Friday, October 16, 2009

Cure or Castrate the Cancerous Growth

Once again Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is at the crossroads - WHO should lead Sabah?

The latest fiasco as highlighted in blogs and online news portals has captured much interest and resulted in dissatisfaction among the people, members and supporters. For the record, there are no representatives from PKR in the Sabah state legislative assembly - just a reminder to the leadership in case they have overlooked it.

Last week, Malaysiakini reported that, on the night of 7th October, 16 out of a total number of 25 Sabah PKR division heads met and concurred that they had no confidence in Azmin Ali's(right) leadership and communicated this to the party top leadership in Kuala Lumpur.

The report has said that the 16 division chiefs wanted Azmin removed from the post with immediate effect and also made it clear that “no one from outside Sabah should be appointed to head the PKR chapter in the state ever again”.

While UMNO/BN(left) are perhaps enjoying the leadership struggle ‘show’ in PKR Sabah, there is also the notion that there is a hidden hand masterminding this from the sidelines.

The negative signals are surely not at all encouraging but very demoralising. Such things lead people to wonder if PKR is really ready to form the next government. Many supporters and followers were eager to know how I perceived this. I fully subscribe to the fact that Sabah PKR must be led by a Sabahan - there's no two ways about it. Having said that, we also do not want power crazy leaders who are tainted and have nothing to show for themselves, other than creating disunity wherever they go, all because they have only one aim in life – to become THE NUMBER 1.

Its just a co-incidence and has nothing to do with the 1Malaysia slogan – whose intention is merely to mesmerise Malaysians into thinking that the Nation’s leaders are working extremely hard to bring all the best to the people, while the truth is just the reverse.

On second thoughts, these leaders causing disunity in PKR would blend perfectly with the 1Malaysia group as all they desire is to serve themselves. Unfortunately, even they are keeping their distance from the ones addicted to the Number 1 position.

I implore the sincerity, intentions and integrity of those involved in this fiasco on the night of 7th October, which had a malicious intent written all over the wall. It was reliably learnt that prior to the appointment of Azmin Ali, the matter was tabled in the PKR Supreme Council Meeting. Sabah is represented by three(3) supreme council members namely, Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan(left), Tuan Hj.Ansari Abdullah(right)and Christina Liew(below left). My question is - why was there NO OBJECTIONS at that time, WHY NOW?

Granted, and I totally agree, only Sabahans understand Sabahan sentiments,and Sabahans should be allowed to decide on their own. But the pathetic old school politics advocated by power-crazy individuals spurting parochial sentiments must come to an end. Craze for power had always been there - even before the emergence of Azmin Ali, a fact that I challenge any of the PKR leaders in Sabah to dispute.Catastrophically,there are also no signs of second tier leaders being groom,how pathetic can this be?

I urge the Central Leadership of PKR ... in particular, Dato'Sri Anwar Ibrahim(right), to resolve the leadership problem with total firmness and fairness. If at all PKR Sabah is to make any impact in the next general elections, the leadership in Sabah must be strengthened, more so SOLIDIFIED.

The people are thirsting for change but it’s disgusting to note that some leaders have no idea as to what reform or change is. Leaders must know what is CHANGE and WHAT CHANGES the people desire. A good leader must have the ability to identify and be receptive to them. More importantly they must go all out to quench the thirst of the people for change.

Leaders must know what PKR stands for and sacrifice themselves in serving the people's and party's agenda and not use the party to serve their personal agendas.

The earlier the top leadership deals with and resolves the Sabah leadership problem the better.

In politics, leadership problems can be ‘cancerous’. If left ‘untreated’ for too long they may lead to disastrous and mortal consequences.

When a cancerous growth cannot be cured, the only alternative may be to castrate the affected part – so that the rest of the body may have a chance to grow and move forward.We must move beyond the rhetoric UMNO/BN form of leadership and racial disunity.Only clearly defined policies and a solidified state leadership of PKR can convince Sabahans that we are a suitable choice for the people.

Lest we forget – Leadership should be DESERVED, NOT DESIRED.

Finally,I've attached with my post a very inspiring video clip,in the hope that the PKR leadership will be equally inspired and reformed,"Satu Perjuangan".


  1. Ronnie,I take my hat off for you.I have totally misjudged you before,I wish to convey my utmost apologies.You have proven beyond doubt to be fair and neutral,yet blunt.You do possess leadership qualities.

    We hope the leadership of PKR Sabah will take heed to your advice.I think DSAI should listen to you as well.

  2. The sign of doom to PKR Sabah is starting to show. Azmin Ali should have not poked his nose into Sabah's affair but because of his greediness to control everything including Sabah totally has weakened the spirit of Sabahans.

    Now, you all have realized how many of you being complaining that UMNO has monopolised everything.. Look at the mirror and say "Look who's talking".Even the old maggots in PKR should be eliminated at once. If these people still maintain their positions there, the people of sabahan will definitely puke at their faces and vote for recent government which is exactly the right thing to do. PKR should be abolished at Once!!


