Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golf's Distinguished Gentlemen?

Sabah,one of the 13 states in the Federation of Malaysia is blessed with
diverse culture and heritage.It is also home to some of the most spectacular yet scenic and challenging golf courses in the country.Golf is big business and has developed so massively over the years,and the golfing fraternity has increased by leaps and bounds.Interestingly enough, golf is a unique game where you can actually depict a person's character be it his/her social or professional status.
Who are these golfers?
From a game once categorized as the most expensive game on the planet,meant only for the rich and famous,today every tom,dick and harry are on the golf course.The most common sight visibly notice in all golf clubs are Businessman,Corporate Figures, Politicians,and yes most of the"DISTINGUISHED YANG BERHORMAT'S"(Assemblyman and Member of Parliament).Also in the loop are Tan Seri's,Datuk's and self proclaimed individuals claiming that they too should be address as a Datuk because of the flashy cars and tons of cash.

As a Businessman and an avid golfer for the last 20 years,most golfers will add testimony that my very presence on the golf course sent shivers down the spine of many a golfer particularly whose arithmetic is highly questionable or are known to cheat.In the case of the so-called
elite "Distinguished YB's",you can't actually blame them for cheating because having a PH.d in " TIPULOGY"(Hoodwinking)gives them the unlawful licence to practice what they know best.

I've had the pleasure of playing a few rounds of golf with some of these"Distinguished YB's"and have kept their score cards as mementos.I don't get invites these days as I've been labeled as a non Team Player.Pathetically this is the same label commonly used in Politics.One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that if you're in cohorts with these distinguished yb's, there are no limits to fortune,while the people continue to suffer.

Gone are the days or perhaps on a slower scale,where night clubs,karaokes and Gro's exhibiting their juicy pussies were used to entice the distinguished yb's to secure projects.Today multi million ringgit projects are negotiated and concluded on the golf course.The trend has change as it's less conspicuous.Lately the number of millionaire golfers has increased by ten folds,who boast and exalt these distinguished yb's.In short,it's not what you know,but who you know.I stand corrected if anyone begs to differ.

1Malaysia,People First,Performance Now,thats the new slogan of our Prime Minister(who incidently is a golfer).The Prime Minister has also introduce a report card system(KPI)to access the performance of the Federal Cabinet Minister's,State Minister's and Exco(many of whom are also golfers).Kudos to the Prime Minister,does this mean we'll see less of these distinguished yb's on the golf course or we're expecting miracles?

I on the other hand will be watching and have my version of a report card system(KPI) on these distinguished yb's.The country of late has been a laughing stock in the golfing fraternity locally,regionally and internationally because of these distinguished yb's.


  1. Malaysia can only progress and continue to enjoy global recognition if there is good and fair governance.In Sabah,the leaders are too occupied with their political struggle and have fail in determining the faith of Sabahans.

    It's goodbye Musang and gang at the next election.

  2. How big is golf tourism in Sabah vis-a-vis other competing spots? J

  3. Ronnie, congratulations and welcome to the blogging world. Happy blogging. Looking forward to following your postings.

  4. Hi Bro!
    Welcome to the blogsphere. Cool blog.

  5. Congrats Ronnie in launching your blog. Kudos to the content matter...you have not lost that command of English coated with cynical/tongue in cheek message. I hope your continued effort will keep people thinking and spur change for a better Malaysia. I know what you mean about "golfers ala politicians"..how from a nobody to becoming somebody; from a popper to millionaire,; from owning a modest house to a mansion...and the list goes on. Malaysian are thinkers and the 'fooling days' are over....Keep up the good work. Will be following your blog.

  6. Hi friend, has been busy lately and sorry to have missed going into your blog earlier.
    Guess you must have put in quite a bit of efforts to impress with such a high command standard of English. Keep it up and will watch out for posting of the Key Performance Indices as a measure of success as well as monitoring the tranparencies for the benefit of the rakyats.

  7. Suspicious Said
    is there any finger prints of Mr. Teoh found around the window where he jump.Definately there should be found inside,outside and near the window when he try to climb.