Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spoil Brat Anifah

High flying cigar smoking spoil brat golfer Anifah Aman has made an idiot of himself on US soil by claiming that he was offered the Deputy Prime Minister's Post by Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim had Pakatan wrest control of Parliament on the 16th.Sept.2008.If there was any truth to this,then his dreams has backed fired big time as Prime Minister Dato'Seri Najib has found Anifah having no quality as a DPM.

But like most spoil brat golfers,what Anifah probably forgot was his appointment as Foreign Minister,more importantly is to resolved with the Phillipine and Indonesian Government on the issues of their overstayed citizens in Sabah.I can still remember,while I was an invitee in Parliament last year,Anifah was so vocal about his concerns for the people of Sabah.He even declined the post of a Deputy Federal Minister,which to me was highly admirable.

Today,Anifah speaks a foreign language which can only be understood by birds of the same feather.It is strongly believed that golfer and Prime Minister Najib had taken pity on this guy,when he repeatedly mentioned in Parliament,that he is living in a room nearest to the toilet,"Kesian Anifah".

In the press conference in Washington DC,Hilary Clinton was impeccable.She's shown tremendous political maturity,with no flaws to actually debate about.However golfer and politician Anifah had no style,my chinese golfer would say,"aiya Anipah,you tak ada lain cerita kah,balik balik cakap sotomee ala altantuya saja".He really has put his foot in his mouth this time.

Click below and watch the video

Press Conference between Malaysia's Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman and Hillary Clinton


  1. The press conference was like a kindergarten teacher and her kindergarten student.Was his mission to the US to foster and strengthen bilateral relations or was he there on the instructions of Najib to clear his name on the Altantuya issue?

    Malaysia is only the 16 largest trading partner of the US,while the US is Malaysia largest trading partner.Surely there are more important issues to inform the press rather than harp and attack Anwar and defend Najib.

    Anifah,you are an insult to the golfing fraternity,the country and more importantly to Sabah.RK's description of you as a Spoil Brat suits you perfectly.

  2. Anifah doesn't need to sleep in a room nearest to the toilet anymore.The other UMNO leaders in Sabah have now occupied Anifah's old room,they go by rotation.Anifah's objectives has been fully achieved and received with interest.

  3. One quarter of the globe today knows the kind of UMNO/BN Politicians we have in Sabah,pure nincompoops.The bloody irony is why didn't Sabahans boot out all these rubbish.

    Even President Obama in his congratulatory message to Najib said"I congratulate the Prime Minister of Malaysia,and hope our relations will progress in months and years to come"When Obama said months,does he know something we don't?

  4. Sabahans has been given a slap in the face with the very existence of such a Foreign Minister.Bodoh punya Menteri
    Saudara Ronnie yang dihormati,I like and appreciate your blog.Ini cerita Iliyas bila mahu keluar?
    Keep up the work brother Ronnie.

  5. I thought there was a law or was it law of convenience that the very name of Altantuya is not to be uttered?
    How come the idiot Anifah can utter the name of Altantuya?A police report should be lodged against him.Can someone please shed some light on this matter.

  6. AA lacks the diplomatic skills to be the Foreign Minister. He has a reputation for being a loudmouth and a braggart. When he was helming Safa he once boasted that he was a millionaire by the time he was 21 years old. What was he trying to prove?

    I am sure that we have not heard the last of AA. He's sure to put his foot in the mouth time and time again and eventually the PM, whoever he is a few months from now (whether still Najib, Muhy, Razaleigh or Anwar), will be forced to sack him before he further embarasses the country.

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