  3. The man behind all this problem is non other then Jeffery Kitingan himself.He did this in PBS,AKAR and PBRS now he is doing it in PKR.

    Kick this guy out and PKR will be stronger,I assure you of that.We don't need him to bluff us that he champion the KDM's,he's only interested in power by cannot perform.

  4. Kudos to a well written and well assess chronology of the ruckus that's happening in PKR Sabah.I haven heard nor seen any PKR leader in Sabah saying anything in the press or online other then the rampage in particular by Malaysiakini.

    I wonder if Malaysiakini's reporter is under the payroll of Jeffery Kitingan?He seems to be very pro-Jeffery.

    PKR Sabah,please move on and we shall continue to support you,I wonder if any of you guys are aware that our RPK of Sabah could be an asset to you.

    PKR member Tawau.

  5. Great Article Ronnie and spot on. The issue am sure is not about Azmin being the Head of Sabah PKR Liaison. It is in fact all about Dr. Jeffrey wanting to be the Number 1! He has done it like what the earlier comment was made, many many many times. Before PBRS, AKAR and PKR, Dr. Jeffrey did it to PBS, when he claimed in 1994 that his Brother wanted him to be the CM .... right after he left Seremban Detention Hotel. Am sure many will recall this. Anyway, Zaid Ibrahim is now being used or probably in colaboration with Dr. Jeff to destabalise PKR. Obviously the hidden hands cannot be far away from those who subscribe to Use Money No Opposition way of life.... PKR Central Leadership, do act quick and be firm.... Sabah is ripe for your taking ....

  6. PKR Sabah is doomed. Right off Jeffery and all his cronies and get all the clean Sabahan faces in and then talk about challenging BN in the next election, otherwise forget it and stop dreaming of winning Sabah.
    On the top of that Sabah do not need "orang Malaya" to lead the Sabah PKR. We need "anak Sabah tulin " who understand Sabah problems. Since Sabah joined Malaysia, it felt that Sabah have been colonised through and through again.
    At the moment Sabah is better off with the devil we know than with the devil which cannot even unite.

  7. From the word GO,all the bright and shining Armour of the knighted knights of Jeffery were busy tearing down the party.I agree with anon,that this has nothing to do with Azmin,it's all about Jeffery,period.

    This is the last straw for Jeffery,we in PKR will not allow him to destroy a party that we in Sabah are proud of.Enough is enough.

    In addition a gentle advice to anyone else having any ideas to topple the party,think again.Brother Ronnie,we salute you in telling off our leaders.They have become too complacent and it's about time someone kick these fellas in their butt to wake them up.

    Penampang Warrior.

  8. Let this be the trimming of a tree. Those branches that are becoming unnecessary, need to be put to rest (i couldn't allow myself to say burnt them)and be the fetilizer for the younger generation. Younger generation needed their advice and i believe their support will significantly help the PKR.

    Ronnei, you are the son of a gun. People salute you because you are right for caughing this matter out with pure bluntness.

    I don't believe entirely that only Dr. Jeffry must be blame in this, which i believe he should be as we all know that he is the Vice president. But did he excercise his position to treat this cancer? being a Vice President carries huge responsibility to ensure that our beloved PKR will move onto different highths, with firmness to lead and not allowing someone to wag your tail! The Dog wags its tail and not the tail period!

    Equally Ansari should also be blamed, as he has been a free radical in the party and needed so much that he should be first to be cut and out under permanent retirement plan. Look at what had happened in the last election? What fiasco he had created? But for what? Confusion, divisions amongst party leaders and members, and yet the top leadership of PKR still believe that he is significantly important for the party? Look at the new line up? All are connected to him!! What would Dr. Jeffery may have felt? As te result 16 ketua Cabang dissatisfied? This was the root of all these. Azmin, should had been wise to appoint the new line up? This is a democracy country why not allow all the Sabah's 3 supreme Council leaders to sit down and decides on the possibile line up and allow the whole ketua Cabangs to contribute as well? These 16 Ketua Cabang believe that Azmin appointment was one sided, and it leads to Ansari people? Why? someone that had been responsible for a major dissunity within the party in the last election, has been given the booth to decide with Azmin?

    I love this party very much, let us move on and be counted as someone that brings changes to this nation, be apart of the change itself, but not for self interest on the expense of the interest of the rakyat. The rakyat of sabah is so ready to tip-off the iceberg, you can go anywhere in Sabah and they all wanted the change. "The Change" But is PKR ready? Even the house is not in order what can we say about putting these so called leaders to head the new reformed people of Sabah?

    So the saying goes, if the house is not in order, it was the father of the house that is to be blame. If the PKR members are confused and heartbroken, shoot off the leaders and appoint a new one. That is a fact of life. The vote of no confidence should rest in the leadership of these leaders.

