Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golf And Politics.

The Golfing Fraternity is today plague by the existence of unscrupulous,arrogant and rogue politicians who boast of their fortunes and projects.Hard work and dedication,my bloody foot.These people have tainted the very glory of golf and have used it for political mileage.They have no respect for ethics,a word alien to them.

A Golfer's Pray:
help me to improve my golf game.Give me wisdom,patience and that my fellow man will see me as an honest,sincere and passionate person."I dedicate this pray to all mankind that believes in Justice,Equality,Fairness,Freedom and Good Governance.

give more wisdom to continue hoodwinking and brainwashing the people.Make them deaf,dumb and blind,so that I can continue enjoying the luxuries of life.Guide and teach me the finer art of manipulation and shoe polishing that I know best,so that my political bosses would grant me more projects"I dedicate this pray to myself and the HELL with the other politicians.After all their making the same pray.

grant me strength,wisdom and clarity so that I can better understand the feelings of my people and help them lead a better life.Protect my people from evil,hardship and the constant harassment from rogue politicians who only uses the people for their political gain".I dedicate this pray in the name of the people.

Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill said it better,"The truth is incontrovertible,malice may attack it,ignorance may deride it,but in the end,there it is"

Golf and Politics will never be erased from the equation,and why should it?Having been a Businessman and Golfer for 20 years,I've seen the good,bad and ugly of rogue politicians and their millionaire proxies in the golf fraternity.I dedicate this posting to all honest Golfers,Statesman and Satanic Rogue Politicians.Politicians exist,because of you and me,and we must remove them if they have deceived the people,enrich themselves through corrupt manners and ridicule democracy.

Why should they be exalted and adored?Their not God.If they have wronged they should be told off,but if they have done good then support them.

Coming soon:
A high profile flamboyant civil servant,very closely link with the Chief Minister recently offered me "Kopi-O",if I promoted him in my blog.These are the examples of rogue politicians that walks the corridor of power.


  1. Kudos Ronnie,you've hit the nail correctly and describe these politicians who they really are.As a golfer,I totally agree that these politicians are an embarrassment and an insult to this wonderful game.

    Yes,the corridor of power has given birth to politicians who have no passionate for the people other than themselves.

    Next general election,Musang and gang are history.

  2. I like the pray,imagination and balls of steel.Keep your blog going brother Ronnie,it's so far the most interesting blog in Sabah.We will support you.

  3. Dear Ronnie,

    I'm one of the many lady golfers in Sabah and I want to tell you that me and my fellow lady golfers are so impress with your blog.Keep it going,and lets expose all these scoundrels who have rob and rape the people of Sabah and Malaysia as a whole.

  4. Hi there mate,I'm English and live in Liverpool.I used to stay in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah from 2001-2008 and involve in business.I'm glad I've return back to England and away from the corrupt government.

    I used to enjoy my rounds of golf at Sutera Harbour,and I'm quite certain we've met there.
    Cheers mate....

  5. Rogue politicians will always walk the corridors of power with arrogance and no remorse for the well being of the people.

    Today,Malaysians were shown again how power is used to rule the courts.The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the Mamak Zambry,making sure that he retains his position as the Mentri Besar of Perak.

    Tomorrow's main stream media will print"Zambry is rightful MB,Judiciary is fair in Malaysia".How Pathetic and full of Bull.

    Putt for Change Ronnie,I'm convince will make a hit,you have our support.

  6. I am not sure about Sabah but I can tell you something about Sarawak.

    According to a PKR analyst, it is not the WHD (white-haired devil) who is squatting on the Dayak community but the MPs and state assemblypersons from the community who are only interested in collecting their share of the spoils of office to maintain their respective lifestyles. Apparently, the WHD is the one who creates and generates the spoils of office for distribution to the Dayak MPs, state assemblypersons and others on the Spoils of Office List including journalists. If and when the WHD goes, fortunately or unfortunately, it is said that the Dayak MPs and state assemblypersons on the Spoils of Office List will simply find another leader to gather around to continue to enjoy their Spoils of Office. The conclusion is that if the Dayak community wants to see meangingful change in their lives and move forward like other progressive communities in the country and the world, it is necessary to reject the present entire corrupt Dayak leadership line-up in the state and Federal Governments.