Thursday, May 14, 2009

Even Tiger Woods Would Puke .

Golf is so unique that Politicians can literally make any decisions on the golf course.From who's buying dinner to which massage parlor will they be patronizing.Today the State of Sabah,Malaysia witness one of the most interesting and highly paid golf game.Unfortunately the world's number one golfer,Tiger Woods was not invited to play.Instead the invitees were(First flight)Datuk Musa Aman(Chief Minister of Sabah)Datuk Peter Pang,Datuk Yee Moh Chai,Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah.In the second flight were,Datuk Edward Khoo,Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan,Datuk Ewon Ebin and Donald Mojutin.The mode of play was decided and the tension was so high,that a tremor was felt from Kota Kinabalu right through to Sandakan.

The golf course was in impeccable condition,and the flights were divided to play in T-box 1 and T-box 10.This was necessary so as to ensure secrecy and no manipulation.The common trend among most politicians in Sabah while on the golf course is heavy betting and cheating,after all they graduated with Ph.D in Tipulogy.

Before the T-off,Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman announced that the Nett winner will be appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah.There was total silence for a moment,as Raymond Tan is the current DCM(he must have wondered,what the fnck is Musa trying to do).Yee Moh Chai was in jovial mood,as over the last 2 weeks,he's been doing nothing but shoe polishing Musa's boots.He was expecting the DCM's post so badly.Edward Khoo on the other hand,was quite confident in landing himself as the new DCM post as coliation partners were supporting him..Nevertheless all the intense lobbying,will come down to this round of golf.Five hours have past,and the score cards have been submitted.

The score cards are in the hands of the CM,and only he can decide the winner.Ironically,all the politicians came back with similar scores.But the battle for the DCM's post is only between Raymond Tan,Peter Pang,Yee Moh Chai and Edward Khoo.The CM leaned back in his chair and made the announcement.The winner was not decided on count back,but already decided well before the game begin.And the new DCM of Sabah is non other than,Datuk Peter Pang.

There was intense frustration seen in the faces of the rest.It was clear that all the shoe polishing,balls carrying,prostituting themselves were all for nothing.Peter Pang was clearly Musa's choice from the very start.Was there an understanding to appoint Peter Pang as an inducement in order for Tan Seri Chong Kah Kiat to withdraw his legal suit against Musa on the halted Mazu project?Was this meant as an out of court settlement?Will we ever know?

All said and done,we nevertheless congratulate Peter Pang for his effortless promotion as DCM,hopefully he proves me wrong.

My next posting will feature a colorful but controversial golfer whom I've known for the last 20 odd years.Read about Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim,Mayor of Kota Kinabalu.


  1. Hail to RK,the RPK of Sabah in the making.I've followed many blogs in Sabah,this one has caught my attention.
    Balls of steel RK,you have portrayed these politicians so accurately.I'm looking forward to reading about the Mayor.This Mayor is an embarrassment to the people of Kota Kinabalu city.
    He has not only prostituted himself to Musang but had sold his soul to the devil.

    Kudos to you once again RK.

  2. We have not heard the last of this debate as yet. Now they are saying that the 5 : 3 : 2 formula has not been followed in the current state cabinet line-up i.e. 5 Muslim Natives : 3 non-Muslim Natives : 2 non-Natives or Momogun. The message here is that Raymond Tan, who has been battered blue and black in the last nine months by his critics, has to give up his minister's post to a non-Muslim Native. J