Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Corridors Of Power

Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS)a coalition of Barisan Nasional,support for the proposal to convert Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital is "outrageous and a gross insult to the people of Sabah",according to Sabah Progressive Party(SAPP) information Chief and Golfer Chong Pit Fah.He urged PBS Information Chief and State Assembly Deputy Speaker,Johnny Mositon who made the proclamation to explain how a private hospital could be "the greatest Kaamatan gift to the people of Sabah.Is this private hospital going to provide free medical treatment?If not how can he simply call on all Sabahans to rejoice,ask Chong in a statement.

The State Government should demand the Federal Government to allocate more funds to improve the State's public healthcare.Besides,majority of the people still cannot afford to seek treatment at private hospitals.He said SAPP's stand was that turning Wisma Khidmat into a hospital was inappropriate as the "building and location is not suitable,coupled with it being handled by a wrong agency i.e Sabah Credit Corporation,a government link company(GLC)which owns the building.

While the State Government currently still has an 18% share in Sabah Medical Center(SMC)a private medical centre which has now been purchase by the Federal Government for RM245 million.let's examine who are actually going to benefit from this new private hospital,the people or those who undertake the project?

Sabah Progressive Party's (SAPP) hostile reception to the Khidmat Private Hospital plan is understandable but to adopt a stand denying Sabahans the benefit of better healthcare services is unforgivable, said Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Supreme Council member, John Masabal."What is SAPP's actual intention in denouncing the ability of the State and its agency in a noble plan. Does SAPP think only the SMC group is capable of constructing hospitals for subsequent disposal to the Government?" he asked."We hope the political stand in this issue taken by SAPP has nothing to do with any interested party in SMC," said Masabal who is also PBS Moyog chief.

He was responding to the statement by SAPP Information Chief, Chong Pit Fah who criticised his PBS counterpart, Johnny Mositun, for describing the Chief Minister's announcement to create a private hospital as the best Kaamatan gift to the people of Sabah.Masabal said Chong should not be narrow minded but to check his facts."We are all behind what the PBS Information Chief outlined in his support of Datuk Seri Musa Aman's announcement of a private hospital to replace the void created by the sale of Sabah Medical Centre to the Federal Government recently," he said

ne doesn't really need to be a rocket scientist to digest Chong's and Masabal's statement.While I will fully support the idea of a hospital for the people by any government,we nevertheless need to put a magnifying glass to examine the private hospital by the Sabah Government,which appears very suspicious.Martin Luther King said it better,"Nothing in the world is most dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

The State Government, has again blundered by undermining the intelligence of the people by making dumb-founded statements by politicians with conscientious stupidity or nincompoops. One fine example is Johnny Mositon when he said that the government private hospital at Wisma Khidmat is "the best Kaamatan gift for the people".Who is Johnny boy trying to fool?Even a primary school boy can see through his shoe polishing act.If only Queen Elizabeth could come and see the deplorable state of the hospital named after her,she'll probably say God help Sabah.

By god can't help Sabah,because the State Government's credibility,transparency and accountability is now highly suspect.A private medical centre is meant for the rich and famous and not one who only earns enough to feed his family.This pea brain Johnny boy,has put his foot in his mouth.Why is the State Government so adamant in wanting to convert Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital,when even the Federal Government were not in favour of it in the first place?As for John Masabal,PBS supreme council member is no better than a PARROT.(if you notice his press statement).Why has the actor change?Has Johnny boy lost his testicles and water face that he had to instruct Masabal to do his tidying up?

Politicians crave to be given the opportunity to speak just to gain some popularity,more often than not with no substances.George Pompidou said it better,"A Statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the state.A politician is a statesman who places the state at his service".The state government still owns 18% of Sabah Medical Centre(SMC),which will amount to RM44.1 million upon receipt of payment from the Federal Government for the purchase of SMC.Where will this money go to?

From our survey,the state government has also earned hundreds of millions or billion in tax(15%)imposed on Sabahan punters on the thrice a week 4D draws over the last 10 odd years. Where has all this money gone to?Surely this massive amount accumulated over the years would have been more than sufficient to build a 6Star general hospital with state of the art equipments.This Johnny boy, would be the best Kaamatan gift ever,and not your private hospital.Has a name been proposed yet?Perhaps AMAN MEDICAL CENTRE sounds appropriate.
The State Government has to explain to the people and come out clean and not twist facts and speak in riddles.The best Kaamatan gift that the state government can give to the people is stop Hoodwinking the people.Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan.


  1. Johnny boy is a real shame for the people of Sabah, his own community especially.

    The controversial proposed conversion of Wisma Khidmat into a private hospita is probably the "best kaamatan gift" for Johnny boy and his Parti Belot Sabah but certainly not for the people of Sabah.