  9. Ronnei once again you are simply unbelievable. Barani karana betul!.. I just hope that the central leadership of PKR will not give you the booth off your current position. if they do, than we know what are they really made of... kan?

  10. It takes a man with pure guts to speak out and speaking the truth at that.Your post speaks highly of a person who possess the passion for the people and the changes that the people are so looking forward to.

    If PKR does not look at the post positively then we are doomed to serve the people and the hopes of forming the next government.PKR must decide and decide now or we shall go down in history as a scumbag party only meant for people with personal agenda.

    I have read all the news appearing in Malaysiakini,Malaysia Today and some other blogs and I must say with all sincerity that Ronnie you have my vote as a true defender for the people,you spoke the truth.

    DSAI,the people have spoken now please act and chart a new course to strengthen PKR.

    Keningau Warrior.

  11. How to topple BN in Sabah like this?
    Umno is going to stay in Sabah for a long long time. OKR will not have a chance to take over Sabah in the next GE. Those glorious days ogf Sabahans changing state government every five year is over. Stick to what we have today, and cooperate.

  12. Unless one has the full facts and background to the leadership problem haunting PKR Sabah, it is noty easy to be objective. Lot of speculation and herasay at play in this issue. Some with persoanl selfish agenda and others with frustration for the love of the party and many others just wish PKR would disappear from the face of Sabah political arena for good. No purpose served in pointing your finger at any leader in PKR. PKR leaders at both state and central level must do some soul searching as to what went wrong within. It is not correct that only west malaysians are appointed as sabah chief. Before Azmin ali and Anwar, not less than 5 sabahan leaders were appointed to head PKR Sabah including Ansari. Sabahan leaders must ask themself honestly why these sabahan leaders came and went away. If you asked me, it was due to infighting and internal squabbles amongst them. Donot get me wrong, most sabahan leaders are decent people except for a very few who were the mastermind behaind the downfall of most of these past PKR sabahan chiefs. Based on the past scenario, these very few spoilers will continue to do the same, that is, engineering downfall of pkr sabah chiefs, until and unless he or his master is appointed as the PKR sabah chief. That might be the reason why Anwar decided to appoint outsider purportedly to be neutral to resolve Sabah leadership crisis until such time a sabahan can take over from him. What is there to gain or the political mileage for Anwar or Azmin to be Sabah chief? Nothing. The big question is: Can the sabah pkr leaders decide for themself who shall be sabah chief? It is entirely up to them to work it out and propose to Anwar. I donot think until today, sabah leaders have done so. They were consistently troubled by these very few spoilers in steering up fractions, infighting and interference with divisional leadership, character assination and at all costs to topple the existing sabah chiefs. On the other hand, central leadership must consult with state leadership which, for obvious reasons, doesnt mean just Jeffrey, Ansari and christina only. Caution here, the central leadership must not think they know best. There must be constant consultation between the central and state pkr giving sabahan leaders all due respect in sincerity. Sabahan politicians are politically seasoned and smart. After all, they have gone through many turbulent times some of which have only now happened in the west such as perak state. They may be quiet but they know exactly how are they being treated. Donot take their silence for granted. When they shout at you and that is the end of it. West malaysians must realize that Sabahans by nature are not aggressive people and tend to be polite. But political history has shown that USNO and Berjaya governments had paid a very high price for ignoring their feeling. There is a limit to their tolerance, which is reaching valnerable point. And to make thing worst, these very few spoilers are expoiting the issue to their advantage. PKR MUST ACT NOW AND BE FIRM to root out the main culprits once and for all in order to move on to form a respectable political force. Until PKR has ironed out these obstacles, there in no way of moving forward, let alone winning any election in sabah. Just to remind yourself, if Sabah leaders are united, no outsider not even Anwar or Azmin can push you around or dominate you. We are still hopeful on Sabah PKR and there are good leaders but you need to resolve your domestic problem, which is no big deal. By the way, which political party has no problems?

  13. Ronnie, satu langkah yang paling bijak dan berani, saya setuju dengan sdra bahawa pemimpin MESTI mempunyai prinsip yang kukuh dan teguh dimana perjuangan dan matlamt parti perlu diutamakan dari kepentingan lain, selain dari itu bagi saya tidak perlu saya jadi pemimpin No 1 dalam parti baru saya dapat menumbangkan sesuatu kepada mengukuhkan kedudukan parti cukup hanya menjadi ahli dan bersungguh-sungguh membantu berkorban demi untuk perjuangan parti sehingga membuahkan hasil, tapi malang bagi PKR saya nampak tidak ada kesatuan dan mufakat yang kukuh dikalangan pemimpinnya di Sabah malah asyik bercakaran antara satu dengan yang lain kerana apa demi nama dan agenda peribadi, wajarkah mereka ini digelar sebagai pemimpin? Tolonglah wahai saudara-saudari yang duduk ditampuk pemimpin tertinggi PKR Sabah hayati kehendak rakyat sabah dan bersatulah untuk masa depan anak-anak cucu cicit kita, jangan kita diketawakan oleh pihak musuh. Saya sarankan kepada pucuk pimpinan PKR Malaysia agar masalah ini diambil tindakan segera kerana masalah ini telah berlarutan dari semenjak pertama kali PKR menjejak langkah di bumi Sabah hingga ke hari ini, masalah ini tidak pernah selesai dan mungkin dilakukan oleh orang yang sama jadi penyelesaian ada ditangan pemimpin Tertinggi PKR. Kalau saya mana-mana anggota yang buruk dan tidak boleh digunapakai cantas lebih baik buat begini dari menjadi barah dalam parti.

