak salah, bah buat lah surat rasmi beserta dgn bukti bagi sama pihak yang berkenaan - baru puas hati.
    Kalau takda bukti, ba diam2 la..

  102. aiks Witch Hunt???
    Whatever la... Whether we like him or not - 1 thing for sure he is our CM now :)

  103. i think, he has done a lot for SAbah development. but there are still people who ungratefu. Changing new CM will having more problem because the new CM doesnt have good connection with others.

  104. uhm, dorang memg suka cari kesalahn CM. salah sikit sibuk satu dunia tapi apa yg Cm suda buat teda pun dia mo puji.

  105. i believe UMNO-BN will stay in Sabah in the next GE-13.

  106. We'll wait and see after the next GE.