    I fully concur with Chong Pit Fah for questioning Johnny boy's idiotic and outrageous proclamation and calling on him to conduct some soul-searching.

    As a Dusun and a Sabahan, i really felt insulted by Johnny boy's proclamation that the private hospital project is the "best kaamatan gift" for Sabahans.

    I have no problem if he wants to be the shoe-shine boy for his political master but he should not insult the intelligence of the people, and in doing so, brought shame to his own community.

    He should realised that unlike him who's being well fed by the BN Government through his Deputy State Speaker's post, a majority of his own community are still living in poverty and can't afford private medication and treatment.

    He should recall the fact that one of his own kinds, Donni John Duin, an 11-year-old student even committed suicide about two years ago due to poverty and a dysfunctioned family.

    If he really wants to maintain what he proclaimed, then he should called on the state government to turn Wisma Khidmat into "Hospital Khidmat Rakyat" and not a private hospital whose prime objective is to make money.

    If he could do that, then i would be the first one to come out to praise him and to join in the chorus to proclaim it as the "best kaamatan gift" for the people of Sabah.

    Failing which, he should openly apologise to the people of Sabah, especially his own community, for simply making use of the term "kaamatan" and "the people of Sabah".

    As for John Masabal, i wonder which school he attended as he appears dumber than Johnny boy.

  2. A very interesting point Ronnie,I'm sure majority Sabahans have forgotten and taken for granted about the 15% state government tax on that 4D.

    You're absolutely right in questioning the state government,where is the hundreds of millions from the 15% tax?We should have a 6 star hospital by now.

    As a kadazan,I'm insulted and embarrass by the statements by Mositon and Masabal."Best Kaamatan gift,for whom?

  3. How can a Deputy Speaker make such a grossly stupid rejoicing remark"best kaamatan gift".Is he serving the rich or the poor?On the other,he's not even an assemblyman.

    Mositon,you're a bloody insult to my community.

  4. It is typical of Johnny boy to make press statements "just to gain some popularity, more often than not with no substances" and when confronted, he would ask someone to reply on his behalf. This is particularly so when I confronted him in the Sunday Forum regarding his proposal (DE Thursday, April 9, 2009) that “Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) wants the ethnic races of Sabah to be known as Bumiputera Sabah and not as "other races" (dan lain lain) in Federal Government affairs and forms”. He got someone to reply on his behalf instead of himself making a firm stand on the statement he made.

    He is up to his old tricks again by making a press statement without considering in depth the outcome of his statement. And this time, he got John Masabal to cover him up for his "unconsidered" statement.

    I challenge Johnny boy, or his Boss, to make a statement that could make us all proud by calling the Federal Government to declare Kaamatan and Gawai Festivals as National Holidays. This call (or appeal from Huguan Siou) can be appropriately made during this forth coming State Harvest Festival on 30th-31st May 2009 at Hongkod Koisaan. If the Federal approves this request, then I would say, "it is the best Kaamatan gift".

    If Johnny boy needs help to justify the declaration of "Kaamatan and Gawai" Festivals as National Holidays, I suggest he reads here:

  5. I support SJDisimon for his proposal to declare Kaamatan and Gawai Festivals as National Holidays based on his arguments in his blog.

    CM Musa Aman has said ... “The government realizes that in order to successfully achieve its development agenda, it has to be able to understand the sentiment and needs of the people. And this is why the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has firmly stressed that every effort towards development must be based on One Malaysia – People First, Performance Now concept" as reporte in the New Sabah Times today @

  6. Musa Aman needs to lower his pants and get the spanking of his life(I'm 82 years old).Musa's slogan defers from Najib by a mile,ONE AGENDA,MY INTEREST FIRST,OTHERS GO TO HELL.

    This is the Chief Minister of Sabah you idiots voted.Keep going Ronnie,at last we have someone who dares to speak from his heart.

  7. The political culture in Sabah can only escalate to a more constructive and productive state,when the present bunch of UMNO/BN morons are ousted out once and for all.
    Pakatan Rakyat has provided a breath of fresh air and motivated the people to finally believe that change is possible.

    But the fear is not trusting the opposition,but more towards the aging and questionable leaders,particularly in Sabah.Certain past leaders have well pass their prime,have failed but adamant in wanting to make amends with their come back.I think it's a little to late.

    As far as I'm concern people like,the Kitingan brothers(Pairin and Jeffery),Bernard Dompok,the Aman brothers(Musa and Anifah),Kurup,Yong Teck Lee,the entire state cabinet,Mayor of Kota Kinabalu,should all migrate to the furthest planet in the universe.There they can hold their owned elections and serve the aliens.

    Finally,I must congratulate Ronnie Klassen for initiating successfully the signature campaign on the Allah issue.To obtain almost 12,000 online signatures is no easy feat.I'm convince your blog will make a huge impression.