    Uncle Sam

  14. Pure guts is not enough. You have to have a brain to support your statements.

    And you adamant statement that only a Sabahan can lead Sabah automatically puts you into the basket labelled "Failure"

    Malaysians on both sides of the China Sea have an undying faith in their own abilities and egos. The end result is that positions are filled by less than ideal candidates

    If an eskimo has the welfare of Sabahans at heart, is intelligent and forward looking and free of the biases inherent in Malaysian Society, Then he (or she) is the best person for the job

    With a few minor exceptions Malaysian politics is weighed down with selfish, ego driven old men with very little intelligence, no ability to look and plan for the future and only one goal in mind... the accumulation of wealth

    Your theory states that if one of these clones is a Sabahan then he's leadership material.

    "Leaders must know what PKR stands for." As I see it PKR stands for confusion, selfish interests and division. But what's new? No Malaysian political party apart from DAP has any idea what it stands for.

    Where are the manifestos, the agendas, the policy statements. Its no wonder this country lurches from one crisis to the next as walking egoes test ad hoc/historic/patch-up answers to their problems

  15. Azmin Ali should be booted out of Sabah PKR. He is not neutral, one sided and arrogant by simply ignoring the other side plight.Both Ansari and Jeffry are rejects. Ansari never been a leader, he is merely opportunist. TYPICAL Mamak.

  16. Christina Liew, fucked by pairin, cannot be trusted. Don't forget pairin's wife genevive caught the two red-handed fucking each other until you know what.

  17. Power crazy and so called retard wanabee PKR Leaders should be culled, before the cancer spreads. By then it will be too late.

  18. Ooooh, new post. You really speak like a true leader, Mr. Ronnie.

    Btw, I don't pick any side but if PKR wants to oust BN, they need to find suitable leader instead of taking someone who is only NATO and have no leadership qualities.

    The crack in PKR are showing whether it's in WM or EM. The internal problem should be settle if they want to rules.

  19. If someone thinks that he wouldn't act if he was not given the #1 post, what good is he doing for the party now? Does he really have a heart for the people and party? If no, what good is it to make him the #1 man? If one is sincere to serve the people and the party, what difference is to be the #1 or not? C'mon, we have enough nonsense!! Sabah must not be let down again by this kind of egocentric character.

  20. Dengan rendah diri dan menyesal,saya adalah antara ketua bahagian yang menhadiri mesyuarat dirumah Datuk Jeffery pada 7.10.09.Pada masa itu kami tidak tahu langsung agenda dan sebab sebenar kami dipanggil.

    Saya dan beberapa lagi ketua bahagian amat keliru dan ingin meminta maaf dengan YB Azmin dan Majlis Pimpinan Negeri diatas kehadiran kami di mesyuarat tersebut.Kami akan sentiasa berjuang untuk PKR dan berjanji tidak bersepakat dengan Jeffery lagi.

    Sekian dan Terima Kasih.

  21. I always have predicted you opposition are totally hopeless. Belum ada apa apa suda gaduh. This show you people are the same as UMNO. SO WHY VOTE FOR U GUYs.

    Anwar do not care about Sabah at all as he know like Bagan Pinang Sabah has Datuk Musa. Who can beat a Pakistani? BN is the BEST forget about Jeffrey or PKR. He is another snake.

    VOTE FOR BN: the only party that can change your life.

  22. Too many cooks spoilt the cook.Internal problems are uncommon in any political parties, and PKR is not the exception. In the fight for party's leadership, I guess it is only natural for any one to use all kinds of tactics, more often dirty, to gain the support of all to control the party. My advise is if you have a weak heart, dont touch politics.

  23. Yes BN Best I sokong you ha ha itulah cakap besar besar semua belum jadi kerajaan sudah rebut least BN or Umno still stable. For Sabah Musa Aman is still relevant despite all those accusations of squandering.
    We don not want some West Malaysian telling us what to do or meddle in our local politics.As for Jeffery same old same old storylah tidak boleh jadi ketua lompat sini sana....
    Until such time when Sabahans can unite then we change the Govt, at the moment Musa is still doing okay!

  24. Yes, a lot of non-malays in Malaysia are leaving this country. But what the hell, they (babiputras) don't care. They are happy that we leave.

    I do agree with you of those mentioned, our country is stepping backward, we are loosing in all aspects and yet overdue and retarded ministers are still available on shelf. The ministers think that they are the only ones capable and qualified to be there and not replaceable, otherwise the country could collapse.

    Looking at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq likes looking at this country future. The well connected babiputras are getting richer. This government is spoon feeding the babiputras at this nation expense. I am sick of this country too.

    My advise is let them rot in their own stew.

    The Barisan government has achieved 0% in reversing the trend of racism.

    While South Africa has disbanded racism through the government initiative after the global news onslaught, our government leaders are propagating FACISM and RACISM in every way.

    In term of racism, we are the most uncivilised country in the world. Look into our neighbouring countries of Asia, they are advancing economically on a straight forward objective, for their citizens.

    Whereas we are moving in deviationist path, widely off the international economic theory for the sole objective, of propelling the well being of a supreme race.

    Mahathir era is over, then we have Badawi. Is he changing the trend? Not a single sign of it.

    How about the future under Najib? Sad, sad. They have more camouflage in readiness.

  25. All the so called Sabah PKR leaders in Sabah are rejects and opportunists. All are just envious the present line-up of bigger crocodiles up there, so the little crocodiles are making all the noise to get a share of the meat.Ha Ha Ha...Sabah has enough of all the crooks, all these years.

  26. Habis ceritabah PKR Sabah sudah hancurlah.
    Kalaus ini macam macam mana mahu kasi jaruh Umno/BN. Itulah dimana ada Jeffery sudah tentu ada masalah, lagipun apa guna orang Malaya pula yang menjadi ketua di Sabah. Dia mana tahu pasal Sabah. Bagus lagi itu Umno buruk buruk pun Musa Aman orang Sabah..dia lebih tahu pasal Sabah punya politik.

  27. Ronnie, thumbs up for your articles. Based on PKR's written constitution, The President has the right to appoint the states Liason Chairman he desired and deemed fit co carry out such duty. However it must be done through consultations, consensus and the sentiments of the majority.

    What happened in Sabah was a test of solidarity for Sabah PKR. It's is also a test of "musyawarah" for them.

    A mention of "malaya" leads to a connotation of Sabahan mindset. UMNO will laugh at you as Shafiee Afdal is Kedah UMNO Chief!

    Appoint and dismiss has become a habit of some PKR leaders especially Khalid Ibrahim in the case of Selangor.

    I Like this malay proverbs : Yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong keciciran.

  28. Dear Ronnie,

    Good article but you and the rest who posted their comments here failed to grasp the real picture underlying the issue of PKR leadership in Sabah or Sarawak for that matter. One must not forget that PKR is a KL based party, hence, the politics of Federalism where the Malay political supremacy will always be in the forefront in their unwritten and hidden political agendas. Therefore, PKR will never depart drastically from UMNO in their policies towards the Borneo states especially if these two countries still have the 'Golden Eggs' in their bellies!!

  29. PKR needs to rethink. Guess the best person to lead PKR Sabah is Christina Liew. She is without any baggage.

  30. I suggest Jeffery form a new party and named it PKLS i.e.Parti Katak Lompat Sabah, and get all the frogs to join in and challenge the BN in the next GE. After all Sabah is famous for leaping frogs anyway..

  31. This PKR lot is no better than the BN or Umno, the party did not even win a single seat in Sabah and now fighting over power. What more if the party wins the election these people might even start a civil war. This shows that the party is no better than the BN and DSAI is just trying to please everybody without thinking the consequences. The worst thing he did was to side his own kind, and not looking at the overall situation in Sabah.Just like the US trying to force the Arabs to eat hamburgers. Come on man Sabahans eat hinava, bosou and bambangan not rendang or lemang.

  32. Well you heard it from the hourses mouth Anwar! Don't mess it up the second time. PR you are warned!

  33. Look how many Sabahan in central PKR, DAP or PAS! Nil i suppose. Same old, Same old! Failure from the word GO! No other people ka except these rejects. State government link companies in any of the PR control areas, any Sabahan? Nil. Than of course Sabah for Sabahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Anon Oct 18 5am,

    Christina Liew best person to lead Sabah and with no baggage?Hello my friend,please check your facts,better still ask Christina herself.The Kitingan brothers will surely tell you how good she is.Some people will go to any extend just to get what they want.

    She is a brutal bitch and only cares for herself with total disregard to others.I work with her before and know her to well,bloody cheapskate and con-artist.What goes around comes around.

    KK voter.

  35. Where are all the WARRIOR???? Ranau la, KK la, Keningau La, Putatan la, Penampang la la???

    There are warrior or kerbau? Why have Jeffrey when we have thousand of warriors. Ronnie is one of the warrior. Lets vote for Ronnie as he dare to show his face in all his post. He is a true warrior.

  36. :) that's why you cannot say something bad on others party. You can't be sure that your party are the best than others.

    So, don't be too busy with others business but try to improve your own Party.
    There is no party that does not have a problem.
    So better we stick on who is ruling now. All we have to do is Improve and improve to be a better one!

  37. Choices are in our hands to vote people! Don't forget that.

    "To be or not to be" or "To change or not change"

    Simple as that.

  38. I've read one article about this. The line says "Anwar blames media for exaggerating PKR problems."

    I wonder if that is true. *shrugs*

  39. You cannot promise that your party are better than others! Only people can judge it. People can feel and see what is good in your party.

    By saying on others bad, your are nothing but a helpless.

  40. The whole country is now centered at Sabah and Sarawak,all for the wrong reasons.If leadership is set upon by example,then the old guards of PKR in Sabah have failed miserably.

    I've read many published news in online news portal recently,and if I've to give marks from a scale of 1-10,this blog would get a perfect 10 from me,honest,sincere from the heart and true.I would rate Malaysiakini as the worst in it's writing as far as the current affairs of PKR is concerned.

    DSAI,the time has come that you need to kick all these rubbish out of the party.Call their bluff,start afresh with dedicated leaders.If they can loudly say they don't want YB Azmin or anyone for that matter unless it's Jeffery,perhaps you should now tell these bunch of maggots,that you don't want them either.We've had enough of all this.

    Cyber tropper.

  41. Jeffrey says Sabah PKR facing crisis

    Published on: Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah is heading to a crisis as two factions led by Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and Ansari Abdullah are arguing about the party's top leadership's decision to appoint Selangor Exco member Azmin Ali as the Sabah PKR liaison chief.

    Dr Jeffrey, who is a Vice President of PKR, maintained that the party top leadership must listen to the voices of the majority of the grassroots in making its decision.

    "I'm just saying that the leadership must listen to the majority and the basis of the majority is based on the constitution É they don't want to play politics," he said when met at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA), Saturday.

    He was on hand to welcome Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who arrived to attend a PKR-organised Hari Raya celebration at Tanjung Aru Plaza. However, Dr Jeffrey dodged the question when asked whether the view of the majority was to disagree with Azmin's appointment, saying that a memorandum on the issue had been submitted to the party president "some time ago".

    When told that Ansari who is a PKR Supreme Council member had earlier in the day during a Press conference denied having any knowledge of the memorandum and that 15 PKR division chiefs in Sabah had disassociated themselves from the memorandum, Dr Jeffrey said:

    "The memorandum was signed by 18 leaders out of the 23 active divisions (in Sabah). If he (Ansari) says there is no memorandum then somebody is lying".

    Meanwhile, Zaid said he was only taking leave from attending the PKR political bureau meetings but would continue to be involved in activities to strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat.

    "I am only taking leave from the political bureau meeting (of PKR) but I am (still) doing other activities that are related to the Pakatan Rakyat É to strengthen the opposition I will continue," he said.

    "Surely, I don't want to get involve in political decision of the party because it gives me more time to strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat," he said.

    He admitted that his visit to Sabah did not get the party leadership's blessings.

    "This is true," he said, adding it was a decision made by PKR Advisor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. "This is the decision of the political bureau. I'll explain it later. Otherwise it will continue to go on," he said.

    Nah! bikin parti baru sajalah. Is this how PKR try to topple BN?

  42. Anwar was the same person who was tasked by TDM to take care of Sabah during PBS time. He was the one who had plotted with Yong Teck Lee to topple PBS which resulted in the rotation CM fiasco which had driven Sabah into the pit of poverty. Now semua sudah ketulahan!Especially TDM, even his own kind refused to listen to him now!!!Look at Bagan Pinang.

  43. There is no party, that don't have a problem.So Why should our vote goes to the other party? It is better if we fix on what is wrong. I don't think that we'll find the perfect party.

    stay with our govt and together we make UmnoBN a better party!

  44. PKR crisis not new: Musa

    Kota Kinabalu: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the crisis in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah was not new.

    "It is not unexpected. It had been brewing for sometime now as the PKR has no direction. They are not capable of becoming leaders and not fit to represent the people," he said.

    Musa, who is also Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Chief, was commenting on a revolt by 18 of 23 Sabah PKR divisional leaders over the appointment of party Vice President Azmin Ali as Sabah PKR liaison committee chief.

    "For us, our main priority is to work for the people by going to the ground. The PKR has no leaders as they are too busy fighting to find their leader. If this is the case, can they administer the Government? The people can judge for themselves," he said.

    To everyone

    Now how to fight BN with all the infighting?
    At least BN or Umno fight among themselves but still there is honor among thieves.

  45. Busying on others businese did not make you a better one.

    There is no perfectly in any party. I don't think that this opposition can ruling us better than BN.

    Belum berkuasa sudah memperlihatkan perbalaan sesama. better you fix your party 1st and don't be too busy on others business.

  46. Now the latest is Sabah PKR to get Sabahan chief and to be decided by Wan Azizah this time...not by Sabahanslah!!!!
    SEmua decision by orang Malayalah!
    PKR sabah is doomed, no chance in the next GE....

  47. That's why lah all of so greedy now fight fight before even become minister. This Jeffery fellow also I don't trust because every party he join sure got trouble, then after that jump to another party. How to trust like this.
    Last time he even play out his own brother in PBS, lucky the brother join BN now at least got some kangtau, otherwise mati man!
    This peopl Jeffery, Daniel John, Ansari and some more before all in PBS afetr that don't know why all jump here and there.
    Now if election come I also don't who to vote, If I vote this BN then kalah how? If I vote PKR ll also crocodile.

  48. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Ansari denied the existence of the memorandum and then changed his tune. Azmin said during the press conference after the special meeting on Thurs that he had never denied the existence of the memorandum. He also disclosed that he received a copy of the memorandum on Wed from the Political Bureau. As I said before, the truth will sooner or later come out. Then everybody would know who are the traitors to the people of Sabah and who are the proxies of the Orang Malaya in Sabah. These are people who are willing to sell their maruah for a few ringgit. PKR should be kicked out from Sabah. Umno too. The other Peninsular Malaysian parties in Sabah are too small to bother with. The presence of Peninsular Malaysian parties in Sabah and Sarawak compromises the autonomy of these two states under the 1963 Malaysia Agreement. Why should the people of Sabah and Sarawak get worked up over the political tsunami last year in Peninsular Malaysia? Just because Anwar Ibrahim wants to be Prime Minister? What is in it for the people of Sabah and Sarawak? More slavery? The people of Sabah and Sarawak should steer a middle course between the two warring Malay political blocks in Peninsular Malaysia.

  49. i see it as just greedy old frogs trying to fulfill his unachieved ambition. i think the current crop of n-times-recycled politicians should be cleaned out from the scene.
    abt the sentiment of anak sabah rule anak sabah... it's the exact same sentiment used for previous politicians to achieve their power for desire. i am not saying that the west malaysians are superior but we as sabahans need to assess ourselves a lot before saying we are discriminated. we have faults on our part too, that's definite!

  50. Sabahan must decide this and that and so on..!!
    As a Sabahan,I wonder if people actually know what their talking about.PKR is a national party for all,if anyone who have self interest and hidden agenda,please pack your bags and get out.Form your own party and see if Sabahans actually support your ideals.

    Jeffery is a disgrace,please reflect back and learn from history,Akar,PBRS and PBS.I am no fan of Ansari as well or any of these self interest leaders.Stop creating problems,we have enough of you,toe the line or get out.Why stay if you think the party is useless?This party belongs to us as well.

    Lawan Tetap Lawan.

  51. Saya sangat berpuas hati diatas keputusan yang dibuat oleh Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan baru-baru ini apabila beliau telah memutuskan untuk menjadi hanya sebagai ahli biasa dalam Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) ...atas factor, mahu mengelakkan diri daripada dikelilingi beberapa peyokong beliau yang digelar sebagai 'musuh dalam selimut' dan juga telah dikenalpasti bahawa terdapat 'MAKHLUK' suruhan atas perintah yang tidak sihat daripada UMNO dan komponen BN.
    Kita berharap kepada semua rakyat Sabah yang menyokong Parti Keadilan Rakyat tidak mengangap bahawa keputusan beliau itu adalah sesuatu yang 'negatif'. Maka dengan itu, marilah kita bersatu hati untuk mempertahankan 'benteng keadilan kita daripada pengaruh dan 'kelicikkan berbisa' yang telah dihamburkan oleh kawanan 'CAMELEON-CAMELEON' ini atau lebih difahami dalam bahasa KDM 'RUDAI-RUDAI’ yang mahu menghancurkan PKR,PAKATAN RAKYAT/PEMBANGKANG di Sabah ini.
    Kesimpulannya, marilah kita terus menyokong penuh pada kepimpinan Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan kerana beliau merupakan BAKAL calon PKR yang berkaliber dan sangat berpengaruh di kawasan PARLIMEN KENINGAU dan akan bertanding hanya satu kerusi sahaja. Beliau dan penyokong-penyokong setia beliau sudahpun memulakan 'REFORMASI' untuk memikul tanggungjawab yang berat ini dalam usaha mendapatkan sokongan majoriti sekaligus mencapai kemenangan di kawasan parlimen keningau.
    Beliau juga akan bersedia untuk berkerjasama dengan bakal ADUN PKR di kawasan BINGKOR..pada kemenangan pilihan raya akan datang nanti....
    Saya menyeru pada ketua-ketua BAHAGIAN PKR di kawasan masing-masing agar dapat mempertahankan kesetiaan kita di dalam PKR ibarat satu 'keluarga' yang terus berkembang dan dapat 'mencintai antara diri dan sesama' di dalam kehidupan, meskipun berdepan dengan pelbagai cabaran... Semua bahagian juga tidak perlu risau atau khuatir, pada bahagian - bahagian yang lain kerana di bahagian - bahagian yang lain juga, masing - masing mempunyai peranan yang positive dan ke arah matlamat yang sama. Dengan itu marilah kita terus BERMUAFAKAT dalam PAKATAN RAKYAT dan mencapai satu cita-cita YANG SIHAT UNTUK KELUARGA PKR DI MALAYSIA khasnya di negeri SABAH yang tercinta ini dan lupakanlah kisah sejarah yang negatif serta permasalahan yang kita alami selama ini... kita pastikan bahawa kemenangan adalah hak! PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT (PKR) / PAKATAN RAKYAT DI SABAH/ MALAYSIA TETAP MENANG DAN MENGAMBIL ALIH TAMPUK PEMERINTAHAN KERAJAAN NEGARA MALAYSIA.... SEKIAN DAN HIDUP PKR, HIDUP PAKATAN RAKYAT.

    Moyog Penampang.

  52. Hey Richard Jimmy, don't talk crap!
    Jangan mimpi siang harilah....
    With the disunity in PKR do not dream of taking over the Government. Better go and singarung....

  53. Thoughts for PR leaders,

    The Sarawakians and Sabahans should be given the full right to choose or elect their own PR leaders if PR is really serious of winning them at GE13. PR top leaders must be willing to turn their ears to the peoples' (your supporters) voice and opinion because they are the one that holds the vote and your future politic future.

    We are willing to vote for any parties that battle for racial harmony and unity, that expunge bribes, that restore our law and judiciary system. We are here to vote for any parties that can be trusted, that look into the needs of the public safety, that think more into the life and wellbeing of the people, that care about our safety at our home, our work place, our schools, our shopping malls...that think about the future of our younger generation...!

    PR had gained the people's trust shown in the GE12, you should keep it up...and we are still here, standing right behind you to offer our undivided support for you if you still need us. But, if BN is improving and proves to be the one that we are looking for, do you ever thought that the people will not support them?

    We are observing...if you can handle and solve your internal matters well especially PR leadership which seethes now, if you are still trustworthy. Human being are created changeable like most politicians in the past. If PR change, we will change as well, if BN change that will change us too. Your changes will determine in what way will the people fight with u in your strive to topple BN...let say to Putrajaya at GE13, or to flight to the other camp.

    I hate to say...that we are ashamed to be called Malaysian under current government. We want drastic and positive changes to our beloved country Malaysia. Restore the damaged image or our country for the sake of all of us...Malaysian.

  54. The best way to support is Pakatan Rakyat PKR!! we don't care what UMNO/BN.... said.... well done Richard!!WE ARE PAKATAN RAKYAT FROM KENINGAU SUPPORT WITH PKR.

  55. I am not pro in any party. All that i know is whoever shows the good performance well my vote goes to that party. And i am not going to blame any party coz of, i know they have they own disadvantages and advantages. So its up to that party how they want to tackle rakyat punya hati. :)

  56. Jeffrey welcome to rejoin BN, says Yahya

    Kota Kinabalu: Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan received a renewed invitation to return to the Barisan Nasional (BN) fold on Wednesday, this time from Sabah Umno Secretary Datuk Yahya Hussin, following the latest leadership turmoil in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah.

    "That's good, good for BN (referring to the PKR leadership turmoil).

    We welcome him (Jeffrey) and those who want to join or rejoin Barisan Nasional," he said when asked to comment on reports about Jeffrey who quit his vice president post in the party after meeting with senior state party leaders.

    On whether the other BN leaders would accept it if Jeffrey and his loyal supporters want to rejoin BN, Yahya said that is not the issue because the real issue now is "how we strengthen ourselvesÉof course we welcome him and his men back to the BN."

    On the leadership turmoil in PKR, Yahya said for the Barisan Nasional this is not something new. "They have been having internal problems since day one," he said.

    "We believe and are confident that only BN can administer the country and the State properly. Because we have the vision, the experience and the heart for the people, the 1Malaysia concept of 'People First, Performance Now' which we have been practising all this while," said Yahya, adding the only thing now is for the BN and Umno to improve further.

    Yahya, who is also Deputy Chief Minister-cum-Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, was met after he opened a four-day Orchid Exhibition 2009 organised by Star City North and Taiwan-based A-Think Biotechnology Co. Ltd. at the shopping complex, here, Wednesday.

    Smells trouble for BN!!!Inviting the trouble maker in!

  57. You got to be kidding. It was like asking the running-dog (Traitor) back in to BN.

  58. JK is welcome in BN? Seriously?

    He maybe good in defending our 20-points safeguard but I smells trouble..

    Real trouble. The biggest frog ever. Huff..